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  1. How do you shape the veneers to fit the stem and rest of the keel? Do you just cut them to the rough shape and then glue them on and sand them to the final shape. And how do you find the angle of the veneer nearest to the hull? Do you just eyeball it then cut the veneer to your estimation? That seams hard to me. I was thinking you could take some really thin wire or solder and bend it along corner of the hull and keel. This in theory should give you the rake of the keel. the problem after that would be putting the wire at the right angle when you transfer the rake to the veneer. I was just thinking may be there is a secrete I don't know about.
  2. I have been planking my ships top down ending with the gb plank. Is this a acceptable way of doing things or is it just wrong? I don't really get why you need to start at the top planking then stop and cum up with the planking from the bottom. I know it gives you a nice key plank at the end but wouldn't it be best to just use the gb plank as the key plank?
  3. I don't understand how one knows how far forward to place the garboard plank. What I mean is the keel is bent so at what point along the curve will the garboard plank stop? I have read three books and the tutorials on this site. I still don't get how one can start planking at the top then stop half way and start planking from the bottom up. Because one would need to know the exact point that the garboard plank stops.
  4. I'm building the Model Shipways Mayflower. And don't know what to do with the garboard plank and the few planks above it. I have read the instructions and they are not clear to me. They just say to take a 3/16" x 1/16" board starting at bulkhead (C) and taper the forward end. Do I taper it form the first three inches of the board like the other boards? Maybe you have built this ship or just know the answer. Any way I have also included the instructions in the link. http://www.historicships.com/TALLSHIPS/Model Shipways/Mayflower/MS2020-Mayflower-Instructions.pdf
  5. is there a secret how to drill the holes for your masts at the wright angle? I heard you can cut a notch around the bottom of the masts and glue them in a small matching hole at a angle but then how do you hold the mast in place while the glue dries?
  6. hello I am building the Mayflower by model shipways. I was wondering if you sand the whole rabbet down to 3/32 or just the part of the rabbet and bearding near the stern? the building instructions are in the link bellow. The part about the rabbet is on page one. Any help and I will be really thank full! http://www.historicships.com/TALLSHIPS/Model Shipways/Mayflower/MS2020-Mayflower-Instructions.pdf
  7. Can you pin a wet board to the out side of a ship and then run the wand over the out side of the wet board? Or do you have to use the wand on the same side as the direction the board is bending in too?
  8. I have a bulwark that needs soaked in water and bent. It would be a lot more easy if I could glue the inboard planking on first. Is that do able?
  9. I need some advice on how to go about weathering the boards on the hull of my San Juan galleon from Artaesania. I want the ship to look really old but still sea worthy. The type of wood used is sapelia. its kind of dark and I'm not shore how it would age in color. also like most ships all the board are supposed to be sanded smooth together like one peace. Should I just sand them just a little bit? so each board picks up the stain independently and not soak it all up as a hole? what I was going to do was sand the hull just so each bard sticks out just a little meaning the space in between the bards is still showing then go over the each side of the ship with age-it-easy from micro mark its a dark gray wash type substance. also can I just go over the acrylic paint with the age it easy to make it look old. Or is that a bad thought. Thank you for any help.
  10. No your right. I'm just a little confused I thought that the pole on the front counted as a mast that's all
  11. What I'm trying to do is find the right spots to put things on the ship like gun ports an fenders thanks. I have 1:1 plans
  12. I'm building the san Juan galleon from Artesania Latina and it has square sails

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