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Victory models Fly or Pegasus


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Hi, I'm looking at getting my second kit and wondering which to choose. My current build is Mamoli Surprise, which I don't think is a great kit and the instructions are not as good as I could wish for a first build. I'm looking at both Fly and Pegasus from Victory models. Fly is quite a lot cheaper. Given that both ships are from the same class, I was wondering if anyone could suggest which might be better suited to my level of experience (ie. good instructions!). If I need to go back to something smaller to hone my skills I'm considering Granado or even Badger from CC.

Appreciate any advice...

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All the kits you named are good kits.  Badger would be a little easier, of course, having only two masts.  The difference in price between Pegasus and Fly is that the former kit includes a number of extra details that are not included in the latter (Fly came off the production line first).  Those extra bits can be purchased as a separate upgrade kit for Fly.  Otherwise the two kits are virtually the same.



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Pegasus is essentialy identical to Fly with  added pieces.   These could be purchased as required.

Main elements are coppering, ships boat which you may or may not want and  wooden carriages for the guns which I found were in the very poor ply that  appears in the Pegasus kits and were very disappointing


I confess I bought my first Pegasus because i liked the figurehead.


Pegausus has a much better treatment of the stern windows etc


I found that the one piece ply deck for Fly was much less liable to damage.

The light ply in Pegasus is rather strange and i found it really unsatisfactory - decks, gun carriages etc all very poor.


Fly keel and bulkheads came in ply while some Pegasus equivalents were MDF  BUT THIS MAY WELL BE RANDOM manufacture so check your actual kit in either case


Overall for a second build - Fly might be a better choice though both vesssels are quite challenging in the amount of work .

Badger looks nice !

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