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  1. I liked the Eighteenth Century Armed Longboat from Model Expo. It’s a Commodore’s barge: oars, open boat (ribs, not bulkheads) single mast with not a lot of rigging, nice looking. It was my first in more than ten years of no ships, so I have experience but had gotten old and had forgotten all the tricks of the trade. But it worked out and I was able to hide or cover up the more egregious mistakes. Also relatively inexpensive. Model Expo has had a sale of one kind or another since the coronavirus and there are deals to be made. Photos below.
  2. I just finished the 18th Century Armed Longboat from Model Shipways. I had a great deal of difficulty with their nylon rope. It doesn't go where I want it to. It doesn't hang naturally, so when trying to tie a knot it's the devil to get the end of the thread to go where you want. It won't lie down in a natural coil. I have given up on the stuff.
  3. Hi, Guys, I joined this groups couple of years back but haven't been active. I recently moved, and got out and dusted off "Gladys," a Glaucester schooner I built probably forty years ago. I'm just wondering if anyone remembers this kit. I can't remember the manufacturer. I bought it on a whim and put it together. It was my first build, and pretty raw. I've been looking around the internet but have never seen this one. Any idea on who created the kit?
  4. I suggest you look at Lauck Street Shipyard. The owner, Bob, provides instructional courses for building for beginners to experts. If you buy his course, you get incredibly detailed instructions for whichever of his ships you choose, and he has a lot. Note that you have to buy your own kit, but $100 for one of his beginners courses is an investment you won't regret. I have been a customer for many years, and no, I'm not related, don't work for him, and have never met him. He runs a good business and provides great service. If nothing else go to his site (Google it) and look
  5. Welcome to the group. I am new, too, and am still exploring the amazing assets available to members.
  6. Welcome aboard, Scott. I started modeling years ago and, life being what it is, have been on and off several times. Now re-starting Constellation. Thank you for your service in the desert. I did three years the Corps, one year in RVN. Miles
  7. Allow me to introduce myself: Miles Davis, Seminole, Alabama, age 71, sometimes grumpy but not often, and never online. I found LSS in the early 2000's, purchased his practica for the Armed Virginia Sloop (I took the liberty of naming her "Liberty"), Constitution and Rattlesnake, I finished the sloop, got through the first three chapters of Constitution, and then the Fair American arrived (kit #5). Off with the Conny and onto the Fair American. I finished her some time in the mid-2000's and then m
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