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  1. As I recollect Captain Bligh had the ships carpenter build up the sides of the launch and that portions of the launch were covered by canvas. I have not read of any discussion as to what these modifications both to the sides and perhaps a frame for the canvas would have looked like.
  2. First let it be understood I have no connection with this firm except being a repeat and satisfied user. Don't be misled by the name National Balsa Wood Company they sell strip and sheet hardwood and some excellent ply woods and I am sure you would find uses for their 1/32 plywood. The firm can be located by plugging in its name in Google. No in my opinion they are not a substitute for the Hobby Mill but I am a believer in knowledge there is strength. and another source is strength.
  3. First I have no interest in this company other than being a satisfied purchaser. I have found National Balsa to be an excellent reliable and economic source of strip wood sheet wood and high quality multi ply, ply wood. I believe the woods available are Walnut, cherry, bass, spruce, maple in addition of course to balsa. Postage is free on orders over 150.00. If you think this company deserves a further look see just Google National Balsa company. Don't expect a great number of sizes and thicknesses but for the in between sizes a Jim Byrnes thickness sander would be perfect . Than
  4. Thank you so much for your reply. Perseverance seems to be the key. I certainly enjoy the exchanges that go on as a result of your logs. I will give your method another try on a Marine Model company tug boat kit that I have. Thank you again for the reply to my problem and your future insight.
  5. You probably have covered this in the earlier now lost presentations but I would like to after you have done this in a poor and inadequate fashion you find when you install the decks the bulwarks are at an unrealistic height. The usual recommendation is to thin the bulwarks with either sand paper or thinning with a gorge taking downward strokes. I find either of these methods to be not only laborious but in thinning and of course completely effective in increasing the depth of the bulwarks after laying of the deck. I was wondering in your beautiful model did you simply cut off
  6. Thank you, you have been most helpful. I think that the frame is like the carvel built and not indented as in the clinker built. I will look at the articles and proceed from there. Thank you so much for your time and effort and I want you to know it is appreciated. Homerdog
  7. I have recently purchased a Artesania Latina model kit of the RMS Titanic’s Lifeboat. This kit was labeled “Beginner”. Although I have built several solid hull models this was to be my first plank on frame model and of course never tried to build a lap strake or clinker built model. In the instruction book furnished with the kit I was surprised to find only one short paragraph devoted to the planking of this model and essentially it said overlap the 1.5 x 7 mm planks by 2 mm. There was nothing not even a hint about tapering the planks at the bow and stern nor fitting them into the
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