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Tack holes and more!!

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So i am back on the forums after a long leave.


-I was just wondering..what is the best way to fill tack holes? (holes from the tacks to hold the planks in place during planking)


-also I wouldn't mind some advice for instant glue(metal on wood)


-and one last thing, best way to taper planks for planking.(trim planks for proper planking)



My current build is the constructo Cutty Sark - I wont put a build log for this one but my next build will have one.





If anyone knows of a good kit company I should use instead of constructo for my next build please let me know.








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Well, the best method would be not to use tacks through your planks, but it's a bit late for that advice now! See other build logs for different methods of temporarily holding planks.


If the wood is fairly soft, you may be able to use water to swell the grain and close the holes that way. Use a small paint brush and dab water just into each hole. It will probably take several rounds to close the hole up. Once closed, the wood will need a very light sanding, as you will have raised the grain.


If this fails to work, you may need to use some wood filler.

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I usually collect a small container (I use old 35mm film canisters) of wood dust from whatever wood I am using at the time. This is mixed with a small quantity of PVA glue to form a paste. This can be used to fill small 'tack' holes. I also bought a cheap set of palette knives (used in oil painting) these are good for applying the paste to the hull. Agree with Druxey though, invest in some planking screws or search this site for some home made ones. There are a number of ideas around.

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Thank you for the replies...I did do the saw dust and glue method..it worked at the time I used it. just wanted to see about other options. 


The screws I was never too sure about but I can give it a try.




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