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  1. Thank you Druxey and Jim. I may just opt to go the simple route of serving the mouse instead of it being weaved (the process looks very complicated!! 😅)
  2. Hope everyone is doing well and are safe in these troubling times. I just finished assembling the Servo-Matic machine from Syren Ship Model Company and came across this thread: Does anyone know how to modify it/make attachments that will help in making a mouse? I've never made a mouse before so I am not sure on what I'll need. I tried searching around in this forum but could not find anything. Any pics of mouse making jigs using this machine would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
  3. Great fix!! Looks much better.. Glad you didn't have to rip out the planking. Also this made me question my cap rail and saw its around 0.25". Btw mine doesnt overhang inboard except for a bit at the bow.
  4. I think they are called stern davits and they are used to hang the ship's boat. The model is looking great btw! Really liking the lights in the Captain's cabin!
  5. Thanks Bradley!! I have not yet used the flexshaft, and I'm still waiting for the workstation to arrive. Not sure on when I'll use these for this build since majority of woodwork has been done, but they will definitely come in handy for future projects!
  6. After many many hours, and very sore and dusty fingers, I finally finished sanding 😁. This part of the build made me come up with many different ways to fold the sandpaper to reach tricky spots. There was one spot near the stern where I may have sanded too much and can see it clearly when shining a light at the back, but other than that, no major mishaps.. Here are some pics And Happy Thanksgiving to our southern neighbors!
  7. For the curved part I used a coping saw keeping a bit of access material then sanded it off. Maybe you could try this but it's time consuming given its not using a power tool. I used basswood for this which is relatively easy to sand manually, so not sure how cedar would react..
  8. Patrick, are you planning on drilling the scuppers through the hull? Or part way like the instructions suggest? I went ahead to drill part way since I was scared of messing things up...
  9. Many thanks Robin, Thomas and Kurt for the comments. Much appreciated!! I decided to go about starting with the longboat and do the cap rail details once I receive the brass parts from ModelExpo. They were just shipped today so it would probably be a couple of weeks till I receive them. For the longboat I ended up spending a couple of hours sanding the exterior. Here are some progress pics Here the sheer profile is sanded Here, I tried using an #11 blade to shape the stern bit which will be cleaned up with sanding
  10. Looks exceptional Robin!! The bigger cannon balls match the carronades and makes the ship look deadlier 😁. And the pearwood deck and fittings look awesome! Btw are you planning on building all the ship's boats? Or only the longboat?
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