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  1. Just found this build. Sorry to hear about your back trouble, but I'm glad you are feeling better! Interesting subject.
  2. Many years ago, I took one of the DUKW tours out of Tampa, FL. After we got out a ways they asked if anyone wanted to drive it. My hand was up so fast, I think I got friction burn from the air resistance! No one else was interested, so I got to drive it for about 20 minutes. Had a wonderful time!
  3. Opps! I guess I'll just have to put that skeleton back in my closet!
  4. On Sinagots (a small French fishing boat) Have two masts with lug sails. They are set up with the top spare for one mast on one side, and the top spar for the other on the oposite side. Thus one sail, or the other, is against the mast depending on which tack they are on.
  5. Looks like an indexing setup. Place a piece between the centers, and cut X number of flats, or drill X number of equally spaced holes around the circumference. Used with the milling machine. For example make a round bar, into a hex bar, then drilling a hole centered on each face, Drilling four holes in a mast, at 90 degres apart, etc.
  6. I don't know how sharp the teeth are on your model, but T-Rex teeth close up were a blunt triangular cross section shape, with serrations on the edges. Designed to hold up to their massive bite, and bone crunching ability. More like a triangular punch. Look up pictures of them.
  7. I built a similar one. Use CA for the joints. The press fit joints between parts, are not strong enough to support the weight of the pieces, especially the skull. I tried Canopy Clue, the first time, but it failed after a few weeks. It makes a great model!
  8. Nope, they are not spoiled at all! This is why my shop is a cat free zone!
  9. I bought some 3/4" plywood to put on top of my glass display cases. This will allow me to safely use the tops as shelves. I'll put my RC Warships on there to free up the second display case. Well I ran into a problem, the sheet was far more warped than I thought! You think for what they are charging now, the ply would be at least close to flat! Anyway, I put them on top of the shelves, with some weight on them, but after a month they were still just as warped! So I resorted to cutting kerfs about half way through to relieve the stress. This got rid of about half of the warp, and a little weight, ie. stuff, put on them brought them the rest of the way down. The first photo shows the kerfs cut in both pieces, with the cut faces have been placed together for this shot. The kerfs will be on top once the shelves are in place. The upper sheet goes on the case off to the right. Next came painting them. I painted the bottom of the shelves white, so that the light from the fluorescent/LED fixture on the inside top of the case, will reflect back down into the case. The top and back edges will not be painted, as no one will see those surfaces, and also because of what it said on the paint can. Even though it is latex paint, the can says that the paint takes 30 days to fully set! That means another month before I can place the painted side down on the frame of the cases, and I don't want to wait another month longer than that, if I paint the other sides, before I put the stuff up there. (Not because I'm lazy. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it).
  10. Saw an interesting video on setting up your band saw!
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