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  1. Has anyone tried ammonia vapour? I read about it on a non modeling site and gave it a try. Pour a 1/2" of conc. ammonia (a bottle of hardware store oven cleaner) into a glass jar and screw the top back on quickly! Cannons can be strung together through the trunnion holes leaving enough length of line so the cannons can be suspended ABOVE the liquid, not in it. Heavier items like cannons can be left a few hours depending on how tarnished you want them (I forgot a batch and left them overnight), thin brass sheet, chainplates etc, will require far less time otherwise they will crumble. The cannon
  2. I want a compact saw that will cut bulkheads/ keels (from ply, the thickest I expect to use about 5 mm) Also capable of ripping 5mm hardwoods into 1 mm strips for planking. I've read all the reviews. Size and price is an important issue, Proxxon and Dremel seem to be favoured, but I'm no nearer making a choice. Please help, Bob.
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