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  1. Art no problems with that at all. As long as you dont sell anything or distribute copies you are fine. you can use the plans to build anything for yourself in any size. chuck
  2. Its actually an optical illusion......its lined up with the top. Because it doesnt run to the edge it just looks like its aligned with the bottom.
  3. It wouldnt have had a name on the transom. It wouldnt have that molding there either. They would have just had a painted frieze.
  4. Tim its great to see your build log. You did a super fine job on Syren and I know this one will be even better. I will follow along. Chuck
  5. That is a very common problem. It is to be expected. You cant blame mfgs for this as a long piece of wood with slots cut tends to want to bend. The easiest way is to create a slot for the keel as mentioned. But in addition, use brackets as a way to clamp the whole thing in position. Once straightened by these and you have planked the wales and above, you can remove the brackets and it will remain straight as an arrow. All POB models should be built this way regardless. Three or four should do the trick.
  6. I think I have a few partial sheets of those black hooks laying around too. If you like them that much I can send them to you at some point. I have to look around in case I threw them out. But I think I have at least one or two partial sheets of hooks somewhere. B.E...next time you order something remind me and I will toss them in the package.
  7. Remember that all group builds and downloads areas are at the top of the page in the drop down.....see below This also includes teh Winnie group and Winnie downloads area. I am posting because some new folks couldnt find the drop down menu at the top of the page. It is also along the right side of the forum as well. Two places to access them.
  8. Unfortunately my suppliers of hooks went belly up!!! The last guy shut down after I placed and paid for a huge order. Needless to say I never got those hooks. I have however just found one stray package of 3mm hooks laying around. I will throw it in with your recent order Glenn. I usually make my own hooks out of brass wire. They look the best when you make them yourself. You can make them any size and length you need that way. But it takes practice and a lot of time. Once all of this virus stuff is over I will look into finding another supplier or figure out how to make them myself.....but that is a long way off.
  9. Man oh Man you did a great job on that. Fantastic. Whats next? How about a that second new build log? I actually like the blue frieze better than the red!!! Chuck
  10. I believe so. I believe it was the exception to have them as actual windows. Most were false. I am not entirely sure why but my guess is probably to make it stronger. I could be wrong. Chuck
  11. That really looks fantastic Ben. It is refreshing to see you make this project unique and different!!! Love it!!!

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