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  1. Nice model! Very realistic. I did a 1/9 scale bust of a Yup'ik many years ago.
  2. My nephew posed for the figure, he crewed in college. It took many tries to get the shoelaces tied.
  3. This could be useful: Simon Watts plans and building instructions for a Norwegian Pram can be purchased as a digital download at this link: http://simonwattsfurniture.com/norwegian-sailing-pram.html Looks like it may be the same boat as the kit.
  4. I wrote an article on building Slippery, it is published in Model Shipwright #127, September 2004
  5. Here is a copy of the original article published in Motorboating Ideal Series Volume 8, 1938 Zipper Plans.pdf
  6. I believe the hull design was originally designed by John Hacker for "Little Miss Canada IV", a 225 class hydroplane, made by Greavette and raced by Harold Wilson. see link: https://sites.google.com/site/haroldandlornamoviecom/home/boats It looks like the hull design was also used for "Baby-Ruth" see link: https://fpwp.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Stock-Images-Vintage-Inboard-Hydroplanes/G0000wOgcursiv1M/I0000fPwhNXI.Z1k/C00000hFk2.XLNOQ/
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