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Rigging Main Yard Tye

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Can someone out there please help me understand the use of the Tye when used on the Main Yard.  From my present understand (probably totally wrong), the yard has the blocks attached that allows the hoisting of the yard to the running position. Now this is OK, as the yard is fully mobile in the hoist/lowering mode but adding a tye would surely prevent lowering once in place. As I said Help!! Thanks (I am building the Panart San Philipe)

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Or perhaps are you talking about the slings which were added as a precaution against falling after the yard was raised?  They are not adjustable once rigged.  When you have foreign language instructions, trying to translate the technical terms can cause great confusion.

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Thanks guys. I am getting confused with the slings. It is quite clear now that I have been put right regarding the relationship between Tyes, Slings and Jeers.

Once again Thanks.  (and yes the kit is a strong candidate for firewood).

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It might be a block used in a shipyard and not afloat.  They had some pretty big tackles to raise frames and to install masts, as well as to careen ships.  Victory's jeer blocks are 28 inches, according to John McKay.

A 48" block of 'normal' proportions', which this is probably not, would have sheaves about 33" diameter to take a rope 6 inches diameter.  That large, surely it would be a cablet at least?  Some kind of sheer leg or ground tackle (tackle used on the ground, that is), perhaps?

Whatever, perhaps we should stay on the original topic?

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