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  1. Hi Amateur When I agreed to Jaager about roving the lines outside the top I ment from the top to a place aft of the shrouds, not through them, and of course avoiding to interfer with the side of the top. This is seen on more modern ships. I suppose lines can be roved to mastfoots, through the lubber´s hole and aft of the shrouds as long as they do not with anything else. Regards confused sailor
  2. Hi Jaager I agree. Nevertheless there are drawings showing this ex Peterson. Regards
  3. Hi Allen It is a general question no specific line is ment. The custion concerns full rigged ships from 1700 1800 1900c and modern vessels. I should have added the question of changes in thisr matter over the years. Regards
  4. Hi guys, My first submission. Lines coming from above are sometimes roved through the lubber´s hole to the shipside and must wear against the outer side of the lubber`s holen as I see it. Would this be accpetable or are blocks or fairleads used in some way.
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