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  1. Work progressing. Still cannot drill five small holes in a straight line.... New lathe made light work of masts and spars except for main trunk. 12mm dowel too big. Tried the chuck but dowel too long and nearly took off! Back to David plane and sanding. Assembly proceeds....
  2. My Mantua mini lathe packed in. Replaced it with Proxxon DB250 as I saw that a few of you on the forum are using it. Wish I had got this 18 months ago when I purchased the Mantua. Never been really happy with it; too much vibration and 4 step controller was a bit rough. Given that the Proxxon and Mantua are about the same cost (when you factor in the Mantua transformer that is required) I'm much happier with my new acquisition. Hardly any vibration and control is much more refined. Used it in anger to paint rings on barrels. Very happy....saved hours of work with my unsteady painting techn
  3. Wasn't quite finished as I was waiting on railing stantions to arrive. I think this looks much better than the pins supplied by the kit. However now complete and on display in my cabinet. As stated before I'm going to display with interiors exposed. No point doing all that work to hide it. All done onto next project.
  4. Hi folks Mississippi finished and now started on the OcCre cross section of Santisima Trinidad. I've been looking at a few build logs especially Michael's bashed construction. Awed. I'm not that confident to reconstruct the kit so will be following the instructions but plan to 'embellish' as necessary based on my experience so far on the Agamemnon including using this kit to practice a bit on rigging, etc before returning to the Aggie. Starting off, only one frame slightly warped. Coming along nicely. Like the initial kit's work stand as it
  5. Hi everyone Been off forum for awhile as I hit a mental block with my Agamemnon build. Got to rigging stage and lost my get up and go. It will come back eventually. Meanwhile for a significant birthday (I can now get a bus pass) my family gave me vouchers for Cornwall Boats from which I bought the Occre Kit for the Spirit of Mississippi. A nice kit but with a few issues. A lot of the supplied metal parts required some work to fit (or the wood parts to make fit) like the window frames. The paddle hubs in particular needed drilled out to 6mm (supplied 4.5
  6. i Henke I've been off forum for a while. Just caught up with your Aggie. Lovely work. Ian
  7. Pottering away on lower mast rigging....going slower than expected due to number of trips away to meet family etc.
  8. Loaded up these photos earlier in week but didn't seem to take! All re-tensioned and PVA applied... many thanks. Much better result.
  9. Working away on the foremast. However, not too happy with bow/arc on forestay preventer - any ideas how to fix?
  10. Significant moment. Aggie has been transferred to the rigging out table and onto a 'lazy susan'. In reality a little work bench I have that is slightly higher than my normal worktop and a revolving board I stole from our kitchen. Lower masts are installed and I've started on the standing rigging.
  11. Hi Henrik Thanks for your very kind comments. Good luck with your Agamemnon; it's really a great kit to work with. As for skills I'm in awe of many of the other builders on this forum; I just keep plodding along. It's amazing how a lick of paint can cover up the occasional Oops! Thanks for following the build log. Ian (aka Vic)
  12. I've been away from the forum for a while now. Lots on with life getting in the way of modelling! Now back working on Aggie. That's the boats finished and have started on masts. Boats not attached yet, will do once bulk of rigging completed.
  13. Finally after a year's work the hull is finished. Ship's boats next and then onto the masts! I'm not planning to fix the figurehead in place until the bowsprit is in.
  14. Quietly working away. Poop deck installed and top deck completed but I'm going to change the 'safety' rails around the top deck stairwells and use Sandecott's design instead. They look too flimsy to me. Also I've stolen my wife's spare hairdryer (not shown) to keep the finished part of the model clean after sanding /fitting new parts. I hope she doesn't find out until I'm finished with it.
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