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  1. This is a Frankenstein build of parts from different parts of the world. It is roughly similar to a Gibson ES-125.
  2. There is great wisdom in that thought!! Vanguard and Syren are where I'd like to wind up. But for the moment, it is easier to get Model Shipways much cheaper.
  3. Thanks! Good luck with the Confederacy!! Thats alot of work! That's on my 'to build' list and I've just started to follow your journey! Looks good so far!
  4. They easy and quick - take some scraps and play with it. This build log and others have the details, but the short answer is coat the fabric in water-souble varnish and then score the fabric (with an awl, a nail, the tip of a scissor). If you get to it, let me know how it goes!!!
  5. I think I'm going to take the plunge and do a Model Shipways POB model. I'm open to suggestions!!! The next big jumps are: 1) planking a hull, and 2) working on a bigger (more daunting) project. I like to think if I get over those humps, I can declare myself to a middling ship modeller!!
  6. Chris, thank you!! I appreciate the gentle hand and the kind words you share with so many. It has made for a much more pleasurable entry to this nifty hobby for me!
  7. Woo-woo!! She looks prefect (from a thousand miles away, at least)! Congrats!
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