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  1. Don't prove me wrong here! Hahaha! I’ll see what I can do - but no promises! Searching for sharpies does, indeed, present less of the Midwest products and more actual boats. Thanks VTHokiEE for the rope suggestions! I hadn’t thought how ‘fancy’ the sails may be at this point it depends on what I can pull off.
  2. Thanks VTHokiEE for the advice! (I hope my build will look as nice as yours does!) Silly question: what size rope(s) would you suggest ordering for this kit?
  3. The last build was plastic, so this build will tempt the fates by being wood. Following ccoyle’s advice, this isn’t a 1/2 scale model of HMS Victory towing the Vasa, but a small kit described as ‘near fool proof’. I won’t discuss how close to fool I may be, but, as they say, the proof is in the doing. There is a brief section in Chappelle’s American Small Sailing Craft (yes, gentle readers, I’ve bought some books recently!) but I haven’t found much else. A casual perusal of internet searches finds mostly images of Midwest’s kit! If others have information about flatties, please jump in. Same for sage advice, sarcastic insights and flashing of the ‘please flasten your seltbelt’ sign. All are welcome. Here are some photo’s of Midwest’s Chesapeake Bay Flattie Kit’s bits and pieces.
  4. Thanks for sharing!! Beautiful work and your approach to the forming the hull and painting paper and, then, applying to the ship are most useful to see (for me and, I assume, to others).
  5. There is also book that has plans and covers the building of the Lexington, Five Historic Ship Models from Plan to Model by Parker. The price on Amazon ranges from under ten to fifty or so. https://www.amazon.com/Five-Historic-Ships-Plan-Model/dp/0870332589/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Five+Historic+Ship+Models+from+Plan+to+Model&qid=1575640294&sr=8-1 While you can't buy the plans at this last link, you can peek at them: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-model-ship-plans-brig-406188495 Good luck (and welcome!)
  6. Take two: Regarding accessories: https://www.scalewarship.com/store/index.php?route=product/search&search=Victory with a few photos found here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234938128-airfix-180th-scale-hms-victory-sets-from-scalewarship/ What does the Hackney book cover?
  7. rkwz, I have to say folks here have been every so kind and sharing (I asked couple of questions about knots and stripe painting, as well). I am shocked and astonished by the quick and thoughtful responses. I’m glad to know there such people out there, who love this craft enough to share with folks like us. It bodes well well for the hobby and for the hard won skills found at this site. I think there is a nice side-effect; this sharing of techniques and approaches raises the skills of the entire community; part by the awareness and sharing of the various approaches and part by the reflection and communication needed to actively engage. Good stuff (plus all the eye candy!)
  8. My thanks to the moderator(s) - I literally just finished tracking down how to rename a finished build log, and it was already down for me!!
  9. For completeness, a few images with the broken bits fixed. Thanks shotlocker and ccoyle for the kind suggestions! I’m all for fool proof!
  10. Doh, my apologies! To your question of the masts: I just finished the Revell’s USS Constitution in 1/196 scale, somewhat similar size in the real world but, I assume, a simpler kit (heavy frigate vs. ship of the line). I used the plastic masts without issue. I will note that the masts and spars can flex, which means taut lines can become slack, which is a pain.
  11. Thanks for the kind words! Given my readings in the forums, I’m going try a Midwest kit. Something simple and easy to complete, that will work as my introduction to wood. I’m open to suggestions.
  12. Regarding accessories: Just to gush at the photos, if nothing else, take a peek at http://www.dafinismus.de/index_en.html . I believe that fellow is a member of this forum as well.
  13. Very cool snazzy technology! A bit like ships we model... I finished the model - that is to say, there this more to improve but I have made it to the end of the instructions and I’m ok moving on to the next project. Many thanks for everyone’s time, insights and sharing. (I’m now poking about looking at drafting sites as well). Included are a couple of photos (although I cleverly damaged it while setting up the photo). The line work does not distract from the whole effect.
  14. I’m calling it done! It was was finished but it fell while trying photograph (ouch) and when I’m back to the ‘workshop’, I’ll fix the damage and create a better base. Again my thanks to everyone who stopped by and peeked in or shared sometime and wisdom. The next stop will be something wooden but small and simple.

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