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Scaling Down From The Original Specs Can Be Fun

Julie Mo

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I'm working on a 1934 J-Class sailboat at 1:35 scale.  I already knew the LOA and beam of the model were scaled correctly but watching a RC video of J-Class racing, I noticed an unnatural movement of the boats.  So for grins, I decided to take the original specs on the 1934 Endeavour and divide them by 35.


LOA - 129' 6" / 35 = 44.4"  :) 

Beam - 22' / 35 = 7.5"  :) 

Displacement - 143 tons / 35 = 8,171 pounds :o

Sail area - 7,651 ft2 / 35 = 219 ft2  :o 


I'm going to need a lot of lead and a whole lot more canvas! :rolleyes:


How does your model size up?

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I have good news for you - you won't need 4 tons of lead!


The scale factor is only linear for linear dimensions (length, beam, depth, draft). For volume dimensions, you cube it (35x35x35) for a value of 42,875. 143 long tons is 320,320 pounds. 320,320 / 42,875 about 7 1/2 pounds of displacement.


For reference, 8,171 pounds of seawater requires displacement of 127 cubic feet, or a box roughly 5 x 5 x 5 feet square to be neutrally buoyant.


Similar for the area measurement, you square the factor. 35x35 is 1,225. 7,651 ft2 / 1,225 is 6 1/4 ft2. Much more do-able!




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