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Which Gorch Foch - Mantua/Occre


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Hey all,


I have set my eyes in Gorch Foch as my 2nd ship - and hopefully for my Christmas gift from the wife.


However there are 2 models out there, either from Mantua or Occre.


From other reviews of the manufacturers, it seems that the wood quality of Occre lacks a bit.


But what about Mantua, how are they? And who makes the overall better instructions?


The price for the kits are somewhat close, just that the Mantua kit comes without sails.



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Hi Henrik


For what it's worth, I half-built the Gorch Foch as a Revell Plastic Kit. (I've actually still got the whole thing in a cupboard somewhere and should start again!!)


I love the ship - even though it is "modern" compared with the wooden ships I am building now.


To your question.


In the UK, the Mantua comes in at £20 more than the Occre if you include the sails, so no, not much difference.


Referring ONLY to the photos found, the Occre seems to have more rigging than the Mantua, so if riggings for you, I would certainly look in to that side of things as well.


A tough call - you could always build both and then report back to tell us which one was better !!!!!


Happy Christmas anyway - it sounds as if it will be a good one with such a gift in store for you!!



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You might get some idea from reading the few build logs of Gorch Fock. As far as I can see there are three under kit builds, one Mantua and two Occre, and one scatch build (Nils). The latter probably won't help you much in deciding which kit, but might be useful later with whichever kit you have decided on!

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Current builds: Sherbourne (Caldercraft) scale – 1/64th;


Statsraad Lehmkuhl (half model) 1/8th" – 1'.


Victory Bow Section (Panart/Mantua) scale – 1/78th  (on hold).


Previous build: Bluenose ll (Billings) scale – 1/100th.

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