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  1. What is a good way to paint the ship ways to make them look weathered? Thanks
  2. Can anyone make a recommendation for a minwax stain color for my pride of baltimore model expo kit ? thanks. Barb
  3. What plank width should I use for belt a and b the 3/16 looks too wide for the tick marks on my planking layout. I am planking the model shipway kit pride of baltimore . Thanks barb
  4. How are the blocks rigged for the quarter boat lifts? Thanks
  5. I am rigging model shipways constitution. I notice a difference in location of topsail between plan and picture on instructions. I am also following a build log that shows a different location.The print shows rigged with sails. I am rigging without sails .topgallant and royal also have different locations. Thanks
  6. Can anyone help with rigging the sheet on model shipway constitution without sails. Regards
  7. I think I am referring to the reef tackle . It looks like the start of which is under the fighting platform. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know. Where the reef line originates from for the lower crossjack on modelshipways constitution ? Thanks. Barbara
  9. Are filler plates needed below the dressing belt.? The plans indicate them but different log dont show them used.
  10. Does anyone have a recomendation for a min wax stain for the decks of msw constitution. Thanks. Barb
  11. Can anyone tell me the width of the deck planks on the model expo constitution . Thanks bara
  12. On my previous post about planking the upper gun ports, the ship is MS Kit What is the thickness and width of planks around the gun ports
  13. Where does the lower hook on the top mast flying back stay. Hook to ? Thanks
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