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  1. Thank you @VTHokiEE!! I've run out of some black rope that's needed to secure the remaining yards in place, so while I wait for some more to come in I'm thinking of catching up on the rope coils. I'll avoid gluing the ones close to the neighboring empty pins since they'll come in the way when belaying lines. Anyways, here is another pic of the remaining yards hung via the ties:
  2. Thanks so much Bill and Steve!! 😀 I finished rigging the top sail yards. I have not put any rope coils yet since I found they came in the way when belaying the lines. I might make some after the topgallant yards have been rigged. I was again playing with the lighting to show the lines better:
  3. Have you tried soaking the plank in some water? I did that in my build and that made the strip much more malleable to bend in those tricky sections. Then you can use clamps to hold them in position to dry. Also look at Chuck's technique (dry bending)
  4. Thanks so much! I took a week off after finishing the semester so got a bit of extra time to work on the model. So next week I'll take it slow and enjoy the process even more. Thanks again for checking in!! 😁
  5. I finished rigging the lower yards (except for the braces etc which might come in the way). Threading the ropes through the blocks was a bit tricky, but its very satisfying seeing how it all comes together I also tied these ropes on the topping lifts as I saw Chuck did this too later on in the build. I think its to tighten the boom sheet as mine was a bit slack before.
  6. Thanks so much Will, Thomas, and Justin! The comments are very motivating!! 😄 Here is another couple of pics of the ship in the messy "workshop". As you can tell from the amount of photos I've been posting, I'm really loving the look of this ship. Everytime I see it I can't believe I've reached this far. I guess as I continue with the running rigging progress will slow down. It's already starting to get difficult with the limited amount of working space for my hands.
  7. Thanks Will! Thanks for the likes as well!! So now it's really starting to look like a ship with some of the yards in place. Here are a couple of pics with them pinned and lashed in position. I'll next start rigging them 😀
  8. I finally finished up attaching all the blocks and items to the yards. I thought it would never end! Here is a quick photo before I start pinning them to the ship:
  9. Wow! That's some beautiful carving! What tools did you use for the small detail work? I also keep looking at the copper plates. It has developed a very nice patina!
  10. Many thanks Steven! I first scored the tube as suggested by the manual, then used the pin from the compass to indent the center. I then used the pin vise to drill the hole (starting with a smaller drill bit then the larger one to fit the wire in). I don't watch much hockey 😬, but I used to watch Aussie football back in Australia. I'm a bit of a fan of West Coast Eagles! 😀
  11. Thanks so much David! Yes I used brass tubing for the irons. They were a bit difficult to cut. And some of them were cut a bit larger comparing to others, but it's hard to spot once they were all installed. I'm really eager to see your model in the case!! Thank you Bob! That's a compass to draw circles. I used the pin end to indent the brass tubing so the drill bit doesn't slip. I drilled the holes before I cut the irons out since I could hold the whole tube more easily. Also, I didn't notice how many blocks there were on the yards until I started installing them..
  12. It was another hectic couple of days wrapping up the semester. Got a few more hours of free time so I got to complete the boom irons I just followed the instructions to make these. Here are all the tools I used: Back then I was a bit nervous on how I would complete this step without power tools since it was dealing with metal. But somehow I managed it with the above. Here are a couple of pics of the irons freshly cut and holes drilled: And some photos of them installed on the spars and painted: I also did not simulate t
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