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  1. Very nice Matt, Planking looks nice and tight. I am just about to do my Mermaid with the same planking material. Looking at yours reminded me to to the transom first. Thanks Chris
  2. Thanks BE That is what I was thinking, just wouldn't be correct. Yes Gregory the whale are the lighter colored strip which I have run out of. When i did the deck it looked like I wouldn't have enough, that's why the racing stripes made an appearance. I have placed a few test strips and it doesn't seem to be curving too much under the transom, not enough anyway to alter the gun port height.😨
  3. A question for the wise and knowledgeable On the pic attached, below the walnut strip is according to the plans where the whales are to be placed, by the measurements given from the plans. The pics from the plans show them under the ports Is it ok for them to be cut either side of the gun ports. Or should they be under, if they were to be under they would probably bend around under the transom too much. Maybe I messed up the height of the ports. What would be the correct technique? Thanks Chris
  4. Good Evening James How is the planking going, looking very good so far Have you had a look at where the whales are to be placed. Just been looking at mine and they will be cut in-between the gun ports. I don't know if this is correct ship building or not. The pics of the of the ship with the plans have them under the gun ports. I think i should have cut my ports higher up. Cheers Chris
  5. Thanks BE, now please excuse me whilst i go and look up scuppers.
  6. Now for a Newbies question. How is the water meant to clear from the deck of these boats? When i did my swift i put in slots to clear the seawater. Thanks Chris
  7. Thanks Vossie i have been wondering about what to do about lids, leave them off sounds good to me. Rick showed me a drawing of the Mermaid with a cannon sticking out of the stern port (which I can't find now) That will do me. I have been looking back through your log BE magnificent looking model. I will be coming back here to find out how to go about mine. Cheers Chris
  8. thanks rick & B.E. the skills are getting better, I hadn't realized how complicated this ship and model building caper is, before i started. Too many skills to learn and knowledge to gain, probably never catch up to builders like yourselves.
  9. Oh dear I think I will change my name to "Slow Going" or something like that. Though I have a bit done, framed the gun ports and planked the inside starboard bulwark. I ditched the 3 by 2 walnut strip supplied with the kit for the deck trim and used some 3 by 1 that i had, the 3 by 2 just looked too big. The last pic is showing how the keel clamp helps to hold the boat to do the inside planks. Cheers Chris
  10. Might be a bit of an expensive saw if I just fly over to buy one!!!!!😉🙄
  11. Hi Christos, Using my building brain would it be a brace? Edit, Though a pair would be better
  12. Sounds good Pat i am be keen to see how you do it, I broke one of my metal castings. This would be a good way to get a replacement. I was trying to bend a cast one to fit the hull, (DOH) As you say it could be shaped to fit. Is the casting a bit flexible? Hooroo Chris
  13. Hi pat very solid and neat looking steps and the ship as well. You are moving along very quick, there musn't be an admiral around to keep you occupied otherwise, or you are one of those lucky retired types. Cheers Chris
  14. Howdy Vossie Definitely a great looking build, another one of those builds where I would swear that I was standing on the wharf looking down into a ship. Cheers Chris
  15. Hi Matt, just remember to take it easy, don't rush. Have a good read through this forum specially the 2 pinned items at the top. https://modelshipworld.com/forum/14-building-framing-planking-and-plating-a-ships-hull-and-deck/ Cheers Chris

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