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Good Morning all

I just had an email saying that this is available now from fishpond.




Booktopia have it available in October




Fishpond have it as the 3rd revised edition, but published in 2002


Does anyone know what is the latest edition?

Thanks Chris


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I have been doing a lot of hunting myself and not getting any where, even the publishers

didn't know what was what, and if a new edition was coming out.


Can anyone who has the book tell me what edition it is.

It seems to be up to a 3rd revision.


Just found this one with a published date of 2010




Thanks Chris

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I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you, I have the first and second editions and they are basically the same except for the cover as far as I can see.



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thanks Steve

Yes, probably not going to make much difference, but i just want to get the most up to date version.

It annoyed me when the publishers didn't know where they were up to. Or more likely couldn't be bothered looking it up.

This was their reply to an email query.

Dear Chris

Thanks for your message and your interest in Bloomsbury

If you have placed an order and have any questions about the status of your order, please email auorders@bloomsbury.com or telephone +61 2 8820 4900.

Alternatively, to view the RRP for each individual title please search on our website (http://www.bloomsbury.com/au).

Kind regards,


Customer Service

Bloomsbury Publishing

Though I must say a young lady on the phone tried to find out, but didn't seem to be able

to find the info in their data base.


Hi Robin, Could be with the images, but I'm the wrong person to ask that, beyond my knowledge.

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