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  1. Very nice ship indeed Sir Francis, lots of very well done timber work. Hooroo Chris
  2. Good Morning Phil I have just been looking back through some of your log. That is a huge amount of work and she is looking very good indeed. Would have to be harder to do than a timber model except maybe for the planking? And the sails and rigging will really finish it off. Cheers Chris
  3. Yes and forgot to say Start a build log to ask for help. And the manufacturer might have plans to download or contact them and ask for set.
  4. Hello Briny Welcome to ship modelling and msw. Have a look here. http://www.eldrbarry.net/hatr/wdshpbks.htm http://www.eldrbarry.net/hatr/wdshp/swift.htm I haven't been to this site since I did my swift 4 1/2 years ago, I just went and had a look. I think it is safe, clicked on a few links and nothing bad happened. I don't know the person and what he does but he includes other links to books ect. There are instructions to download but they are old ones, my swift was an old kit, so fitted for me. But remember there is no need to rush, relax and take it eeeeeaaasy. Cheers Chris
  5. In some part of a concession to the historical pictures here is my version of the transom. Not totally sure it suits the boat, but too bad, done now. The gunwale will butt into the trim pieces and the davits will step over the top. I like it in that it covers the end of a lot of planks which can look a bit rugged. Getting awfully close to having a good clean, sand and applying some finishing coats. Gives a much better look at the planking and construction and hopefully the caulking stands out just enough. Having done this it needs to have a name put on, now to Jame's log to learn how. Hooroo Chris
  6. Speaking of abrasives, I'm afraid I have to out myself. I have become a little bit addicted to a ladies product. I think they have been mentioned here before, but worthy of a refresh. Fingernail care sanding sticks. They come in a range of shapes and grits, get them from the cheap shops, cut to size if you want. Stiff enough to keep flat, ready to go. Cheers Chris
  7. thanks Rick Is it basically just a 1/2 round hole and the sprit dropped into it?
  8. Howdy James it must still be all work and no play. OR you are busy making great discoveries for me(again). The rudder looks very realistic Have you look at how the bow sprit sits on/in the bulwarks/gunwales. Been looking around can't find any detail, I wonder what holds it down?
  9. Thank goodness that part of the ship is done. Stem, Keel and stern post planked or re-planked too much breath holding and nearly collapsing. Still needs a good clean but that is not going to happen yet. I will make a rudder out of solid timber. Some work to do on the transom, do the wales, upper wales trim strip and sort out where the channels sit, in line with the trim strip or just below. i am leaning towards doing them in line with the trim strip. Hooroo Chris
  10. Yeah probably Rick But I don't mind having a go this way Learning new skills as i go, trying something I might have thought, would have been too hard. And I quite like doing it by hand as much as possible make enough noise and dust at work Thanks Chris
  11. G'day to all Finally finished planking the hull and have stared on the stern, keel and stem. I cant handle the idea of just gluing long strips on to the stem so I am trying to do it in a proper sort of method by edge gluing strips and cutting pieces to fit together. But entirely my own design, whether it is strictly correct, I don't know. Cheers Chris l
  12. Morning to all and thanks for looking in and the likes 👍 Hi James thanks Yes it was easier to use the shorter lengths, although I think I over did it this time. Too many joins have ended up bunched together. Not fussed about it, you don't see them all at the same time normally. I am very keen this build to get an authentic look. I put my planks edge up in a vise to sand them for spiling. I ended up shaping about 2/3 rds of them, and that meant there wasn't much side bending which made it easier to keep them stuck down. I have used contact glue on most of the planks on this build, for me it is easier than trying to keep them in place with wood glue. Thanks Chris
  13. A Monday night update, just more planking done, but getting close to finishing the hull. Then I will do the top wale trim strip, anchor stock planking on the wales. And then re-do the keel and stern post and plank the stem, and add the bulwark capping and paint it and the wales black. Hooroo Chris
  14. Well done snowy you have certainly put in a big effort and she is very good to look at. Cheers Chris
  15. Morning James Found this on the net this morning, a little bit earlier than the mermaid. But your transom with a name on it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hired_armed_cutter_Telemachus

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