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  1. It varies wildly on contemporary models....some really close to the top edge of the lid while some others are a bit further away. The key is to place them where the lids will open and close in their openings properly. Remember that the lids and port openings are NOT square or at right angles....but the hinges must be squared up to each other to make them work properly. More or less. I tried to place them appropriately on the plans so I would follow that. But one hinge on a lid could be higher than the other one so their tops are level with each other. Its hard to explain....
  2. That is where I get my Cherry wood.....I am waiting on a large order right now which is in transit. Once I get it I will make more Winnie installments and ropewalks. Ethan at Ocooch is very good and accessible....
  3. Beautiful rope!!! Just a tip....for larger ropes like that, I mix some white glue with water in a cup to make a very very thin sizing. Then I rub it on the rope with my fingers before cutting it free. Let it dry....then cut it free. This prevents all unravelling when using cotton on those very large ropes. You can also go even tighter.....more initial twists and then more twists on the tail stock.......keep experimenting. It gets easier and easier and soon you will wonder why you never tried it before. When the weather gets better you can take it outside and make some rea
  4. Sure...if you build it from scratch you can also start a build log.
  5. Glad to hear it. Just take your time and ask a lot of questions. We have a great bunch building the Winnie who can help you out.
  6. I have no idea...you will need to just pick one. But when you are on the mara 120 screen try and just type in the color code....that sometimes works.
  7. Wonderful job on your Syren.... I would love to see more of the model. Please do start a build log...
  8. Al if you have large pdf docs hosted elsewhere you could also just provide a link but the actual pdf wont display....it looks like Mark showed you. Folks can find it i. The appropriate topic if its labeled correctly.
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