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  1. Don't ever tell your drunk girlfriend "I need to find a new girlfriend, for my buddy!" The guy (not me) never got past the comma of the sentence! Pow!
  2. Check Amazon for Landstrom;s book. I recently bought a used copy for $16 US plus shipping. Good read.
  3. I started watching "Dauntless", a movie supposedly about the Battle of Midway. Well it does take place during the battle, but there is very little about the actual battle in the movie! What it is about is one of the US pilots shot down and his suffering until he is, hopefully, rescued. I may watch it to completion in the future, but for now I have taken it out and started another movie. I wanted one that covered the whole battle better. It is also mostly CGI and not the latest quality animation of that type.
  4. On a happier note than my post above I did get several other things in the past few weeks. I was in the craft section of Walmart and found these two storage cases. One holds 12 small jars a little over an inch in diameter and two inches tall. I think it was about $6 or $7. The other holds 24 jars about the same diameter, but only about an inch high. It was $9. Both have a hard plastic case that holds them, and both should come in handy! I picked up a compartment type case for about $3 I also picked up a couple different sizes of Dremel cutoff wheels. For my 1/64th French fishing boat "Sinagot", I received a couple rolls of half hard brass wire 18 gauge and 20 gauge. I broke the plastic elliptical Main Sheet traveler on the model, so I will make a new one from one of these rolls. I opened the 20 gauge packet, and the roll exploded to about 3 times the diameter it was in the bag! Opps! I am leaving it as is, for now, as it tangled when it expanded, and I don't have a suitable spool to rewind it on. For those SCi Fi geeks among us I also found this USB expander port at a yard sale! Yes, it is the famous Dr. Who TARDIS! The light blinks and it makes the TARDIS sound when you plug in a USB device. At least it should, I've misplaced the power supply, but it still looks cool.
  5. After working on my 1/64th scale small French fishing boat. I don't know if my hands are capable of 1/96th work. I was therefore happy when Model Expo announced that they were releasing a 1/64th scale model of their formerly 1/96th scale fishing schooner "Elsie"! Well I ordered one. The box shown on the web site was confusing, as the label on the kit still talked about 1/8th" = 1', but it also said 1/64th scale. I figured that they had made a mistake on the label, when reissuing the kit. (More on this further down) What I received last week, however, was this, their 1/12 scale "Chuckwagon"! I called Model Expo, and after a few words from them about the reading ability of the warehouse folks, they agreed to send me the Elsie kit. Great! He also said that he would let the warehouse guys decide what to do about the wagon kit. A couple of days later it arrived. However, after opening it, I found that it is still a 1/96th scale kit! I have the old kit in my stash, and here is a picture of the old and new hulls! (old hull on bottom) The new kit also lacks the brass pedestals and wood base supplied in the old kit. Now I'm unsure of what to do. They have not asked for the wagon kit back, yet. If they don't, I will keep both kits and resell one of the Elsies, and call it a fair trade. If they do want the wagon back, I'll probably return both. I'm disappointed, thought, I expect better from Model Expo! I really wanted a 1/64th scale version. So if you were thinking about buying the kit because it was 1/64th scale, pass on it.
  6. Part 006 I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve not had much spare time. Between work, some side jobs and my wife’s doctor appointments, I’ve had little spare time, and when I do, I’m too tired to get out to the shop. I found two saw blades on Ebay, for a reasonable price, so I bought them. I don’t know if I’ll use the 30 tooth blade, but I really wanted another 8004 – 100 tooth blade. I used the jig I bought to align the blade mechanism. I decided that using the jig to align the verticality of the blade was not going to work. I felt that there was too much blade flex to trust the jig, and with the shims I added to the tilt mechanism, it is now too stiff for the jig. Instead I tightened the mounting bolts and used a machinist square to get the blade vertical. Then I loosened the bolts again, mounted the jig, and clamped the blade. Then I tightened the mounting bolts, aligning the blade assembly parallel with the miter groves. I checked the tilt gauge and found that it needed adjustment. This involved simply loosening the gauge mounting screws and sliding the gauge to match the pointer. In the previous picture of the jig on the saw, you see that I also used the jig to square the fence. No saw test yet, that will come soon.
  7. Sharpen a wide chisel, buy a couple of lengths of square metal keystock. Then clamp or screw then to the top, and run the chisel along them to flatten the top edge. Before I catch heat about running a chisel edge across metal, use a cheap chisel.
  8. The B-17 gunship was the YB-40. Basically added another dorsal turret, and made all the single mounts dual mounts. The bombay was used for ammo storage.
  9. In the Italian bombing front, an Italain Ace was flying a captured P-38, and shooting down Allied bombers who were mistaking it for one of their fighters. There was a version of the B-17 that was fitted out with extra guns, and no bomb load. Its fault was that the other bombers got faster after they lightened their load, after dropping their bombs, but this variant did not, thus slowing down the retreating formations. A pilot got the bright idea to have US intellegence investigate this ace. They found that was an insanely jealous man, who had been away from his wife for a long time. They then painted nose art on this B-17 with some saying and a likeness of his wife. Sure enough on a run shortly there after, he spotted the plane and attacked it, and they managed to shoot him down. They did not get away without damage and injuries, but they got him.
  10. The above pictures were taken with my "newish" camera. My very older camera a 5Meg Pixel camera served for a long time, but has been failing to focus consistently, lately. I bought a used 14 MP camera to replace it, but that one did not allow you to force the flash when doing close ups. This one does, but when I bought it it did not have the USB cable to both charge and xfer pictures with. Last month I bought an external charger, with an extra battery, and a short USB cable. The cable then crawled off somewhere around my messy desk, and fell into a black hole! Last week I bough another (long) USB cable, so I can once again start taking pictures.
  11. Received this book yesterday. Nicely illustrated with several line drawings. About 13" X 11.5", 159 pages. I've been looking at this one for a while, but it was in the $50+ range. Last week there were several offered for less than $20, used, with shipping, so I bought it!
  12. Look on their web site, last time I looked they sold the plans for all their kits.
  13. Guys, I'm about your age. I just want to say, that I was never one of the ones that disrespected the Nam Vets and that you for your service!

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