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  1. Looks fantastic…really nice. If anything I hope this gives you some confidence to carve more stuff in the future. I really enjoyed it although it does take a lot of time and cant be rushed. But it makes a world of difference on the model.
  2. Ken thats much better and not to tight at all. It looks great. If it untwists a bit when you release it that is fine. But remember only cut one ebe free and let it untwist until it stops. Then it wont kink up. You have to hold it while it untwists until the rope is in balance from the opposing tensions you put on it. that rope looks perfect.
  3. Yes but depending on how it fits in the coaming you could thin it more. Its up to You. I made mine pretty thin but then I had to increase the height of the rabbet strip it sits on within the coamings. You have to keep that in mind. Thinner is better as that is more accurate but as you show it is still 100% better than the gratings found in most kits. I think mine were around 3/64” thick when done after sanding a little on top and bottom until it looked right to my eye.
  4. Looks good Ken but go even tighter. More initial twists and more final twists.....It will make a tighter lay of the rope and look even better.
  5. I think I figured out the white background thing..... auto white balance is a wonderful thing...I prefer to do as little editing as possible but that is almost impossible. Thank you for pushing me to keep trying....but yes white like this is very stark.
  6. I actually just had delivery of some led lighting as I too was tired of taking poor pictures. I have little room left in my brain to really learn how to use a camera correctly with with so many settings. I have a pretty good camera that takes some really nice pictures. I also bought a white backdrop 10 x 10 white linen.... but it looks light blue or gray in the pictures afterwards. I dont mind this at all. The cool blue looks really good to my eye against the warm tones of the hull. I try and get the sharpest details and try to make the saturation correct so the yellow cedar looks true
  7. That looks very good. I rounded quite a bit as you can see with the resin version. That is a cast from my carved boxwood version. I did more detail carving of the crown as you can see. Keep smoothing .....it will get even better. Chuck
  8. Under the quarter deck there are six per side including one that is curved or shifted around a gun port.
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