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  1. Thanks to everyone. Part 6 Balkweger, Deck beams, Verbindungsknie, knees, fitted these are dismantled again for further interior work. Karl (Google Translator)
  2. Hello Johann, this is the "knightly accolade" from G. Delacroix for your beautiful model. Dies ist der " Ritterschlag " von G. Delacroix für dein wunderschönes Modell. Karl
  3. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and likes. Small update Fuse split replaced by a fuse wedge, as per drawing. Karl
  4. Thanks to all for the kind comments. Part 4 Auxiliary construction built for the alignment of the frames, five double frames installed, gun opening fixed. To consolidate the construction , the entire external planking was atteched. Karl (Google Translator)
  5. Thank you for the kind comments and likes. Part 2 Construction of the gun carriage. Karl
  6. Section of a 36pdr. Cannon on the first gun deck of a 74 gunship in1/12 scale. Due to the center distance of 150 mm of my small Proxxon FD150/E, I had to manufacture the cannon in two parts. Karl
  7. Hello Gaetan, beautiful photos und ein sehr schönes Modell. Karl
  8. Hello, thanks you all for the kind comments. Karl
  9. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and likes. Completion of the cutout / section of the gun decks of a French 74 gun ship, from plan drawings by Jean Boudriot and 3D rendering by Gregory Franchetti. Karl
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