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  1. Thank You Kerry for this thorough review. It looks like a ton of parts. A very detailed kit, I am looking forward to seeing you and many others build this Enterprize kit and start a build log. Chuck
  2. I have used spray adhesive....it will come off reasonably well. The other alternative is a plain glue stick. This will come free with some water. And a straight razor blade helps too. Plain copy paper is fine. Chuck
  3. That is looking great Rusty.....Isnt better than building her at 3/16" scale? How do you prefer the design changes over the last iteration? The pear and Cherry look great together.....you cant even tell which is which.
  4. Wonderful work. Yours is the first model of Confederacy I have seen with a white painted bottom. It looks very good indeed.
  5. As a newbie, not to seem too stupid about it, but you refer to Build Logs, but using search renders nothing and I’ll be darned if I can find another link in the menu.  A like would be very helpful, if possible.


    Thank you,


    1. Chuck


      Ahh!!! A build log is a topic that out

      r members start that details their progress on any particular model.  

      If you go to the main forum page,  and scroll down a bit you will see an area for for folks to start these.  There is a bar that reads “member build logs”.  There are two forum areas under this.  One for scratch models and another for models being built from kits.  They are broken down by era based on the date your model was built and launched.  We have thousands of such build logs on almost every kit.  And a thousand more for scratch built models.


      click this link 




      then click on any era to reveal the many build logs.




    2. Jim CT

      Jim CT

      Thanks Chuck.

  6. That looks very good Bob. Glad to see you back at it. Plus its too hot to play golf anyway!!!! Chuck
  7. Gerry, Very good...i would live to see how your cheerful is coming along. When your ready for the WINNIE....she will be there waiting for you to join the group.
  8. Absolutely nothing has changed in the software for posting pictures. Sorry to say but its you or your browser. Use a different browser possibly. There is absolutely ZERO change in the way anyone adds photos to their build logs and posts. The forum is working perfectly....But I am not sure about your browser or the way you are uploading them......but it is certainly something on your end.....not with MSW. Chuck The photos work with spacing exactly as they have been for the last ten years!!!!! s can be seen by how I just posted these pics with spaces and text between them
  9. Syren rope Rockets should be back in stock soon. I just ordered a bunch of those parts that had been out of stock from the mfg because of Covid. As soon as they arrive I will make a bunch more. Everyone should give rope making a try. Its not that hard to do. A short learning curve and you will never buy another package of rope again. You will enjoy making your own. I will let everyone know when they done.
  10. That turned out so beautiful. Just came across this log again. That was a very fun project. You did a marvelous job on it.
  11. Wonderful work...I really hope to see you and this model in person next year at the joint clubs ship model show in New London CT. Usually around 100 model builders and everyone brings their models. Chuck
  12. Most would be very surprised at how thick the whelps actually are......and especially in comparison to the chocks. For the earlier time period 1750's - 1770's as well and on ships other than the largest.....there were usually 5 whelps on the lower and six on the upper capstan. With a very different kind of pawl setup than shown in that plan for Neptune.
  13. Thats nice...but one thing all of the mfgs get wrong is the proper dimensions and thickness of the whelps and chocks. They are much thicker than most capstan kits. I can only guess this is because of economy. They want all the parts on the same thickness sheet. But doing correctly with different thickness to match those plans you posted is well worth the effort and cost. Chuck

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