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MS Niagra - Stuck on Stern Filler Blocks


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Hi All - my first post here regarding my first attempt at a wooden model MS Niagra. Just got started a couple of weeks ago and things have progressed OK so far. Bulkhead frames are installed with reinforcements, frame edges are faired. Now I'm getting back to the stern and hit a wall with the filler blocks. I made a couple (port & starboard) based on the plans and they seem way too big. I realize that plans are just that and are not the final word - you have to make due with what you have at hand. I will admit that the 3-D drawings in the plans are confusing me a bit.


For instance, using a stern view of the boat and focusing on the starboard filler - I have it shaped to the edge of the last frame "Q". Moving to a side view of the starboard, the filler "plane" has been shaped to follow the bearding line.  It's the shaping that needs to happen when you look down on the stern that I can't figure out. At the moment, the filler is rectangular shaped looking from the top. I suspect it needs to taper in to the outside edge of frame "Q". But other than just eyeballing it, I don't see much to tell me what that angle would be.


This is one of those areas where (for me at least) it would be helpful to put all the pieces in place, the fillers, the transom horn timbers, etc.  But most of those parts don't clamp easily and I don't want to glue them permanently yet. Would something like rubber cement allow me to temporarily glue pieces but still allow me to take them down, make adjustments and try again?


Thanks for reading...

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