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  1. Tried to order the curve(s) I'm missing and it appears USA is not a country they do business with. At least when I tried to fill out the form - USA, United States, etc was not a country in the list.
  2. The set I have has 54 pieces in it but some are labeled greater than 100. I also have the 7 piece ships curve set by C-Thru and a few french curves. Was there a method of determining which curve to use or is it simply try and fit. Thanks again.
  3. What constitutes a complete set? I have a set in the wooden box but am not sure if it is complete. If I'm missing any can they be replaced? Thanks in advance. Dana
  4. Thank you for the quick replies. My next step is to draft out the various profiles, 7 separate 1/4 inch profiles. A total of 13 will be cut out and glued together. I'm thinking if the hull is planked a planked bulwark rabbited into the hull would not show or wood putty then sanded to hide the seam. Decisions. Dana
  5. Good evening and thank you for welcoming me back in the NRG. It's been at least 20 years since I was last a member. Like many others, life got in the way and a host of other hobbies didn't help. I've looked at the five models I have started at least weekly. I think I'll settle down and work on one in particular; the Elsie. This is a solid hull 1:96 scale model of the fishing knockabout schooner. However every time I look at the hull I get aggravated. The carver of this hull did not shape it, in my opinion, according to the plans. The profile in particular at the bow. I voiced my concern to Model Shipways and they sent a replacement hull with the same error. If I recall correctly they stated their carver was retiring. Anyway, I'm not asking Model Shipways to to do anything more they were gracious enough previously. My current plan is to bread and butter a replacement hull. I've read some posts regarding cutting the bulwarks and using planking to replace them. However I didn't see any pictures as to how the planking would be secured. is a rabbit cut into the hull the thickness of the planking or is there another way to accomplish this? Thank you for any information you can provide. Dana
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