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  1. No shortage of victims I could restart the soliel or maybe the wasa (missus dropped that whilst dusting snapped the fore and main mast) or the Bismarck wreck, or any number of other stalled genres.
  2. Well she's finally finished, now I can get on with some of my other stalled builds.
  3. Hi all that's all the PE attached just the rigging to do now (not looking forward to that) I say all the PE there are some steps and platforms to add to the sides but I will add them after it's on a stand as I already broke the platform off the one set of stairs which I added and lost the platform for them, i figure it will be safer to leave them till last.
  4. Hi all here is the best tip you will ever get, never ever glue the sub assy's to the deck if you're using pe this piece of pe took 2 hrs and ive left a piece out as I see no way of bending it and getting it in place (tbh it's so small even if I added it I doubt it would show anyway) Once again DO NOT GLUE SUB ASSYS TO THE DECK IF USING PE.
  5. I keep telling her she's married an Adonis and how lucky she is, but she dosnt seem to believe me, i can't understand why. I mean one look at my one pack usually has women swooning not to mention my 6 inch biceps, some women don't know a good thing when they see it.
  6. That was my missus idea (maybe to make her look like a better catch)
  7. Hi HMS I went to Canada once (a million yrs ago ) that was an 11 hr flight (again lucky enough I was upgraded to first class (as it was called then) no where near as good as this time but we did have more leg room and the planes were much smaller then) Here are a few more pics.
  8. Hi all back from the holiday of a lifetime. We had a fortnight on the Marella Explorer a TUI ship, all inclusive (including tips) we upgraded to the full drinks package (well worth the money 50 quid pppw) also since it was a 9 hr flight we also went premium on the flight (oh, my, god, (took 2 yrs to save for this holiday though) money well spent) we had complimentary champagne on boarding the flight (in fact it turned out all drinks were free, and boy they kept coming) we were quite tipsy when we got off the plane, i couldn't believe the leg room, also a pillow and blankets (posh voice on here) "it really is the only way to travel" (shame we probably won't be able to afford it again very soon) here are some pics of the ship. We went to one of their specialty restaurants for a meal Incredible food. Here's a little tip for anyone going on a cruise with an inside cabin, get a little led tea light (I got a packet of 12 from the pound shop a few years ago for modelling purposes) and use it for finding your way to the loo without turning the light on and waking the missus, once you turn the light off you can't see a hand in front of your face. I can't speak for other cruises but this one had they had 3 specialty restaurants on this ship, Surf and Turf, Kora La and Diners Club you can book them separately but if you book all 3 you get a special discount and it only costs 75 quid per person for all 3 our first meal at the Surf and Turf cost 58 quid so you can see it's a considerable discount to book all 3. If you are going to do this you need to do it very quickly as they get fully booked up very quickly, i would suggest within the first 2 days. The staff were incredible they made you feel like nothing was too much trouble. My missus didn't like the way round the bed was so we moved the pillows and laid across the bed (we tried moving the bed and the bedside cabinet but they were fixed) so we left a note asking for the bed to be made the other way round when we came back to our cabin the bed and cabinet had been moved and a note left that the electrician would be in in the morning to rewire the bedside lamp now I call that going the extra 2 miles. Here's something else I recommend an excursion called the rhum runner (yes that is spelt right) we have never had such fun you go on a boat with a steel drum band an entertaining guide the rum punch flows freely (and boy does it flow) a really enjoyable time had by all. Here's a couple of me and the missus. We have loads of pics of the holiday so if anyone is interested I can post more.
  9. Oh how I wish I hadn't glued the sub assy's on putting the railings around them is proving to be a royal pita, I've even tried prying them off (why is it that you really glue something well and it falls off if you sneeze, you just tack something and it's stuck fast) grrrrrrrrr I think I've just made this a million times harder, i should not have got paranoid that the sub assy's would get knocked to the floor again.
  10. Hi all well all the Oerlikons are finally done as is the last of the pompoms (I accidentally stuck the shields on the wrong way round on the first of this set of Oerlikons and thought the brass showed up better so I've done all the rest the wrong way round (if you use the etched detail side you can hardly notice the pe)(here's a challenge try to find the ones with the pe the right way round they hardly notice)
  11. Thanks I did mate (although hectic(been all over the place what with family in Scotland, Yorkshire and down here))
  12. I modified it, i got the kit with the cabriolet in it and saw a picture of the ds 19 done as a car transporter and decided to try and make it.
  13. Hi all well I finally got some modelling time and I've fixed what I can and I've now glued the sub assy's to the deck (I know it will make adding further pe problematical but I figure the whole ship will have to be knocked off the bench to damage bits in the future) So now I have about a gazillion bits of PE to add to the Oerlikons, then all the railings, build and add the last set of pompoms to the stern big guns, add the pe to those guns and the job should be a goodun.
  14. Here's my Christmas haul I realise they are not ship related, makes little difference really as I seem to have no modelling time these days( Christmas decs down today so maybe a little time soon)
  15. My missus is awesome and allows me to mess her livingroom up without complaining so how can i say anything, and she was very upset and was obviously expecting me to explode (which I didnt) let's just say I know a good thing when I see it. How many of you can say you've spilt glue or paint on the living room floor and just got a raised eyebrow for it (mind you she can make a raised eyebrow very scary)

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