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  1. Just a heads up!!! I will be at the joint clubs next weekend as a vendor. Since I am now making new CNC blocks I wont have them ready for the show.....I may have all the sizes done in single blocks but definitely not more than those. I will be fully stocked with rope though. Having said that, I have quite a few packages.....of most of the other sizes of my old hand-made blocks. Some would say they were among the best you could buy. I will be placing the remaining sizes of the old hand-made blocks in a large box and selling them for $5 per package. So if you are going to be there.....load up at this price. I have several hundred packages of these available. But remember.....No credit cards at the show. There is no wi-fi so only cash is accepted. See you guys there. From what I understand there will be about 100 models on display....should be a great day. There is a lot to bring but I may not be able to fit all of it in the van so if you need anything specific....please let me know. For example, I may not bring any winnie chapter kits. But if you need one, I will bring one for you.
  2. Chapter 8 monograph Chaptereight.pdf And dont forget your templates which can be found in the posts before this.
  3. Yes its on the list. I Have a few other things to get done first but should make a start on it by the end of the week. I only have one CNC machine set up currently but have two of them. I have to get the other one up and running. CNC is very very slow. You cant run the machines quickly or the results will be bad. Especially with such tiny pieces. The blocks in that picture are just 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm in size. I have learned that speeding up the machine leads to disastrous results. Once slowed down with a sharp end mill it produces a wonderful block however. The beauty is that I am writing this post while blocks are being made. Its a beautiful thing to not have to sit in front of a machine and make them by hand any more. I will do my best to get that stuff available as quickly as possible.
  4. I am finally back from vacation.....and back to work. The store is now open again. But just an FYI....when I left for vacation I was wiped out of rope and I havent started mass production of my new cnc blocks yet. Here is a quick picture of a few sizes hot off the CNC Machine. I just use my phone for the pic but they look really good. I literally just made these today. I only have 3/32"....1/8" and 5/32" singles made and only about a dozen packs of each. But it will get there!!! So for the next few weeks I am in high production mode. I have turned off the categories of boxwood blocks and rope for now. Only because I dont have any. I will start making them immediately and when I get about 30-40 packages of each size in stock I will let you guys know and turn those categories on again in my store. Everything else is in pretty good shape though. In fact I have a bunch of longboat and barge kits in stock. BUT please have mercy on the blocks and rope. CNC is new to me and it will take a while to get all stocked.
  5. Ben….that looks so nice. I really beautiful planking job. Folks who are not building the winnie should know that this hull is so much bigger than it appears in photos. That is quite a achievement on a hull that size.
  6. Oh my that is awful. We came out ok with just a minor roof leak. But that lioks awful. I hope you guys are doing ok. chuck
  7. That looks really good. Its nice to see a cheerful in the darker woods. It looks great. You did a nice tidy job of the square tuck!!!!
  8. There is no scientific method for the garboard. At least not for me. This is where your eye and subjectivity comes into play. Once a hull is lined off with tape or string you can view the model from various angles to check the placement of the garboard. chances are you will know right away if your garboard is wrong because you wouldnt be able to run your tape or string without noticing a problem. Look at Bens Winnie hull all lined off with string. He tweaked them so many times to get to this which is how he found the proper placement and shape for the garboard. The issue is that most folks dont take the time to do this with tape or string. But look at what this method gives you. A perfect roadmap for planking.
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