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  1. Nice start and the bulkheads look nice and solid. That filler piece certainly looks 'unusually shaped' which makes me wonder.. It 'might' be that intend to allow you to sand back to fit. But that seems like to much effort for a kit so must be wrong. From what I can see the piece looks the right size to fit on the front but where then would the bow of the ship go?? Do the instructions have any shape/positioning comments? On most kits I have seen (not AL admittedly) the bow is a part of the backbone structure of the ship and there are two filler pieces that go either side. Hopefully another Artenesia builder can make a comment as that does not seem right. Though it might be a peculiarity of the ship itself.
  2. Well I waited for my wood delivery to arrive and arrive it did. Just as we hit lockdown and I had to turn my modelling workspace into a home office (which it still is and will be for two-three months). This has caused a fairly natural hiatus in any worthwhile progress. A couple of weeks back I did take down my youngest sons wardrobe and as I did so I moved to the garage some of the nicer bits of wood and especially paid attention to the solid wood door and some of the support pieces. By flipping it on its back and drilling the support pieces underneath I just so happened to make a nice building board saving a few bob. Here is it temporarily shifting my monitor/keyboard out of the way It is sitting on the only space space my workshop currently has so on top of the router table.. Next steps are to mark the correct measurements (max breadth and keel lengths so I can make sure the 6 A4 sheets that make out the base plan are correctly placed) and then add the plans. All of which I can do so over the remainder of the 'forced work from home'.
  3. that is a beautiful ship. I particularly like the rust.
  4. Nice to see you! an aircraft carrier seems an interesting build log. I mainly do wooden ships but have been tempted by the odd battleship 'just cause'
  5. I do love those barrels with the coat of arms..
  6. its a lovely kit and yours is progressing nicely!
  7. Ed's article is excellent (and I used it myself). I do cover a few gotchas in my own plan build topic so it may not even be relevant..
  8. I used the default of the thinest line possible. When drawing the line you can drill in to such a large amount that you place that line what wouod appear to be the middle of the drawn line and that goes a slight way to coping with the vagaries of warped paper and sometimes moving lines. Tying to match plan widths with specified widths may cause difficulties with sizing and printing with some CAD systems as well.
  9. Kit or scratch? Its looking nice regardless though you are brave having it close to the laptop (dust and laptops..)
  10. Social security wont cover the gap. Saying that she may be able to claim one of the cash grants the government just offered which would enable her to pay the rent and bills for the next 4 months then hopefully start up again allowing things improve so that is a vast improvement in itself (if possible)
  11. My wife is having to close down her business for a few months (she is a dance teacher) and is hoping the building owners give a rent holiday for the time as she cant pay what she doesn't earn. It does mean cash flow has just got a lot harder and my hobby budget just went up in smoke (along with every other bit of discretionary spending). Shouldn't moan though. At least I currently have a job and we can get through. Some will be much worse off..
  12. The Life and Letter of Emma Hamilton Hugh Tours Frontline Books 2020 Hardback: $30.95 £20.00 – 286 pages – Non-Fiction Order: https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/The-Life-and-Letters-of-Emma-Hamilton-Hardback/p/17132 and also various book sellers This is not a 'new' book but a reprint of a book first published in 1963. It is a useful republish though as copies of the original are rare and the scholarship is excellent. The author minimises interpretation and instead includes a wide range of the extant letters in their entirety as opposed to the (unfortunately common perhaps) alternative of selectively quoting - often in an attempt to demonise or glorify. Therefore you get a good sense of the woman her life and the people in her life. He often provides rolling conversations and many letters from other people who had encountered Emma this giving some interesting counterpoints to some of the more established narratives. Naturally Nelson features heavily near to the end more so because she did not destroy his letters whereas he assiduously did so to hers and he does not come across particularly well. Firstly the dalliance in Naples for less than decent military reasons then the 'I know you have unimpeachable honour' is opposed by the thought of Nelson having a child with the same woman whilst married to another and the fact he often rages at the thought of other men approaching Emma and her succumbing (whereas naturally if she had had that honour then there would have been nothing to worry about?). Different times now of course and people would not even blink at such an event but the reactions exposed give good insights into the state of mind and sometimes the lies we tell ourselves. The book provides a lot of information and gives a good example of who Emma was, how she (Eventually) excelled in the world, caught a succession of admirers before Nelson and then saw her life collapse into ruins after his death. For anyone interested in Nelson, Emma or general Georgian society it is recommended.
  13. It was my first model too.. I enjoyed it and it was well within a beginners capabilities (with minimal kit)
  14. The Captain wouldn't work for my RN frigate but the crew certainly could. Another reason to go 1:48 as well..

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