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  1. Welcome to MSW, it is a great place. It looks like you have a good start and some experienced hands looking on. Have fun! Bruce
  2. Hello Lars, and welcome to MSW from the UK. You have a model shop you can visit? With wooden kits on display? Lucky boy!!! Have fun. Regards, Bruce
  3. Exactly right for thin brass. It doesn't have to be top quality plywood, just solid with no 'voids'. Also works with acrylic sheet. I have cut .004" (4 thou) brass this way with good results on a saw nowhere as good as a Byrnes. It is surprising but the same setup will allow you to make good cuts with a router provided the ply-brass-wood sandwich is rock solid and you have good router bit. You may harm the teeth of the cutter but just use another depth setting next time to bring a different section of the cutting edge into contact with the workpiece. The tricky part, whi
  4. Welcome to MSW Phil, it is a great place for support and advice. Modelling on the road? I'd like to hear how that works out.
  5. In my opinion, that is the whole story in a nutshell.
  6. Hello Allen, Not a proper answer to your excellent question but perhaps this is worth a look: Many plans of ships and other craft at the NMM show the location of the cooking area, and of course you can also spot the chimney in many museum models. Also, shipwreck archaeologists usually look closely for any evidence of a galley, usually indicated by bricks and distinctive ironwork so some of the reports posted here may help. HTH
  7. Mark Staniforth went on to be Professor Staniforth, holding a senior postion in Australia and was the 'go-to-guy' for questions about sheathing. He was helpful to me not long ago and was interested that his paper is still used.
  8. CAPTURED SPANISH SHIPS AND THEIR INFLUENCE ON THE BRITISH ROYAL NAVY IN THE 18TH CENTURY by Jose Daniel Quijano Master of Arts thesis in Maritime Archaeology at The University of Bristol September 2013 British_Capture_of_Spanish_Ships_in_the(1).pdf
  9. Any good? Or is this another Rattlesnake?
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