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  1. The end table is so beautiful, it competes with your ship. What wood are they made from. Wedan,
  2. A work of art! Love the table and figurine. Bruce
  3. It turned out better than I expected. I went into my careful and slow mode while watching an old Western on TV. It was “Lawman” with Burt Lancaster. It was a good. Bruce
  4. Bob, I’m starting file out a recess for the stem post, as you suggested. There is hope and light so far. I believe I can do it. Thanks again. Bruce
  5. Thanks Bob. I’ll try your method and if it gets ugly, I‘ll use the epoxy fairing. Would you recommend an epoxy fairing? Thanks, Bruce
  6. I’m Bruce from Minnesota. Before I finish the planking, I need advice on the best way to mate/join the stem post to the stem and stem planking. I hope my photos tell the story. The instructions say to plank the hull on step #3. They want the stem. Post attached on step # 19. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Bruce
  7. Piet, Nice details. Beautiful photos. I also have a Canon A E1, but it is 45 years old. Sincerly, Wedan
  8. What saw would you use to cut 1/4" detailed printed sheets? I'm not sure if it's pine or fir.

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