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  1. Hi all I completed this a while ago and decided to get it back out of the garden shed and give it another My plan is to do it as a wreck and then restore it to showroom condition again. Here is progress so far
  2. Hi Bill I forgot about this build (its probably in a bin somewhere) I used clear bathroom sealant for the sea, its actually a very accurate kit for its time (ok they got the colours completely wrong) that said i really like the blue and gold colour scheme. There are a couple of things wrong with the kit (its missing a couple of cannon placements and if I remember correctly some of the transom detail is wrong. As a kit it goes together quite well the detail is not that clear on the moldings but for kit of its age and price at the time I think airfix did a Stirling job.
  3. Hi all next victim is the italari 1/16 Mercedes 300 SL, first thing I don't like is the distributor and plug leads are molded as part of the rocker cover (I don't even know why they would do that at this scale)
  4. Here is one of the cars it usually carries (it also carries a 904 a 910 and another rsr cafe mexicano)
  5. Tried making the louvers out of quartered cocktail sticks, not very successful I measured the louvers and they are 20mm wide the quarterd cocktail sticks are 1 1/4 mm so way out of scale. I have another idea up my sleeve let's see how that works.
  6. Hi all this is what I'm aiming for, it has a very unusuall way of loading cars (which i am ambitiously aiming to depict)
  7. More work done to this, that is the basic shape of the vehicle a few doors to add and lots of details to the bed to add.
  8. Yep you should see the real thing, there will be a surprise in the end if I manage to pull it off
  9. Hi all this was donated to me by a friend(he was doing it as a van) I have other plans for it, it will be a very rare custom made version (the guys at work will know where I'm going with it as we have the actual vehicle in the workshop)
  10. Someone said the control box at the front spoilt the look a bit so I've painted it black and moved it behind the barrier.
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