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  1. Howdy Scott keeps looking better as it goes. Fully masted, rigged and with sails she will be majestic to look at.
  2. Also are you reading that the Garboard plank is an even taper from stern to stem, or do you think it is mainly parallel and just widens at the stern and tapers at the bow? BTW I hope all is well up there and you are coping with covid 19 ok. Hooroo Chris
  3. Good evening to all Working my way through this model and finding it very enjoyable. But can someone explain to me how and why the garboard plank has the hook down up to the stern post? Not registering in my brain. thanks Chris
  4. Hello Ji Yes there seems to be a lot of adjusting, fiddling to get things sitting right with some of these kits. Do a test nail into ply and see if it splits or not. The deck needs to be held down somehow. Some people use a heap of elastic bands, I have glued a timber strip between the bulkheads at the top of the b'head and used clamps to hold deck down. Probably won't hurt to nail into the b'heads. And i have used screws at times to hold things in place whilst the glue dries. Make sure your keel is straight and every thing is squared up before putting deck on. Hooroo Chris
  5. My HMS Visa is a real beast to captain, it keeps telling things will only get dearer might as well buy them now. I only hope i live long enough!!!!!
  6. Hello Neddie just came across your log, your boat is looking very good indeed. I think the first lesson to be learnt is "keep going", paying off for you. As far as tools goes i use one of these. Couldn't do without it, no quite PC for some but with the disposable blades, which last a fair while, it makes a lot of things easier to do. I adjust the blade by tapping with a hammer down near the blade. Cheers Chris
  7. G'day Pete and welcome to MSW. It looks like you are off to a strong start. yes the planking is certainly a tricky part of model boat building. I am waiting on this kit myself and am very interested in seeing what you do. I know very little about ship boats in general and know nothing of the kit. If you want something to help build up your skills have a look at this, https://thenrg.org/the-nrg-store.php#!/Half-Hull-Planking-Kit/c/41410202/offset=0&sort=normal I just started this one. Thanks for the link to the other log as well. Hooroo Chris
  8. You should have i think your keel and stem timbers already shaped in the kit. Maybe you can use them to check the shape of the bow or find a scrap bit of ply to mark the shape on and cut it out to use as a template.
  9. Mine was done this way as well, but it was mostly flat. Hard to say what is needed until you start to fair the hull. What you could do is screw it on dry and then see if there is enough material available for you to sand it flat. If not, then glue it on and fill with car filling bog or builders bog. it was placed centrally and flush with the bulkheads at the top. Cheers Chris
  10. Nice diagram Craig but I haven't got a clue what you are suggesting. BUT no need to explain, you don't have enough time for me. On the first image they don't show the line on the other side of the sail. If it was done as in the Mermaid drawing there would need to worry about it for tacking? Chris
  11. Thanks John looks like its a 2 part challenge now, making them and then attaching to the deck. BTW i am enjoying looking at these images on the new 4k computer screen, rally brings out the detail. And did you see this topic, should be easy for a man of your talents. Hooroo Chris
  12. Thanks Craig for all of your help I was thinking the same myself about the breadth of the boats and thinking that meant whale boats. Cheers Chris
  13. Evening Gents Could it be for a flag as per image, that will be the absolute best of my contribution. Cabbie
  14. Sorry about that sir, from now on you can call yourself Craig, The cutters are meant to be whaleboats as per this which is taken from "Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales Phillip Parker King letter book relating to survey voyages around New South Wales, 1817-1823 MLMSS 4429" "In addition to these Boongaree a native having volunteered to go with me I have with the Governors permission accepted his services, he formerly was with Captn Flinders I have 2 Whale Boats, a Jolly Boat and [Page 15] and a Whale Boat in frame, in case any accident should happen to the Vessel" Sorry for one more question i just don't know enough, but one must strike whilst the iron is hot. Do those measurements look to be for one type of boat or the other? Thanks Chris

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