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  1. Hmmmmm, Hmmmmm and more HMMMMM, its a bit mind boggling, to me anyway. But I'm sure you will nut it out. Cheers Chris.
  2. Good afternoon Pat and welcome aboard. I will follow along with interest i have one sitting on the shelf, waiting for me to get back to it. There are some fine builds at the moment being done. search the build logs to see what is being done. They are a very helpful group of ship builders. Cheers Chris
  3. Little update time, still planking the deck. I don't know if it was a bit over done using so many hooked and tapered planks, very time consuming. But enjoyable and I wanted to have a go and see what it looks like. Hooroo Chris
  4. I did see down the bottom of the screen a little box saying "waiting for LHS Handshake" i think that is what it said and seemed to be waiting on that.,
  5. Hello Fernando The contact glue is a trade supplied brand, look for a brushable contact at the hardware store. I'm not sure what they have but try for the brushable type. The gel types might dilute. I also use a glue by Selleys called "interior quick set" pva which is good to use, from the hardware store. I will update my Mermaid log tonight to show what i have been doing with the contact glue. Cheers Chris
  6. Hi James, if you put your plank in place while it is still a bit wet you can move it around into position, doesn't need much glue. Just keep an eye on it in case it moves. I use a very small art brush to apply glue. Use some leftover bits and practice on something else. When it is stuck it is done, push it flat and move on to the next. I sometimes do 2 or 4 in one go. Hooroo Chris
  7. Looks very nice James I have been using contact glue on mine , might pay for it later on when it comes to cleaning up. I diluted mine with a bit of turps so that it was more runny and easier to clean as i go. If you can, look for a cabinetmakers brushable grade. I would pass you some over but it is a bit far! Cheers Chris
  8. In one of the sections in link, depending on whether you are scratch or kit. But please read the topic on naming your log makes ti easier for others to find later on. https://modelshipworld.com/forum/9-members-build-logs/
  9. Welcome Peter? sounds very interesting. Please start a build log and show us what you are doing. Hooroo Chris
  10. Morning or evening for you Phil and thanks for replying. Definitely a windows user and it exports DXF or DWG, so that should be ok. Sounds very good about the ease of use help forums, though i might go for the 3d version just in case. thanks Chris
  11. Thanks Tony and Vaddoc I used to own a copy of turbocad a long time ago and had forgotten about turbocad. I don't mind paying a little bit for it. The TC 2018 2d/3d might be the one. then i will need to work out how to get the data out of the kitchen program into TC. Thanks Chris
  12. Thanks Lou But I don't need the imaging part i can produce images as per below, just need a simple cad program for 2d plans etc. thanks Chris
  13. Hello Forum Apologies if topic not suitable here please shift I am a cabinetmaker by trade but terrible at cad. Can anyone suggest a simple to use (lol for me) cad program that i can import? plans from my kitchen design program and do basic adjustments, measurements etc. Currently my kitchen program outputs to bto cad , but i am finding that too complicated to use, don't have the time to learn it. All i want to achieve is a plan like pic attached but that i can add measurements too. My design programs produces some very nice 3d rendered images but the they go to bto cad and i get lost. Thanks Chris

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