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  1. After, geez, 2 busy months, I'm finally back to reading the forum. I got behind when I started being given 40 hour work weeks, and also made the mistake of buying a truck that needed "just a little work" that was 45 minutes away! Took me about 7 of my days off to get it a a drivable point. The other days off were "Honey Do" days. 40 hours does not sound bad, but 40 hours of janitorial work at 65 wears me out! I plan on leaving the job, at the end of July, or August, so will have more time for me, then. The week I lost my internet, did not help either. My wife's dog ate my ethernet cable! With all the internet schooling due to covid, all such things are bought out around here, and I had to mail order a new (30 foot) one.
  2. I would second the Wefalck's cautions on individual tiles. I've never had anything but trouble with them. I'd recommend vinyl sheet flooring. Glued down, not taped. I taped the vinyl flooring down in some areas of my house, and it is coming apart, where furniture sits on it. It gets pulled back and forth as you sit and get up and thins out in those areas. The areas I did do a full surface glue do not have this problem. A cheap non-foam backed vinyl is more durable, and cheaper, than the foamed backed ones, but getting harder to find.
  3. In the past two months I've had two different packages arrive at the distribution center in Augusta, GA, which normally means I get them the next day, then be sent out of state, bounce around for a week, and then finally arrive back in Augusta, and then sent to me!
  4. On a note I learned years ago when I owned a house that had been wallpapered. Don't use a roller to apply the paint over the wall paper! Large sections of the first layer pulled off and wrapped around the roller. All subsequent painting was do by brush. Now that house was closer to 40s or 50s, but be careful with yours.
  5. Does anyone make a LED replacement lamp for the circular fluorecent bulbs in the lamps with the center magniifer lens? I live by my magnifier lamp, it is much needed now that I am older.
  6. My mother was the same, after I started collage, my brother got my old room, and I slept in the old guest room, when I was back home. Most of my finished models went into one big box, with the expected damage, and they threw out about 20 years of one of my old Model Railroad magazines, and a lot of the knick knacks I had collected (not decorations but little things I had collected from museum trips, vacations, old toys (including the erector sets), etc., and most of my paperback books). Thankfully they kept the Model Railroader, and Railroad Model Craftsman ones, I think mostly because my brother was also into MRR. The models were not a great loss, but I was upset. Later after I moved to Baltimore, I had left my Lionel and Marx O scale stuff, and they sold it at a yard sale, instead of asking if I still wanted it. When my sons moved out I had them go through their stuff, and either take it, chuck it, or I kept some packed for when they settled down.
  7. If those are particle/waferboard side pieces on the cabinets, you might want to run a 1X4 along the inside where the bolts are holding the center framework. This will help insure that the bolt heads don't pull through. Don't ask me how I know. 😞
  8. Even in the commercial world, gray is difficult between batches. About 40 years ago, there was an interesting joke going around about military radar installations. The US Military has standard colors, with associated color chip sets. In this case a General got it in his head to compare the interiors of the radar installations, with the associated gray chip. Of course the facilities all had slight variations, and he went ballistic! He ordered all of them repainted to the correct color, leaving them a standard chip to use as reference. After the specified time he reinspected, and once again all failed, but for one. The others got in trouble, but the one that passed was commended. After ward the other facilities asked the sergeant in charge, how he got the color right. He replied, I repainted the chip, when I repainted the equipment!
  9. Mostly I do use a battery drill, I have a Dewalt 20 volt with 2 batteries. For construction and general work, it is fine, as the second battery lasts until the first is recharged. With this many holes, or a heavy drilling job, I need a corded one, though. I do a bit of home renovation work on the side, and frequently there is not power available.

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