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  1. Today I bought an old Dremel table saw on Ebay. I'd like a Barnes saw, but it will be a year or so before I could buy one, so a Dremel it is. It should do what I need, which will mostly be cutting planking. I was concidering one of the Harbor Freight 4 inch ones, but the quality is so low, that I don't think I could make one useful. The Dremel has good quality, and I think with a few mods it will be just what I need.
  2. The way the roll feeds is also determined by if you have cats (or dogs)! If you do, you set it up to feed from the back, this helps prevent the pet from convinently unrolling it for you!
  3. Welcome to the group Legodude!! Nice work on your model! I'll be be following your build.
  4. Been using the Dremel version of grsjax's sander for decades, it is indeed a workhorse. I wrote a log on improving the disk table a while back Modifications to a Dremel Belt/Disk Sander You'll have to do a search, I don't know how to paste a link to it.
  5. Did a quick mockup of the mortar to see if the diorama was properly proportioned. Looks about right.
  6. Finalized my design for a diorama deck for my MS Sea Mortar kit. Overall with covers in place With the cover assemblies removed, but the support beams in place. The center well is for the turntable in the base. Exploded view (on its side so I could show a larger view).
  7. Craig; Thanks for the ICE link!
  8. The resin used for autobody work, does not attach well to wood. Check out the epoxy resins used in marine applications. Those are designed for wood. Having said that, in the past I have used the Bondo type resins, and they have performed well on my models. I think the heat gun may be too hot, a slow gentle heat may be better.
  9. I scan the large plans on my regular size scanner, allowing a generous overlap. I scan them using the "Grayscale" option, rather than "Color", at 300DPI. For a more detailed scan for smaller sections, I scan at 600 DPI. All the scans to be combined should be at the same resolution. I remove the scanner cover, so that I can move the plans around freely, and use the separated cover placed on top of the plans, to hold them flat on the glass. Some of my scanners have had the top attached such that the hinges on the cover interfere with reusing it this way. Then I find some other object to use. A book, or even a piece of foam board, cut to the right size. After I get every thing scanned, I use the old MS Photo Gallery to combine the scans using the Panorama function. I find that it does a much better job than the Photoshop one. If that does not work for the scans (make sure you scanned with the generous overlaps), I align the scans in my CAD program. As far as distortions, use the advice above. Microsoft no longer offers the MS Photo Gallery as a download, but if you do a search for "Photo Gallery full download", there are sites that offer a download for it. I've saved a copy, and use it when I change to a new computer, have to fix a crash or failing drive.
  10. I had to, several years ago, set a hull in my car's hatch back and park in the sun for a week to get the resin to set. The car stank for about two weeks after I took it out, but the resin finally set.

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