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  1. Great job Vladimir, I personaly think she looks Good without all the rigging. You get to see all the details better. I have a few sailing ships in my stash. But I find my hands shake far to much when attaching small parts, and especially when tieing knots. I will take inspiration from this and build one without the rigging. Paul
  2. Welcome to MSW Eugenio, Some nice models there. You have joined the best model ship forum around. You will find everyone here willing to give any advice you may need. Good luck with your Victory build, looking forward to your build log. Paul
  3. My next build will be this kit from AL. This a fairly typical AL kit. A mixture of very high quality parts, and some decent quality. Have started with the framework. instructions are good not brilliant. good photo instruction very little written instructions. Biggest problem I had is the sheet with the part numbers. Only two sheets where numbered. Worst of all the sheet with the bulkheads had no numbers at all. Seeing as one bulkhead out of place could throw the whole build off, this is a rather important omission. I had to fit and refit them until I had them correctly spaced. That aside
  4. Welcome to MSW. I have this kit my stash. It is a smaller scale kit so there wont be to much plank bending. I have used the crimper and Would never do so again. I found it put to much stress on the bend and ended up snapping. I personaly use the hot water method. I would use the first planking as the base and second plank to gain more experiance. Which ever method you use, good luck with your first build. Paul
  5. Finished after eight months work. the tying off of the rigging is not great. I found out that age has caught up with me. My hands shake far to much when trying to tie the correct knots and when guiding the cord through the blocks. as such all the blocks and areas where the line is tied off are done with simple knots. I am happy with the end result and it does look good displayed on the shelf it sits on. might do the Sampson next from the same kit maker. I have a few sailing vessels in my stash, but not sure about them as I would struggle with all the rigging requirements. trying to
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