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  1. Thanks, I did follow your advice, as the model didn't come with plans I found some pictures on the net and matched it to those. Hopefully I got it right. Vern
  2. Hello, not sure if I have the correct angle on the transom ( please excuse my terminology if wrong I’m from the prairies in Canada. Bluenose II AL kit. Any advice would be greatly appreciative as this is my second build. Kind regards, Vern
  3. Hi all, My name is VERN and I’m definitely a newbi when it comes to wooden ship models. I’m currently on my second build of the Bluenose lI from Artesania Latina. My first was the AL New Viking 1/75. I managed to finish it and it turned out ok. After a lot of reading on this amazing site (wish I had found it during the build) I realize a lot of my mistakes could have been avoided. A brief history of my model experiences. I grew up in the plastic world of muscle car and dragster models a few planes and ships. This grew into the real world of muscle cars where I have built six cars over the past 40 years. My last car was a 1968 Beaumont complete frame off restoration that I built with my two sons. I know I will need a lot of advise on the Bluenose, but after seeing all the amazing builds, and the talent out there on this site I know all my questions will be answered. Kind Regards to all.
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