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  1. ... and I expect Their Lordships had an opinion on a captian taking the day off to go fishing with his officers.
  2. Yes, I won't quote the numbers because I believe they are already changing but: First offence, a medium size fine, cut 50% if paid quickly; Second offence and after, it goes up and can include jail for repeat offenders.
  3. Thank you Druxey, and compliments on your timing. This has been on my 'sooner or later' list for a while and you just bumped it to the 'get' list.
  4. Here in the UK, it is confirmed that the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary have contracted the virus. News story yesterday: "A family-of-five were sent home by police in Conwy after being caught having a day out at the seaside. Officers from North Wales Police stopped the family from Merseyside as they arrived in Llanfairfechan for a day out on Wednesday, and were told to turn around and go home." The two places are about 75 miles apart. Most people are taking this seriously, but a few ...
  5. Great subject, and a brave choice by Jo-han in the sixties when hot-rods and dragsters were what modellers wanted. I built one 'way back then' and painted it black with red seats. I loved the look but really wished the wheels looked better. Then I saw a masterpiece in a local model competition. It was finished in pearl white, had a cream tan simulated leather interior and oh-my-how-did-he-do-that wire wheels and brake cables: I was amazed. Also amazing was that this piece of art placed 4th to (1) a T-bucket, (2) an AA Altered and (3) another AA Altered. The winning T-bucket had full scale metalflake paint. On one of the altereds the exposed inside parts of the body were unpainted. This was the beginning of my lifelong scepticism about all judges being impartial. I will watch your Caddie with a smile.
  6. Hello Crow and welcome to MSW. There are a few half-hull models in the forums, you might want to check out the excellent Half-Hull Planking project, a planking tutorial put together by tlevine. Search 'half hull' in this forum: https://modelshipworld.com/forum/10-build-logs-for-ship-model-kits/ ... and you will see there are a few build logs of the project. Whatever you decide to model, this is a good place to hang out.
  7. Hello and welcome to MSW. Sounds like a good choice, it was one of the kits suggested when I started sniffing around. Enjoy it, that is the only rule.
  8. Hello, and a warm welcome to MSW from Sussex. It is a great place.
  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Were you trying to bring down the empire????????
  10. I like that story and hope it is copied everywhere. A pub here in the south of England was in the news for re-opening as a farm shop within hours of having shut as a pub by government order.
  11. On reflection, I see this process can be even more simple than I originally thought. In the past for conventional etching processes I had to bring together images and metallic components in perfect registration. To do this I had to juggle photographic material and photosensative coated metal sheets. You do not have these same materials so you do not have the same issues. If your software can produce mirror images that can then be repositioned to allign the 'X' registration marks, it will be possible to make a more simple fixture to position the workpiece for plotting. If you are going to proceed let me know. If the software can't do that trick then it is back to 'eyeball Mk 1' registration techniques.

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