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  1. To all who replied to me with your insights, suggestions and guidance all I can say is WOW and thank you. (Since I posted this cry for help I did visit my local welding supplier, found some solder that was supposed to work on aluminum (and didn't despite cleaning and flux, but maybe I did not do a good enough cleaning job) and tried some epoxy that was supposed to work on metal (aluminum) - it didn't.) There were several good ideas for how to do what I want'/need to do and I am going to try again to "solder" the aluminum tubing I have using some better materials and techniques suggested. And i
  2. I am building model sailing and power yachts using the bread and butter method with mahogany, basswood and Spanish cedar. I've developed some unique rigging using a variety of materials from hardware, fishing, jewelry making and sail making. I intended to use 1/8" aluminum tubing for bow and stern pulpits and rails but i have been unsuccessful in joining the tubing. I've tried soldering, but the aluminum tube melts before the solder and when the solder I have did melt it did not adhere to the aluminum. I've tried a dozen glues. None worked. I've even tried lashing the pieces together using ver
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