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  1. That's just pretty! I look forward to your catboat build! I hope to be one of the first to follow your log (if you decide to set one up), just can't wait!! 😄 I just searched it up, she looks very beautiful
  2. I finished installing the preventer links on the starboard side. They were really fun to put on once I figured out the process! 😁 I first inserted a pin in the eye of the toe link to mark the position of where the hole is to be drilled. The holes were drilled with a small bit then increased until I could fit a brass nail. I tried blackening the nails but it was very blotchy, so I ended up painting them after they were stuck with some watered down black paint. Also had to cut the nails in half since they were too long.. Here are some pics:
  3. I agree with Keith. Both of your builds are nothing short of amazing. I always look forward to seeing the progress you and Bitao make. The handle design looks great btw!! 🙂
  4. Making some slow but steady progress 😄 I deviated a bit from the instructions when making the chain plate assemblies. I didn't make a jig to bend them. I instead used a combination of pliers, fingers, pins of different sizes, and a caliper. At first my work was very sloppy, but after making a couple I got the hang of it. Here is a pic of the toe link before being cut off. It's a bit hard to describe the process used in detail, since I just did it based on what I felt was intuitive. It just involved lots of bending and squeezing! Some other deviations included ben
  5. Hi Chuck, What are the differences between the new rope walk and the older one? I bought one right before you closed the store for restocking. From the pictures the gear looks similar to the one I received, but not sure if this is what you changed.
  6. I'd say try to redo it if the twisted piece with filler looks off. I know the feeling of redoing work, especially one that wasn't enjoyable to begin with (similar story for me with the chain plate assemblies... I'm close to finishing that stage and I'm not liking it as much as the wood work). But after finishing the model with it looking accurate, I'm sure you'll feel happy that you spent a bit more time. Also ModelExpo has a free replacement policy if you do plan to redo that piece. Btw your model so far is looking real nice! I've been referring to your log when I get
  7. Looks like the beginning of a fantasy/medieval movie. Just awesome!!! It would be cool if you could build a mini robot with a camera to take us on a tour of the village! Maybe after that you could film a whole movie in it 😁
  8. She's a beauty, Bossman! I am very impressed on the quality and speed you have taken to build her. I have this model on my 'to do list' and will be referring back to your log as I progress.
  9. That's very nice and clean work! It's very motivating to seeing your progress Did you use any other jigs to cut this straight line? Or was it purely done with the jewellers saw?
  10. You would just love to hear that silkspan, a common material used in model planes, is also used in model ships for sails! You are so close to the finish line!! Does this help? I found it in the instructions. I tried looking in other sources, but could not find a clear answer. You could also check out some of the finished logs of the Syren to see how they did this (linked here) Also heard it's getting cold in Texas, it was in the news here a couple days ago. It's actually starting to get a bit warmer here, last week it almost reached a windchill temperature of -50 deg c!
  11. Thanks so much for the great comments!! I decided to try making the realistic ones, and ended up using that one instead of the simplified wood carved one. I believe this is a very important detail to include. Michael helped me understand their purpose. The wedges help the mast from shifting after it was stepped through the deck, and the canvas coat would protect the wedges from water leaking into the hull. Learning this, I just had to (or attempt to!) create the accurate representation. I followed Ed Tosti's method for parts of the coat in his Young America log (linked here). I al
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