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  1. Howdy Rick The problem is I need to get back into it, too much work being self employed and running a small business that I am trying to build up and change direction to a retail one, a mother in law that is by herself and needs help with yard work ect as well as doing my own chores. The brain is just not in gear for sitting down and doing ship modelling. Chris
  2. Very nice James I am up to the same spot and keep tell myself to get back into it.
  3. Thanks all Mark, To me so far super glue is super glue, just been getting the standard one but now i see that there all sorts. Thanks Cog that looks like the one for me and i can get it in Aus from here https://www.modelflight.com.au/bob-smith-industries-insta-cure-plus-gap-filling-cyanoacrylate-2-oz-glue.html Thanks Canute yours is instant which i don't know if i can handle, instant types are what I have been using. Hi Hof looking forward to seeing more of your work. Epoxy glues seem to be messy with me. I will give the BSI one a go. First I need to make some time and do some modelling. I did come across this video, I think it is CA with an accelerator, imagine the mess i could have with that stuff. Cheers Chris https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2263190990446441
  4. Hi Canute does the rubber filling make it a bit slower to dry and a bit thicker as glue. I cannot use ca, never sticks, all my fault definitely. I would like a slower and bit thicker clear glue. Can you show a pic of what you are talking about? thanks Chris Oh and Howdy Hof I hope you are managing to make some progress. 😉😁
  5. Looking good Hof, yes you need to be careful of those thing that go "Sprooing…." Sometimes they fly off never to be seen again. There always seems to be new skills to pick up when modelling, soldering was another one for me. My father was very fond of "let your eye be your guide" Or as i say now now, If it looks good it must be good. Hooroo Chris
  6. Morning Hof Is it good working on a different type of model? Give the old grey matter a bit of a refresh having something different to think about. Going to be a big display case to put it in, better empty a room in the house for it. Cheers Chris
  7. Sounds very good Hof, better kick the kittens outside. And, oh dear another type of kit to build with a lot of words that I don't know the meaning of. Though there are at least some this time that I know what they are. Chris
  8. I 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, the motion to have hats in the store, peaked caps actually. I misread Chuck's comment, all I saw was hats and went straight off to buy some, one for me and one for my brother and they weren't there 😖. Soon perhaps? And since I am a 57 year old and a bit narky, Aussie bloke I refuse to wear anything with a hood. But i love my zip up tops, maybe down the track some un hooded ones will appear😉. Rant over, thank you all for listening, OH buy a NRG membership, easy done. Cheers Chris
  9. Its going to be beast when done. How much of the engine did you assemble? You know you have to build hanger for it...... then a landing strip................................................. then a control tower. Should look very nice indeed. Cheers Chris
  10. From master ship builder to aircraft engineer, you certainly need need to be multi skilled in this modelling world. Put up some more photos to give us a look. And enjoy the rest of the weekend yourself. Hooroo Chris
  11. Got to keep the old grey matter working Harry. Glues except pva always seem to be a problem to me, can never make super glue types stick. Do you know if there is an alternative clear glue other than 2 part epoxies or super glues? and still be clear?? Bad luck about missing the ship visit, since I am inland by the time i get to hear about a ship visiting they are gone.
  12. Well that's it for you Slog, when the dust reaches saturation point you will go up in a firey flash/explosion and dissolve into a vapour ball. 😉☹️
  13. Howdy Rick Very slowly at the moment , i spent a bit of time creating the thicknessing sander for the lathe. And i have been working a bit on the deck furniture, made a companion way cover, fiddling around to see if i can make metal hinges for the doors. Next I think will be to re-plank the deck, take the old one off would be best I think. But it is going to be slow for a while now, work is very busy and I have just got a new kitchen design program on a test basis for a few weeks and need to give it a good work out. Should still be able to squash a bit of time in a the weekend. Thanks Chris
  14. Looking very good Craig, interesting to see different ideas to achieve the same result.

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