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  1. Anyone know of a source for 1:64 scale figures of sailors or workmen (1 inch tall)?
  2. Just curious...Do any suppliers sell pre-blackened hardware/fittings?
  3. BETAQDAVE Your ponderisms are hilarious! Write a book. If more than one mouse is mice why isn't more than one house hice? If more than one goose is geese why isn't more than one moose meece?
  4. Pat, Thank you very much for your response. Excellent solutions! Tony
  5. This is my 2nd build. I finished the Bluenose using exclusively titebond wood glue. This build is the Pride of Baltimore. I thought I'd try Bob Hunt's practicum and he used CA for almost everything so that's what I'm using on this build. Hull and deck are complete, stained and painted and it looks pretty good. I've used CA for everything including hull and deck planking and the only problems encountered were a few misalignments that I had to redo.
  6. What do you use to assemble square pieces like 4 walls of a cabin or other boxy deck furniture? I use CA to assemble these parts so the square or jig would have to be glass or smooth metal. Thank you
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