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  1. How did you blend the brick at the inside corner, by the back door? Did you cut the plaster walls at 45 degrees, or use another method?
  2. The tape adds little support underneath so a strip can still be pulled down and rip the tape. Others may have better reasons.
  3. I would say the extended rip fence, the micrometer stop, zero clearance inserts, and miter gauge extension, as the minimum. Some blades of different tooth counts, are a definite.
  4. For my layout modules, I need many 3 ¾ inch wide strips of both ¾” and ¼” plywood. All must be straight and uniform in width. My first attempt was using the standard fence which came with my table saw. Complete failure! The strips all came out banana shaped. So I built the fixture below. The major component was a “L” shaped fence made out of two 8 foot lengths of ¾ inch thick plywood, both 3 3/4 inches wide. I cut them from the factory edges, so I knew that that edge was straight. I glued the two straight edges together, insuring a straight assembly. Then I added the table at the
  5. If there is no hole, use a Dremel, or similar, with cutoff disks, and attack the collet stub, until there is a hole.
  6. Here I've converted it to PDF, for those who don't have MS Word. The super guide To Serving Blocks.pdf
  7. I down loaded the pages at 200DPI ~3700 by 4000 pixels, and combined them into 2 sheets (at 96 DPI, due to program limits), and cropped them so they came out ~6700 by 2300. If anyone is interested in copies of either the single shots, panarama, or all PM me. I'll explain how to get the hi res download, later today.
  8. I object to the title of this thread! I didn't suddenly get older, it took at least a month or so! 😀
  9. In preparation for building my Granado Cross Section, I decided to add another shelf over the work bench. The first one was great for holding various supplies and parts, but I decided I needed one just for ready access tools.. I added another between the first one and the shelf for the DCC Controller. Before: After:
  10. What did the doctor ask Vincent? "Where'd your ear Gogh?"
  11. However, do double check the numbers against the drawings, for gross errors, to be sure. On my Santa Fe Business car some of the dimensions given were off by a foot or more, over what the drawings showed, and when matched against the photos.
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