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  1. Its somewhat important as it will establish your plank run and port position. Just draw a straight line to the other side along the BH edge. And use that for placement.
  2. Unfortunately I would need to have a model hull without any headrails made yet .....and built really well to test any parts. It would impossible for me to create headrail mini-kits for any other project other than those I am working on at the moment.....and it takes weeks and weeks to get it right. The uprights for any headrails take forever to get right. I wont even be starting those yet for the Winnie. Chuck
  3. Thanks Greg, I cant tell you how many test versions of those were needed. 20 failed ideas for every successful idea. But each failed attempt leads to some fresh new concepts to try. The hair brackets and scrolls are each made in four parts and the cheeks in three parts. Its just a matter of removing the char and shaping them as instructed for assembly. The builder wont have to carve any beaded details or create any profile scrapers to make them. Same is true for the headrails which I will show next. Although I did find it easier to scrape away the char on these wit
  4. I am working om making more Winnie chapter parts right now. I had a run on them over the weekend Especially the Cherry version parts. Should have them completed within a week. But certain chapter installments will be made available as soon as today. Then its back to making more rope and blocks. I am waiting on more milled cedar and should also have more chapter 4 parts in cedar maybe next week. Below is a sneak peek at chapter five underway. Chuck
  5. Thanks guys. Before I do the cheeks on the other side I will build another main headrail. I have built about a dozen so far and this next one should be the winner. Chuck
  6. Chapter five.....fun!!! This chapter begins with the cheeks/hair brackets at the bow so we can eventually drill those hawse holes. We need to do that before we can continue working inboard. Then we will shape the hole in the lower counter for the rudder installation. So I began by trying to prototype some cheeks and even the headrails. We wont need the head rails until much later but I might as well get the production and mfg methods developed. I have done so and now I will assemble the one side of the cheeks. Pictures are below. When I add them to the starboa
  7. Its fine as is. But yes slow down and read it a few times before picking up the glue. That will work out just fine. Chuck
  8. Its an exact replica......beautiful to see side by side. And straight out of the box....no bashing needed.
  9. That is looking really good Ron. All ply is different. The thicknesses vary quite a bit. Those slot widths were made for the ply that I am using. Thats why they may be just a hair off. But either way it looking really good. Chuck
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