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  1. Heyy it's been a while since I've been working on the hull. All nails removed allready, woodpaste applied, sanding till smooth, gunports cutted [Preety difficult to sand and let it straight] and finally the paint job starts with a powerfull thick high quality black paint! I've also painted the interior sides in a light bluish green according to an antique model I saw of the constitution [IrL is a darker green]
  2. @allanyed thanks for this recommendation, I'll check it out 😉
  3. Hi, I saw some amazing ships out there whose stern was decorated with wood carvings and fittings. I thought wow this looks great and yeah I can understand why they do it. Model kits usually are not well decorated or they use sometimes precut brass or laser cut wood to do those fittings. So I decided to learn to use my carving drill and this is what happened... I've tried to do a little tiny piece of column and hey... Is not that bad! hahah. I'll just keep trying
  4. Wow man thanks for the info, I'll give it a try. I was scared of making it bad and ending with a weird gunports but I'll try and see what happens!
  5. Wow I have no words... This ship is absolutely amazing and the shipyard modeling technique is my favourite. The coolest part I think it is is the stern quarters. How did you drilled all those moldings and fittings? I have a small electric driller with modeling tools but if like to learn more how to do them. Stunning model!
  6. I think this is an important debate to be talked about. Does metal gunports give the ship a good clean aspect without gaps and irregularities? Or it makes it look fake and low quality? Does wood self made gunports make the ship look more authentic or in some cases can cause trouble making the ship look worse due to milimetrical errors? Tell me your opinion about it.
  7. Wow I've read all the replies. Thanks for your advise. Models without masts look amazing too but I love how the lower ratlines look. I'll defo apply this technique to my Constitution model and bigger ships I've planned to do. Maybe in smaller ones I'll let the entire masts and rigging. Thanks!
  8. Keep going with the sapelly hull!!! Both sides are planked. Only need to complete the bottom and stern!
  9. I saw some models in naval museums and some others of particulars. Some ships caught my attention due to the lack of the upper part of the masts and the rigging. Instead of this only was the lower part and some ratlines with the main stays to the bowsprit. I thought it was very cool and very useful in small homes like mine because sometimes if it's a big ship adding the full rigging can double the size 😳 Tell me your opinion about this. In thinking about applying it to my uss constitution.
  10. Thanks to this forum and some of its users I've learned the planking technique that allows me to remove the nails after it's all glued together. I was scared of trying but the result seems amazing, I'll show some pics soon!!
  11. Keep going now with the main deck allready varnished last day. The caulking and nailing effects are done with a 2B pencil and then is all covered with spray varnish. Now I start with the planking!!
  12. Hi I'm barely new to this forum. I love to do model ships and I'm an enthusiast of learning new things! Here I'll share my 5th build, the Frigate USS Constitution from the brand constructo. Hope you like it!!! Those are the under decks and the captain's quarters. The white color [Chose as the original ship] is acrylic paint and the wood is varnished with spray satiated varnish, fitted in using contact glue [White combs the wood]
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