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  1. I read that copper plating the fittings will seal them. Also some flow thru ventalation in the display case helps. Completely sealing the model accelerates the problem.
  2. Part 013 There is an error in the instructions for Frame 8. As detailed in the review of this kit by James H. The instructions do not show the part numbers for the shims that need to be attached to the plans before you start to assemble the frame over it. The picture below shows the part numbers. After mounting the scan of the frame drawing, on the build board, I enlarged the slots in the upper frame piece to mate with the resin spacers inserts, that will used later. Frame 8 is where the upper and lower frame halves start to have a significant offset, vertically, from one another along the bottom edge of the frames. They still match at the false keel notch. If you look at the false keel, you will see it is also getting taller as we progress further. I progressed as in the previous frame by gluing the lower frame pieces together at the mating edges, and installing the chocks later. Using another copy of the frame for reference, I glued the bottom section of the upper frame to the lower frame half, orienting the tips so that they were equally space “Up’ from the lower edge of the bottom of the lower half. After this had set, I placed the rest of the frame pieces in place, along with the resin inserts, so that I could get a feel for how they would fit in place. This is where I ran into a problem. The resin insert on the left hand side, was a little too large! It was too long and I could not get the upper top frame to mate with the neighboring piece, without bringing the outside edges much further in, from the outside edge of the lower half, than those on the right hand side! It also seemed too thick and caused the tip to not mate with the lower frame, at the top (the bottom too, but more on that problem later). I tried sanding it, but finally gave up, and used a square block held against the lines on the drawing to position it. Once satisfied, I glued the other pieces in place. Here I found a mistake I had made. When assembling the lower half of the frame I somehow got the vertical spacing between the shim area and the unshimed sections wrong. And there was a gap between the upper and lower frame halves, where the drawing showed them touching. I once again used Isopropyl Alcohol to soften the glue joints in this area, and took them apart. In the end I had to use an additional cardstock shim, on top of the supplied shim to get the correct spacing. The lower frame top piece may have been cut a little thinner, causing the gap. I didn’t go back and compare it to the opposite piece to be sure, I was satisfied that they now mated correctly. The above picture seems to show the top pieces out of alignment on the right side, but this just an illusion due to the camera angle. With that fixed I moved on to installing the upper half chocks. After these dried, I went back and cut the chocks to match the varying surface levels, as detailed in the previous posts. Yes, the frame drawing has mysteriously suddenly morphed into the one for Frame 9! I changed to the next frame before I took this picture. The camera was in the house, when I was cutting the chocks.
  3. Also note which country your ship/boat comes from. Europen sails were generally a yellower shade than US sails, during the transition to modern canvas sailcloth (witch the US changed to sooner), and some countries had red sails, at least on smaller craft. The sails on the small French fishing boats, like the Sinagot I'm modeling were red, and even today the existing Sinagots, may have either red or white sails, sometimes both, with the red sails having patches of modern white Dacron cloth
  4. As an interesting, historical, note. During the battle between the USS Kearsarge and the CSS Alabama, off the French coast, one of the Alabama's explosive shells lodged in the Kearsarge's sternpost next to the rudder, but failed to explode. Had it done so the battle would have ended differently.
  5. No underlying illness, I just managed to bang it on something in the past and forgot I did. Thanks for the concern! I'm taking everything as directed.
  6. BS Electrical Engineering,Penn State. MS Computer Science, Johns Hopkins. Spent several years designing and programing digital hardware for Military Radar displays. Then spent 19 years programming Water Treatment computer control systems at a government facility. General handyman. and shade tree mechanic. Just finished rebuilding the front suspension on my truck. Also serve as a high grade cat magnet. 😉
  7. The doctor put me on both oral, and topical antibiotics. Now I just have to give it time.
  8. The Wasa museum test fired a replica of one of her cannons, against a replica section of her hull. Basiclly a 25 pound cannon ball would go through Both sides of a ship. The only difference between the ball hitjng between frames or at a frame, was hitting a frame created vastly more splinters. Splinters kill and wounded more crew than the actual cannon ball.
  9. My left big toe has been hurting lately, and the nail was discolored. Last night I took a good look at it, and the toenail had turned white, was loose, and smelled bad. I don't remember hitting it or dropping anything on it, but it is what it is. Today after calling several places, I got an appointment to have it looked at. The nail had to come off! Unfortunately, the local anesthetic didn't work very well! No fixing the truck this weekend, or doing much of anything like that this week! I will be sculpting on the toe area of an old pair of shoes though!
  10. My sister claims I have "Sucker" written in Cat on my forehead, but admits she does too!
  11. The kitten went to the vet today, she is about 5 weeks old, and in good health. Seeing as we rescued her from a storm sewer pipe I named her "Pipe In" or Pippin after the Hobbit in the Lord Of The Rings.
  12. Well it’s been a busy weekend. I spent 8 hours Saturday and 4 hours Sunday putting a new front end on the 2000 Explorer(ball joints Tie-rod ends and Sway bar bolts). Thanks to Randy and Donny for helping me! So the plan was to drive the truck the minimum amount, until Tuesday morning, when I am scheduled for an alignment. Nope! This afternoon, my wife got a post on Facebook, that there was a kitten trapped in the storm drain at the local Walmart. So off we went! With the help of about 15 people over a three hour time period, We got her out. I had to climb down in the system twice, and walk about a ¼ mile total in the system, because she kept running from me. Finally the Captain of the Langley Fire Station heard about it and came over to help. He went down one drain, and I went down another, and trapped the kitten between us. She is about 6 to 8 weeks old. Even though she ran from us, once she was picked up she started purring! Another lady had volunteered to go down, but after looking at the ladder built into the manhole, I decided that it was safer for me to go down. I have two bad hips, and am a little worse for the wear, but the kitten is safe, and we now have a new cat. She’s going to the vet tomorrow to be checked out. One of the ladies that showed up, volunteered to pay for the c heck up, and another to pay for the spaying. We had not planned to get another cat, but what can you do.
  13. No, he built his from scratch, not a kit, but that one is a beautiful model!
  14. Engraving, yes. Cutting would probably require a much more powerful laser, for anything but the thinnest materials, like paper. Also you will need some sort of protective sheet on your printing table, so as not to mark it.
  15. It looks like the bow was salvaged after the wreck, all those bow planks ending at the same non-frame area. May have been removed at the same time as the copper plates.
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