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  1. Thanks for the kind comments. Part 2 Location of the gunports determined, I moved the gun ports of the second deck a little inside, the height of the gun deck is determined, the framework is planked on both sides, the deck beam of the first gun deck filted loosely. Karl
  2. Hello modeling friends. Animated by the pictures by Gregory Franchetti and the drawing by Jean Boudriot, I try to build the three gun decks as a cross-sectional model on a scale 1/24. First, I made an auxiliary construction four the mounting and alignment of the frames, to strengthen them, the bar timbers and the deck beam girdes were installed, the first gundeck was planked. The whole now has the required stability for the further interior design. Karl (Google Translator)
  3. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and likes. The section of the 74 gun ship is thus completed. Karl
  4. Hello modeling friends. I wish everyone a successful 2021. Most of all, stay healthy. Karl Update
  5. Update Upper deck completed and finished. Next I will mount gun ports , stairs etc. on the outside. I wish everyone happy holiday. Karl
  6. Hello Remco, after such a long time I am happy to see another sign of life from you. Hallo Remco, es freut mich nach so langer Zeit wieder ein Lebenszeichen von dir. Ich freue mich schon auf dein Kingfisher Modell. Grüsse Karl
  7. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. Update: Belfry and parabet of the upper deck mounted. Karl
  8. Hi Daniel, do you make carving or painting on the outside walls? fate intagli o dipinti sui muri esterni? Karl
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