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    marine Painter/Writer on Historicall Marine Subjects espeshaly18centure and Captain James Cook second V 1772 1775

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  1. This is an interesting model,but it is a very chilling subject and who's ever country who's ever navy the fact remains that mans ability to self district and all nature in all its wonder and lovleness is so vunraball to the win and folly of mankind,let not my comments be Sean as any bad comment about the model of a tecnickall marvall and may be we need to gaze on such to remind our self's to use all restraint robin
  2. Very nice indeed I am only looking on tiny tab but it do look good and convase the inormus amount of canvass she could carry .robin
  3. Very powerful and impressive pice of work.robin
  4. Very nice in deed good atmasfear qwite a joy robin
  5. Very nice to see such a fine model of this hand some ship ,indeed Italian ships are underrpresent well done .robin
  6. Just looking throu more of your photos your work and theas very colerfull boats make me feel very happy ,they radeait wormth robin
  7. this is very nice to see and nicely maid robin
  8. Thank you for posting the photos.I had some corispondeans with Donold McNarry about this model and he most kindly sent me a collection of black/white photos if I remeamber it was some time in the 1970or erly 80 not shure I used some of his reshearch for more than one canvas featuing the ship .He was a very talented man and the detail he got in to some of his astonishing small models was amazing robin
  9. looks very nice indeed, photos a bit fuzze robin
  10. Barnabas ss 634 wrong boat sorry but you if you can get it I am shure you will enjoy robin b
  11. Well I dont know this for certan but googal bbc spotlight tuesday I think its on line its half hour program see if you can see the littal film its all most at the 31 june you may just see its on line robin love the boat from Devonshie uk
  12. So this is very nice to see well done . Are you uk and are you in SW regen as by chans last night on tv local sw spotlight program I just see very end of a pice on the last seviving boat going around uk over next two month is it this one dont know as just mist it robin
  13. I am shure thats a grait model ,but I congratulait you on the display over all and I imajin its in the Hall and what a nice wellcoming and the Lilly just compleats it for me .robin b top photo
  14. Thank you for your respons yes I understad this but I was relly hoping for a some what larger image its a pity as you have taken some care to put stuff in and I am shure I cant be allown in wishing I could admire you work in greaiter detail robin b thank you for posting
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