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  1. More work on the planking, getting there (mind you so is christmas)
  2. Hi all got more planking done, I'm quite pleased with how the stern is turning out.
  3. Hi all got some more of the side planking done and done a bit more to the cabin.
  4. Planking of the main deck complete, I've given it a coat of clear varnish to bring out the wood grain.
  5. Hi all well the planks arrived and I was happy the colour was the same but they must have used the other 3mm because these are narrower also they are not 1mm thick either ( not that that matters much once sanded down) I managed to get a knife under a few of the stuck planks and shave some off the inner sides and squashed them together I'm hoping it will be enough so the thinness of the new planks won't notice. While I was waiting for these planks I planked some of the sides (I must say I'm quite pleased with the results. I bought a sprung pin pusher for inserting the pins, I intend to drill the holes for the pins first as the ply on the bulkheads is all split and separated from all the pins used to plank it the first time (I would have glued and clamped them but figured it would make them harder and therefore make putting the pins in harder) I think it's all starting to come together.
  6. Wow, a lot of work, she will be a beauty when done, amazing skills and patience.
  7. Hi all well this is as far as the decking can go at the moment as I've used all the wood left in the kit for this (they were very generous with wood as it was already fully planked so they nearly give you double what you need) I just hope when the new stuff comes it's similar coloured unlike the last bit (for the waterways which were completely different colours) I realise wood is a natural product so can differ I just hope it's not too much different.
  8. Hi all I have done some of the planking I've cut the planks at 70mm which I think in this equates to 10 yards at this scale (although the planking supplied is I think is over scale at about 12"wide ) I'm not going to add the nail heads as I've seen on the printed decks available in this scale as I dont believe a nail with a head diameter of 6 mm would be visible at this scale at. The planking is very slow going but quite satisfying.
  9. Hi all whilst waiting for my planking to come I decided to start on some of the many other things in this kit, here is a start on one of the cabins. It's like a kit in its self, I have a feeling I'm going to love this kit, for the calking between the planks I used a lead pencil and just ran it along the edges of the planks.
  10. Ok so I've decided to start decking it, the instructions are not at all clear it shows you decking over the false deck by 2 mm for the first 120 mm and no longer mentions that afterwards (I can understand that as the planking for the sides is 2mm thick) but why stop that overlap at 120 mm, I looked at pics of the waterways on the actual ship and it looks like there is a wooden strip all the way along the ship from the front to the stern step so I decided to continue the strip all the way along, first problem was keeping a 4 mm wide strip at 2 mm on the deck and 2mm in the air so I decided to add the first plank on the sides and put the waterways over that, I figure the more accurate I can get the first plank the rest must be better so I took great efforts with the first plank.
  11. Well 1 step backwards leads to another step backwards, deck had to come off again. I was about to start planking it again and I thought surely that hump shouldn't be there. Also I dont know if you can see it from the photo but there is a gap between the bulkhead and the deck (I thought the small oblong hole in the decking was a hatch or something at first but now I see it is a locating peg for the decking) another wrongly glued bulkhead. I managed to get the bulkhead off (it wasn't fully home due to wood dust and glue formed at the bottom of the joint) (all nicely held in place with dried glue) took ages to cut it all away, anyway as you can see it's all nicely flush and fitted now. Hopefully I can now proceed as if it were a new kit (apart from the splits in all the bulkheads due to where it was planked before cant think of anything to do about that, if I glue them back together I think it will make it too hard to put new pins in) I'm hoping when its replanked I can drill holes for the pins (they will only be for show anyway)
  12. Hi all well since my amazing missus is allowing me to model in the house in the winter she bought me a new modelling bench (yes I know it looks like a dressing table but that's just a disguise so it fits in with the rest of the spare room)
  13. Not sure what happened to pictures (I added them the same as always) if you click on the img bit they do display.
  14. Hi all corrected the bulkheads next problem, now the side panels are correctly installed you can see the stern is too shallow so I will probably build this up with wood filler.

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