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  1. Just watched it on Amazon Prime. Quite a good movie, worth watching.
  2. If you are thinking of buying one of the several flavors of Mini-Lathes (7X10 to 7X16), or already own one, this is a must have book! I am not a professional machinist, nor would I claim to be a highly skilled one, just a hobbyist. I have, however, rebuilt two 12 inch Atlas lathes, and spent a fair share of time using them. I recently had to sell my last Atlas, and as part of the deal, picked up the new owners old Harbor Freight 7X10 mini-lathe. When I started with my Atlas lathes I bought several good books on using and maintaining a “Full Size” lathe, including the Atlas and Southbend manuals, and used much of what I learned. This book is the equivalent for the mini-lathes. This book is filled with chapters on the construction of various vintages of these lathes, discussions of how to adjust them for better precision, and work piece finish, and easy modifications to improve their range and usefulness. The book is also fair in pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of a mini-lathe. The book explains how to use the lathe for those who have never used one, as well as several projects that you can use to improve the lathe and your skills at the same time. I would recommend the book to those who have been using this type of lathe for a while, if only for the adjustment tips, examples of after-market accessories available, and the projects. Many of the adjustments are the same as for a larger lathe, but there are also many specific to these types.
  3. And, in twist of plot, the space ship and crew, are attacked by the Giant Claws Of Death!
  4. To protect softer metals and wood, used brass or aluminum shims between the jaws and the work peice, and tighten the jaws enough to hold the piece, but not distort it.
  5. If you get a 4-jaw chuck, make sure it has metal jaws! Some companies will sell you a cheap one with plastic jaws. These are useless for metal work.
  6. I looked it up. It is a larger than normal Authentic Holland kit. POB rather than solid hull and about 30 inches long. I would start out at $99.99 US or the equivanent Dutch.
  7. On a note about the C/D model shown above. As I'm sure you know the later models had the spine at the tail, and a tailgunner. With the earlier models, there was no room for a tail gun. That is not the reason the spine and thicker aft fuselage was added though. During a flight in an earlier model B-17, it encountered a violent storm. As the crew desperately tried to make it to an airfield, the tail was twisting around so badly that the rivets were failing and the aft section of the plane was slowly coming apart. Finally the pilot ordered the rest of the crew to bail out while he fought to keep the plane in the air. The crew made it out safely, but the pilot, who could not leave the controls, without the plane immeadeately crashing, died when it finally came apart. After this, is when they added the spine to stiffen the tail, and then had room to add a tailgun.
  8. It was an advertising display at some mattress store. Not sure why it was in the middle of the road on a back road, but it is otherwise a nice sturdy assembly.
  9. Today I added a shelf in the ship building area, for my Cricut Explore machine. I looks odd, as the shelf itself is a section of some sort of mattress sales display, I found in the middle of the road a couple years back! It has a nice steel under frame. The shelf is a little too narrow for the machine to sit on, so I added a small plywood cross piece under the machine itself. The shelf is more than wide enough, thought, that the cutting mats will be fully supported. The shelf overhangs my spray booth, which now just clears the bottom of the shelf.
  10. letter bits are used mostly by machinists. they fill in intermeadeate sizes.
  11. Neither did she, she simply bought a set of drills the shop owner said was a good set, their being letter drills just made it nicer.
  12. DesignCAD has a curved line tool, that follows the points you give it, to give a smooth line for a frame, etc. An example it this trailboard I made by tracing a scan from the ME Willie Bennett plans, using the curve line tool. I gave them this graphic and they now supply in their kit. Their graphics are color, I made this starboard one grayscale, so as not to infringe on them.
  13. The weird thing about the German bombers, is that they never developed a 4 engine bomber, even though they had a 4 engine airliner, that they used as a reconnaissance aircraft. They used them to track Naval and convoy ships.
  14. My wife found this for me at a thrift shop! A nice set of Letter Drills. Good quality bits, only missing 2.
  15. I'll be following this. I have the same kit in my stash.

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