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  1. I'm currently building the model space kit. Materials are excellent and instructions great and partworks is a great way to go for a build.
  2. Got pack 1 of the his Surprise from model space.
  3. Sorry for being so long on build progress. Moved from Florida to Montana and finally had time to do some work on the ship. Got the hull faired and started planking. Here are some pics of the build so far:. ex
  4. If you are using windows, that could be the problem.
  5. I am at the stage were I will be starting to prepare the bulkheads on my pob constitution. Would appreciate any helpful ideas on best way to do this. Thanks in advance. JC
  6. Here are a few more pics on my progess. Finished the gun deck, and just need to plank the deck. Then it's on to the bulwark and planking the hul.
  7. Received pack #3 today from model space
  8. Model space 1:76 of the uss constitution. Don't want to use dummy cannons.
  9. need a cheap way to add cannons to the gun deck on the uss constitution?
  10. Started the uss constitution today. This is my first build, and will post some pics later in the week..
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