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  1. In the other tabs above......where the other discussions are ongoing. https://modelshipworld.com/forum/93-general-project-discussions-on-planking-fittings-and-monograph-chapters/
  2. The curve is too severe on those planks already on the hull. They should be straighter at the bow....it should follow your lining off if that was correct. Chuck
  3. Every piece of wood is different. That will happen. It happens to me as well. How thick is your blade? I use .30 which minimizes deflection. The thinner the blade the more deflection you will experience.
  4. That looks pretty good. The aft window needs to be lowered but i know how hard it is to tack everything in place. You did a fine job.
  5. Im the worst person to ask about colors. But I will say that you certainly did a fine job on the bolsters. Indeed they are tricky. Maybe I should add a fourth extra pair of blanks. i went through many attempts as well. But its smooth sailing from here on out!!! Nicely done.
  6. You should have some wiggle room to split the difference and slide it over a bit. But in the end when you fair the frames it should all work out.
  7. No need to rush on the glass...they will get dirty and collect dust. You can wait up to the very end to install the glass. In fact its better that you do.
  8. Nice start! You go slow and steady....but remember to have fun. The biggest issue will be resisting the urge to speed along....just keep it slow and steady.
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