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  1. Thank you Popeye, that will make life a lot easier & remove much of the guess work! 👍 There is no date on the instructions, however the copyright date on the box is 1990. Looking at the amount of flash, I'm guessing that the moulds were pretty old by the time that my example was produced.
  2. I'm a little confused between "La Flore" & "Vestale" however there appears to be general agreement that she was captured by the Royal Navy, used for a while, then captured by the Americans before being handed back to the French. Although the general arrangement appears to be accurate, I have read speculation that the model was based on a ship that was never actually built. There are a number of paintings showing her in Royal Navy service (including with a copper bottom), so my build will be based on that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_ship_Vesta
  3. No, it doesn't - it only has 16 steps for the entire build, & the only guidance for rigging is a side plan showing the fully rigged vessel. Could you possibly post the other rigging pages as well for me - it would be much appreciated!!
  4. That looks superb! Think I'm also going to build it as she was during her stay in the Royal Navy as HMS Flora. Still looking for that rigging diagram though!
  5. I am finally getting to starting the "La Flore" as a "lock-down" project. It's my first build, so the "HMS Surprise" conversion is going to have to wait for a while! I have the eight page, 16 step instructions that come in the box, however, I am following a build video on YouTube, & the guy in that has a larger instruction booklet, which includes what appear to be full rigging diagrams. A quick Google search has failed to find this - does anybody know if it is available for download anywhere? Thanks!
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