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I have a set of Heller HMS Victory 1/100 English Instructions


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 Hello to all builders Heller's 1/100 scale model of The HMS Victory.

  After reading others who have posted on this forum about the advantages and disadvantages

of the Heller 1/00 scale model of the HMS Victory. I have just bought one and while it will be

some time before I start building it ( I have started my first plank on bulkhead wood kit:

The Brig Niagara by Model Expo.) I have noticed the comments about the French to

English translation problem and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my copy was all in

English although the model is indeed the Heller version both on the box and

the instructions themselves. 

  My scanner is too small to scan it all but maybe I can scan it a half of a page at a time.

Many of the pages are split frame in layout but others are full page and would be split.

  I am open to suggestions that would benefit members of this forum who have an interest

in this subject


  Joseph Lieuallen

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Hi Joseph 

    I'm very much interested in getting this kit in the near future but still would like the english version 

     if you can send the instructions in two parts that would be fine with me do you want me to pm my 

    e-mail address to you 


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  Hi Ronald,


Thank You for your interest in the English version.of these instructions

 My cheap (no cost) web email can only send so many files as attachments

with one email,so I would have to make it in 6 or more emails.

When more members have added their Email requests I will kind of make

it a few hours project to scan and send them to the interested members and consider other

methods of sharing them as recommended and seems doable. Any requests for

printed copies would have to cover all expenses and research to see if that is legal

as well as acceptable to this sites moderators.



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Does anyone have the IMAI version of the Heller 1/100 HMS Victory instructions?   I understand IMAI also sold the kit but with better Rigging materials and a Very Good set of instructions.

I would like to get a copy of the IMAI version.  I think a copy was on the  "pete coleman's victory" site but the site is gone now. Thanks. 



 Edit:  Pete Coleman's Victory site was restored.  http://pete-coleman.com/forum/ucp.php?mode=login

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  You can try this Model Site, Super Hobby. They had posted all the parts and all the pages and IIRC, it was in English

Link:  https://www.super-hobby.com/products/HMS-Victory-110139.html


 The BEST site for info on the HMS Victory Instructions is:

 Link:  http://www.pete-coleman.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=2584&p=21672&hilit=instructions#p21672



If no luck, re-post your request.  I was sent some copies of scans of the IMAI instructions. However, The scans I have are in Japanese! See attachment. 


Edit:  Here is an update for IMAI instructions:   https://www.bishophobbies.com/2009/05/18/hms-victory-imai-or-heller-1-100/



sample    PAGE 1 2017_05_31_09_27_08(1).pdf

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Dear Sirs,

 I have just bought a Heller 1.100 Victory and upon opening there was not either French or English instructions, I would like a set of English and am willing to pay handsomely for them, I will of course pay prior to receiving any such material.


                                                                                                 Andrew wilkins

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