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    looking after my dog Cassie. Building model ships both wood and plastic. building model aircraft.

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  1. Coming along nicely. Only downside is the ships boats. they don't ruin the model but they are not the best bit of the kit.
  2. Welcome to MSW, As you can tell you have found the best model ship forum around and have aready been give some good advice. Not a lot I can add. Except to say enjoy your retirement and take your time, no reason to rush. I retired 15 months ago and am loving the time I have to work on the model. just afew hours a day and you soon have a decent amount of work done. Paul
  3. I personaly sand it off. Dosen't take long. I use a medium grade sandpaper. Paul
  4. Build is coming along nicely. The stern is not perfect but I can live with it. I have not double planked as the second planking was ultra thin and only used as hull colour if not painting. I have filled the hull in with a thin coat of wood filler which helps with the painting better.. Bit of touching up on the paintwork and then onto all the finer detailing.
  5. Welcome to MSW Jas, This is a brilliant forum and you have chosen well. Have you decided on a kit? Whichever one you chose good luck. If you do get stuck during the build you will find the members here very helpful. Whichever kit you chose someone will almost certainly be building the same kit. And please do start a build log. Looking forward to seeing your progress in this wonderful hobby. Paul
  6. Nice looking model, Welcome to MSW, Paul
  7. Up to the planking. Unfortunately the piece that had to bend round the stern snapped. It bent fine when it was soaked and seemed to fit well. But when I fitted it and started to pin it it snapped in three places. It did not snap straight but at diagonals. Should have got a picture to show it. It is hard to explain how bad it was. I have had to build the stern up from the broken bits and add a few bits so it is made up with 6 sections of wood. not come out to bad but not perfect. I could strip it back and start again but that is to much trouble. I am happy with it. As you can see I will be pain
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