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  1. Picked up some Irish linen rigging thread. Should keep me going for a while.
  2. Personally I would NEVER use power tools to sharpen quality woodworking tools. The only place for a grinder (IMHO.) is to re-profile an old or badly worn item. If you have quality chisels then I would bet that they are already ground to a good angle, they only need sharpening. The tool for this is a stone, either water, or oil, depending what you have. Followed by honing with a leather strop. I was taught to sharpen with a secondary bevel, then hone. The secret is to keep the back of the blade very flat when de-buring the edge.
  3. I am building a Billings Victory. There does not seem to be any reference to the wales in the instructions and no extra material to detail them. I would like to include them in my build. I have the John McKay Victory book which shows the wales, but. My question is, are there any simplified drawings of side elevation showing the positions? (Google searches including wales are not helpful!)
  4. Another colour topic! In the above pictures, the decks are now a typical "weathered timber" grey colour. I would suspect that regularly cleaned and holystoned decks on an active ship would have been a natural pale wood colour?
  5. Thanks. Yes in those pictures it seems that the cabin has been painted in the new hull colour, rather than dark brown that it shows in earlier pictures.
  6. Landrotten Highlander, Perhaps you can answer another question? The captains cabin behind the ships wheel has always been dark brown / wood. I have seen one picture today which seems to be new showing this area painted "pink." Is this correct, or was I dreaming? Many thanks for your comments.
  7. No other replies so :- I have had a good look at paint available and the closest to what I can see with on-line pictures of the new paint. Tamiya XF-15 flat flesh. This seems very close (IMHO.) Perhaps slightly dark out of the bottle.
  8. Billings HMS Victory. Found one on line at a very good price. Just could not justify an extra £600- for the Caldicroft kit.
  9. I see some discussion about the merits of the new (old) colour scheme. What I have not found is any reference to paint colours from suppliers (available in the UK) Has anyone worked out what to use? The yellow now looks a terracotta colour The red appears to be nearly a vermilion colour ( I suspect a red lead paint.) The black presumably can still be a semi gloss as before. Has the blue changed? All ideas gratefully received!
  10. Hi First post! I am starting a build, almost complete novice, a Billings build many years ago. I am starting a build of a sailing Barque. The original was built by a tiny local shipyard at Aberdyfi (Aberdovey) in Wales. This was the largest ship built on the river and was roughly 100ft long. I have a copy of an excellent painting showing the hull form and rigging, along with the sail pattern. Basis of the build is a kit to save having to buy individual components. So starting with a " Charles W. Morgan kit" chosen as being a very similar size an
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