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  1. Verily, ‘t hath been some time since me last posting … but Chuck didst prompt-eth me to do some digging and I didst manage to recover-eth some lithographs. What wit’ me limited carving skills, it took-eth many an attempt afore I were to have a full set of decorations for me barge. Fortunately, Chuck did provide two extra sets of carving blanks … and these were all eventually required to produce a full set. Unfortunately, as I didst mention, pictures of those appear to be lost to the annals of time (and NiCad battery life-spans). Fortunately, however, some later pictures DID survive … (The general viewing public shouldst be aware that the above carving is approximately 1inch by 1 inch, in real life) Next, an friend of mine (and the Barge’s eventual care-taker), helped with the gilding of my carvings, using actual gold-leaf … Whilst I still need to take and post some final shots of me Barge, I were to be most impressed with the eventual outcome, Chuck …
  2. Hi Chuck, My Queen Anne barge was completed some time back. The final scrollwork was completed with gold-leaf, and actually looks quite striking. I did have final pictures, but they were lost in the Great Camera Tragedy of 2019 (the batteries went flat). The barge currently sits at a friend's house (the one known as Snoopy). I will endeavour to take some photographs the next time I visit and will post them here.
  3. My non-existent sailing experience couldn't give you a definitive answer to your question, Nikiforos, but I do know that others who were building the Bounty launch at the same time that I was did mention adding a bowsprit and jib-sail to their kits. I can only imagine that there would have been many different rigs, depending upon design and usage, among other factors. Cathead opened up a discussion on the matter here, which you may find useful.
  4. Good to see you back, Captain. Been a bit on the unwell side for a bit, but enjoying this community's work once again. Cheers.

  5. You'll be needing a tiny, tiny vacuum cleaner next, Patrick. (Or a tiny, French maid)
  6. A teeny-tiny model boat inside a teeny-tiny model boat !! What a concept !! So, if Genesis is 1:300, then what's the scale of your gaff-rigged yacht ?? Keep up the great work, Patrick.
  7. Those are words that should be reserved for the really good builders here on MSW ... not myself. You are way too kind, Nikiforos. I thank you.
  8. Nah. Yours looks too good, CH. I think you would have to drop it a couple of times ... mebbe kick it against the wall some.
  9. I just wish to point out that I have never read this thread, nor have I looked at any of the pictures. Whoever "liked" your posts using my log-in is a dirty rat. I'm going to hide now. Possibly in a mountain cabin. Or possibly somewhere else.
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