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  1. Well the fibre optics arrived ahead of schedule so I tried them out, well pleased with the results got 2 more to add for the indicators but have to wait for the flasher circuit board.
  2. Nice build (and far more difficult at half the size of this one)
  3. Things will slow down on this for a while as I'm waiting for a flasher circuit board for the indicators, some fibre optics for the dashboard and some switches to operate all the lights, all due mid to late February. Anyway here is the next update on this awesome kit
  4. Took about 2 months toget here but well worth the wait.
  5. TBH I don't think its worth the difference in price (the meng kit is nearly 370 quid this was 68) and I see no real improvement on detail, the moulding in this kit is crisp and sharp, ok there is far too much chrome but a soak in bleach soon sorts that . Personally I would buy this kit then spend the 290 quid I saved on other models. More work on this one.
  6. No its the old trumpeter kit even the artwork on the box is the same. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/trumpeter-05403-ford-gt40-mk-ii--122941 Started lighting up the GT40, just got to figure out how to make the indicators flash and how to add the fibre optics for lighting up the dashboard
  7. Hi all I started this a while ago (its actually a reboxed Trumpeter kit) what a kit, it is amazing there's a big price difference 300+ for Trumpeter (if you can find it) i paid 68 quid. Everyone says don't use the provided braided hoses as they fall apart when cut to size, just do what I did spray them with your missus hairspray and they are fine.
  8. That turned out really well, I love the rest of the collection
  9. Thats the train done, just the tender and the track to do.
  10. More done to the gear selector mechanism, and I couldn't resist trying it. IMG_5474.MOV
  11. Hi all bit more done not ready to add the gears yet but I wanted to figure out how it all worked
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