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  1. Just a note: You might want to move the lower pulley over to the side opposite the door you always seem to go in.
  2. On my ships I was soldering sliding fit brass tubing, so some bridging capabilities.
  3. I agree, just try the Stay Brite on some scrap, it is not much harder than regular soldering. I used it all the time on my RC Combat Warships.
  4. I'm following. Maybe the carpenter built it, after comsuming the contents!
  5. Glad to hear it was not 19! Best wishes for a fast and complete recovery. You probably already know this, but I found sleeping in my recliner, helped to keep the lungs clearer, when I had the big P.
  6. Happy St. Patty's day to you too! Though with my looks they would probably just avoid me all together!
  7. Chris, is that Irish, or is your cat helping you type? 🙂
  8. Not today, but over the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten several items, to help continue my hobbies. The first is a knob for my Delta scroll saw. It tightens the clamp that holds upper blade jaw in place. The saw presently has a bolt performing this task. The knob is the stock piece, and will make this adjustment easier. I will have to buy a fine thread nut for the knob, before I can install it. Next are several items for my HO layout. Two different types of rail joiners (One to connect the 2 sizes of rail I’ll be using together, and regular joiners for connecting the same size rails), a new PC to DCC controller interface, and several soldering items. The first picture shows the new tips for my soldering iron (I’m still using the original tip from when I bought it 30 years ago, and it is in poor shape), 4 oz. of very thin lead free solder (for soldering the fine wires between the DCC decoders and the locomotive motor and lights, as well as small brass parts for the ships), soldering tip tinner and cleaner, and a low temperature solder and special rosin flux to match it (this is for soldering leads to the rail, without melting the plastic ties). Next is the Weller holder I bought for the larger roll of solder. It will make finding and dispensing the solder easier. The solder feeds through the hole in the front of the holder. The last railroad related item is a foam cradle to protect the locomotive bodies while I’m working on the inside or bottom of the model. I also bought a buckboard wagon kit from Model Expo, when it was on sale. Lastly I bought some silkspan for making sails. I bought 2 sheets each of light weight and medium, and 1 of the heavy types. With shipping the 5 sheets came to ~$25, $10 of which was shipping. Not today.docx
  9. Thank God is raining again today! After 2 1/2 days of sunshine, I was afraid my protective coating of mold was going to die! I'm not sure I have any skin left underneath it!
  10. Here we have plenty of TP, but all the Lysol, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohal, masks, and cleaning wipes are long gone.
  11. Get one like one of these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Air-Tank-Tattoo-Nail-Tool-TC20T-Set-1-5-HP-Airbrush-Compressor-Air-Demand/323506475598?epid=19032708877&hash=item4b527d124e:g:lrYAAOSwnbZYHsfY https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-6-HP-Airbrush-Compressor-Kit-W-23L-Air-Tank-For-Tattoo-Nail-Painting-Tool/173917474491?hash=item287e4a0ebb:g:lrAAAOSwKmtc7qkZ They have a nice regulator, and are fairly quiet. The owner of Badger Airbrushes, says that they are the same as the ones he and others sell, built in the same factory, just without the added cost of buying a name brand label. The small block type compressors have poor pressure regulation.

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