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  1. Anybody else from Finland than me and Moxis?
  2. Thanks for the membership. I am from Finland, and I have been building all kind of radio controlled model airplanes and other related stuff over 45 years or so. Mostly I build from scratch, making plans for my own fun designs and scale models from 3 - 5-views, line drawings and photos. No kits, no CAD, no 3D-printing, but old fashioned hand drawing and crafting, power tools help a lot. Composites are all OK, I use them a lot, but plain old carpentry is more relaxing on the eyes and mind.
  3. I have a Facebook build log album that I keep updating, ( among other hobby related albums ) and I share my album with a few other model boat related FB groups. Is there a way to share a fb album with this forum? It is tedious to keep parallel albums updated with different resolution photos and subtitles. I have searched the FAQ but did not find a way to do it.
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