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  1. This could be useful: Simon Watts plans and building instructions for a Norwegian Pram can be purchased as a digital download at this link: http://simonwattsfurniture.com/norwegian-sailing-pram.html Looks like it may be the same boat as the kit.
  2. I wrote an article on building Slippery, it is published in Model Shipwright #127, September 2004
  3. Here is a copy of the original article published in Motorboating Ideal Series Volume 8, 1938 Zipper Plans.pdf
  4. I believe the hull design was originally designed by John Hacker for "Little Miss Canada IV", a 225 class hydroplane, made by Greavette and raced by Harold Wilson. see link: https://sites.google.com/site/haroldandlornamoviecom/home/boats It looks like the hull design was also used for "Baby-Ruth" see link: https://fpwp.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Stock-Images-Vintage-Inboard-Hydroplanes/G0000wOgcursiv1M/I0000fPwhNXI.Z1k/C00000hFk2.XLNOQ/
  5. Slippery Hydroplane Raceboat, 1940, Scale: 1:24 The Slippery is a 135 c.i. class hydroplane racer circa 1940. The length is 14 feet, 2 inches. The boat was designed by John L. Hacker. Plans for the Slippery were published in COMPLETE DESIGNS FOR 44 MODERN BOATS, Motorboating Ideal Series Volume 18. The model is scratch built, plank on bulkhead method using pear wood. Electro plating was done with Caswell Copy Chrome. The engine is a Gray Marine Phantom 4 racing engine. It is scratch built from boxwood, brass and styrene. The spark plugs were cast from resin.
  6. This is my rendition of the English Pinnace (circa 1750-1760) kit by Model Shipways. Scale is 1:24. The paint scheme was inspired by a contemporary model in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.
  7. I give the NRG explicit right to watermark these images and post them on facebook. McKenzie River driftboat diorama, 16 foot with transom and Evinrude 7.5hp outboard engine. Scratch built, Scale 1:32 Pram and Pond Yacht diorama with Johnson 3hp outboard engine. Scratch built, Scale 1:32 Type XXIII German U-boat diorama. Modified kit, Scale 1:144. McKenzie River driftboat diorama, 12 foot double ender. Scratch built, Scale 1:32
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