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  1. Meh. Just when you start working another lockdown appears to slow you up. I've admittedly not stopped as I had to redo the keel after a process mistake. The Mark III keel went fine though so this post is to cover the nails/sizing and false keel stages. Once I had the joint on piece 6 done (and the process mistake was here. I had to remove the extra 'meat' so it was exact size top to bottom as otherwise when I attach to the rest of the keel it is too large). Anyway on the Mark III version I adjusted the plans so I cut it out at the correct height. This was then joined to the rest of
  2. I use two types myself. Tiny brass nails that I attach using a push stick (the nail fits in the end of the tool and you place it against the plank and push and it both holds and pushes the nail in). This is only for the under later of planking (usually soft limewood of similar). The pusher isn't neccessary but it hurts much less pushing them in. Since a picture speaks more than a thousand words here is the first layer of planking going on the Bounty (these pins come with the kit and can be bought separately from Caldercraft. For the outside planking I tend
  3. Thanks guys. It is nice how you learn more the capabilities of the tools you are using with experimentation. I also like the Sherline because I am totally in control and I dont feel at risk (I always feel at risk when using the table saw which is a much scarier tool)
  4. Thanks all, I have just finished gluing parts 1 to 5 of the keel together with slightly coloured glue and then thicknessed the top and bottom to the correct target size. Keel joint shot with an extreme close up That will do nicely.. Next up I am starting tomorrow on drilling the keel joint bolts. As ever I have changed my process for that slightly to hopefully reduce my chances of destroying all the work I have done so far..
  5. I'd like to put up a post with some work on something that isn't the keel. But this won't be it. Perhaps I should rename the log to ' Scratch building the Amphion's Keel..a lot' As I said in my last update I was considering another try as I was not quite happy with the process and how close to actual size the pieces were. What follows will move to heights of detail to challenge even the most interested reader. So if you've had enough of the Keel then I recommend you await a future post (though there is a little historical paragraph at the very bottom). One of my favouri
  6. Time for a ramble and then an update..Years ago Henry Ford commented on failure which is a wonderful way to approach things I think and is certainly something I use a lot in modelling. The relevance here is that I started on my keel pieces and used the approach I detailed (in considerable detail) around page 5 of this log ( urk 5 years ago). Anyway I cut some joints and wasn't happy with them. Two things in particular irked me and these are admittedly both correctable. Firstly using the scroll saw to cut the shoulder tended to produce a slightly angled cut tha
  7. Greetings! When working on kits I tended to paint once the part was complete (so the wales when the wales done) but not wait until the end as rigging etc gets in the way. On my first kit i did this then covered the entire model in talcum powder in an erroneous attempt to mark the water line. Then I had to paint it again plus wash out bits that should not be painted. (Did look good as a 'ghost' ship though...)
  8. It is really hard to bend. I found it easier to 'carve' it into the bent shape as opposed to trying to force it to bend. If you do try to bend it then lots of water and heat and beware of it splintering. Best sources are old furniture/ornaments if you can find them. It is a protected wood so it shouldn't be sold from recently cut down trees..
  9. I haven't but you will getter a better response by starting a build log or asking perhaps on a member who has done (doing) the build of the kit.
  10. I use the nails (and a push nail thing which is probably not the right name) on the underlayer of planks (normally limewood?). I never use them on the outer layer as I dont want the holes plus you have a better gluing area at that point so there is less need.
  11. Variety is the spice of life! or something along those lines....So any model is a pleasure to see built. Nice to have you aboard.
  12. Good build choice and I will also search out the book.
  13. Greetings, any existing skill with making stuff should mean you have an advantage over many beginners. Nice to have you here.
  14. I think I may have mentioned it before but I have actually held (and swished about) Broke's sabre (it was owned by a private collector). It was quite surreal holding a piece of history like that even though it was something only a naval historian would even recognise as important.
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