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  1. @Edwardkenway I often feel like I’m getting nothing done! Thanks for the kind words! I’m excited about the Medway Longboat as well. I belong to the Ship Model Society of New Jersey and most of those folks have built the Medway - its beautiful the see and hold in the real world. It seems like a step up from other kits. I’ve also have worked on trying to cut strips from brass sheet and keep it flat, ugh and I’m still wrestling with the best way to use my merger library on ship modeling topics to best advantage. Little by little.
  2. I’ve ended my experiments with rope and threads (at least for now). For me the simpler Rope Rocket gives great results repeatedly of great quality; less so for my other rig. While I like the ‘set and forget’ aspect, the rope isn’t as nice. I’m tempted to mess around with tweaking gear ratios and ways to adjust tension, but I’d rather build ship models with my limited time. After a number of false starts and dearth of precise information I have a few planks down that I haven’t removed immediately. I was troubled by how to measure plank width to a spot in air, since I’ll need the planks to be a bit proud to attach the inside planks that go under the rails. Eventually, it occurred to me to use an bit of scrap on the deck to make measurements to. When planking, I tried both full length strips and short segments. I found the short segments tough to bend after being cut but easy to position. I found handling the full length strip hard to handle to ensure accurate cutting. So my comprise is to cut the plank in two and add ‘false’ cuts to look like more segments. I have an old rescued heat gun, able to sit on its own, to which I have attached a on-off foot pedal. With a tap of the foot, it will start to wease and huff. This way I can use two hands to find the twist or bend of the plank and simply tap the pedal and heat the wood and tap again to end the heat.. By holding the shape of the wood as it cools, there is less ‘bend back’. Originally I wet the wood, but recently I have skipped that step with no I’ll effects. The whole process take a minute per bend. The downside is I use longer pieces than strictly needed, but I now think one needs slightly longer pieces (than the final length) to get nice curves. While this is all fine and good so far, we will see how things will go as the planks go up the side. I have found it rather labor intense and yes, the rabbet was too large. I found sand paper and chisels aren’t the best for trimmed the planks; I’ve been using a little palm plane so far. So having accepted I can’t yet manage the quality I would like, I will continue on to see what else I can learn from the whole process. On the plus side, the planking isn’t half as bad as the last project!!
  3. I tried my hand at faux-gold leaf gliding of the carving. Not award winning but I learned a great deal from the attempt.
  4. For those on the fence regarding making your own rope, a couple thoughts. Chuck's Rope Rocket is simple to make and simple to use. 'Simple to use' is also a secret weapon. By that I mean it is easy to get started and more importantly, it is easy to experiment - quickly and cheaply. Because it is quick and cheap and the feedback/results are quick, you can try anything that jumps to mind for the cost of ten minutes and a few cents of thread!! And have a result immediately! This ability to iterate quickly builds knowledge, intuition and, for me, yet more experiments. As those who follow this MSW thread (pardon the pun) know, I just got one of these and quickly got to the point I can make rope equal or better than what arrives in the box of any kit (barring Syren Ship Models ). I'm not a gifted modeler (in fact, I'm only a couple years into the hobby) or an idiot savant (well, I do claim idiot every so often) and it worked for me. Now, if someone would invent something so I could iterate hull planking as quickly!!
  5. @Landlubber Mike, thanks for the kind words. I've been working through how I'm going to plank the hull, looking for pictures, and examples. So not much to show but lots of dots on hull and lots of strips of paper on the workbench. I'm trying to get this part right, since it went off a bit last time. @Dr PR has put a bit of fear into me regarding reference material, so I've been hunting around on that front. And, Mike, I received a bit of PE finally (for a 1:700 battleship I have sitting in the stash), inspired by your work on the Shimakaze!
  6. No small achievement! I wrestle with that continuously (mainly due to hoarding/many projects - the two overlap in my world.)
  7. A bit of progress on all fronts. I tweaked or replaced the kit parts for the keel. You can see a long thin peel of wood in one of the photos. That means I hit exactly the inscribed line from my marking gauge. It always gives me a brief sense that I know what I’m doing until the feeling is replaced with the usual swirl of uncertainty and problem solving. You can see I have a tiny sliver to remove as well. Last model the rabbet was too small, this time it might be too big. We will see. I also shaped the banner carving for the LRWP. And made yet more rope. I have noticed that spending a lot of time on the rope experiments bits into the other project’s time. I figured out a way to make thicker cotton rope without using or adding any glue or size as a fixative.
  8. Another path may be contact Dr. Merwin directly. According to LinkedIn, she now works in NY. Here is a link to her contact info: http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/research-collections/archaeology/crsp/contact I also vote for your scale version of a working Bramah lock with a set of keys to leave on counter in the galley. The early version only has 12 springs internally!
  9. I also got to work a bit on a 1:1 scale boat and carving for the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership here in New Jersey.
  10. I shaved off the bulwarks! We will see if I regret that decision. I tweaked the rear of the hull and added a bit of strip which will become the rabbet for the hull planking. (Yes, I made some more rope, but I won’t bore you with the details!)
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