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  1. Hello modeling friends, my search for these books was successful and is hereby finished. Karl
  2. A German proverb: no master has ever fallen from the sky. Karl
  3. Hello to all modeling friends, I am looking for these books inclouding plan drawings. I someone wants to sell, please message. Greetings Karl
  4. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and likes. Completion of the model. Preparation for the receiving the acrylic protective cover. Karl
  5. Change of the "Brooktau" is pending. Gerard Delacroix makes me aware. Merci Gerard. Karl
  6. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and likes. Update Change of ropes, with the correct direction of impact according to Boudriot's drawing. Karl
  7. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and likes. Update: Part 9 Production and assembly of the blocks on the cannon. I would have had to work on the hooks a bit, grind the tip etc. I just forgot, now it's like that. Karl
  8. Danke an alle für die freundlichen Kommentare und Likes. Small Update. Part 8 To save weight, I used plastic cannonballs. Karl
  9. Hallo Thomas. Ich kann momentan nur auf Deutsch antworten. Schrift auf die Lafette übertragen, Konturen der Schrift mit einer feinen Nadel nachgestochen. Fertig. Grüsse Karl Translation from Moderator: Hello Thomas. I can only answer in German at the moment. Transfer the writing to the mount, engraving the outlines of the writing with a fine needle. Finished. Greetings
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