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    All ships and boats with sails are my big interest. I like to build historic sailships and study histoy from era of sails. My real sailboats is a 27 feet sloop. I hope i can contribution you with my interest.

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  1. Hallo Nils, Thank you very much. I like your model as well. Have a nice day. Leif Helge
  2. My model is scaled up to measure 1.5 meters in lenght. Al wooden materials in hull and deck are in oak. My building times has bean 1.5 years for this ship. Im starting this hobby then i was 12 years old and now i had 6 ships in my fleet. I wish al shipsmates good luck with this great hobby. Cinserly Leif Helge from Norway.
  3. Tim Curtis and JimInKY Thank you very much for fine words about my flying fish model. I greatly appreciate it and I am delighted that it can provide inspiration for new construction of ships. good luck and have many pleasant hours with the hobby. will try to add new pictures of my model. Cinserly Leif Helge
  4. wonderfull built ship. I have build this to and know how much detailed work it is.
  5. Wonderful and rich detailed model of HMS Viktory. I like the crew figures it looks historical real. .
  6. Many thanks. much appreciated...
  7. Mr. Mirabell. A wonderful ships model you have made. I am very impessed of the work you done. Leif Helge
  8. Mr. Javier Baron. Thank you for nice comment, you are a master in craftmanship too. Leif Helge
  9. Mr. BEATAQDAVE. Many thanks for surch a nice comment to my model. Yes i agree, the clippers was not glossy. cheers.
  10. Mr. BETAQDAVE. Thanks for the advice, i think it is some chemical needed.
  11. Beautiful deailed model boat. It is rady to go out and fishing. Have you a background as a fisherman Javier. Cincerly Leif Helge
  12. Fine salty boat model. Wish i coult go onboard and go fishing☺. Leif Helge.
  13. A beauty model, i think it is more difficult to build in little scales.
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