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  1. We had a marine mechanic check the engine, fuel systems, etc but the owner didn't have insurance and there were no boat yards willing to haul the boat out without insurance so we couldn't do a proper survey. It's funny. I wake up this morning and suddenly I have a different attitude about the boat. With Captain Ron in one ear and a CPA in the other, Ron has been winning. This morning the CPA sounded more sane.
  2. Today I sent our report on the sailboat to the broker. I needed some answers. Boat buying is worse than spending a week gambling in Vegas. At least after the week is over you know you can't lose any more money. The buyer is totally unprotected legally. The owner has no obligation to divulge anything. We'll see what he comes back with then decide if we're willing to roll the dice.
  3. The first party we'll need to have is the boat renaming ceremony. It involves calling upon Poseidon, an old silver dollar, bottles of champagne for christening, red wine for blessing, ship's bell for ringing and lots of rum. Oh mighty and great ruler of the seas and oceans, to whom all ships and we who venture upon your vast domain are required to pay homage, implore you in your graciousness to take unto your records and recollection this worthy vessel... FWIW, this is not an option. The Gods must be appeased!
  4. That's very kind of you, Patrick. As for that full-size boat, we're taking a deep look into her Sunday. If all goes well there could be something floating at our dock in a week or so. And not just a coconut passing by.
  5. Patrick, in my younger days I had an electrical contracting business, for 5 years. Most of my work came from one general contractor. The bottom dropped out of the market and they couldn't pay me so I had to go back working out of the union hall. I finally got paid but by then all my contacts dried up. I often wonder if I didn't give up so easily where I would have gone. I was young and dumb and didn't know much about the value of perseverance. But many times over the years I regretted not fighting harder to keep my business afloat.
  6. Went to look at a CS33 yesterday. Put an offer on it today. Maybe the day will actually come when I own a sailboat after all.
  7. I could use a vacation. Let me know when the best weather is and I'll make plans. As for the build log, I just got the wood strips needed to proceed. Now I know why so many here have a Byrnes table saw.
  8. The broken pipe led to opening up walls which led to leaving the bathroom half-done and working on remodeling the laundry room so all the junk we pulled out of it to open up the walls has a place to go. I've only done the cold water for now We decided rather than putting in cabinets like what we tore out we'd make a couple of closets. The left one, which is studded out, will have 20" deep wire shelving. That should give us plenty of space for storage. The other closet (yet to be studded out) will be utility. That's when I'll do the hot water PEX. I'm going to install lights in the closets, too.
  9. Whoever designed those Sharkbite press-on fittings for PEX, CPVC and copper is a genius! Push it on and no leaks. You can go from copper to PEX to CPVC and back again all with the same size fitting. They even have fittings for other types of pipe. Over a half dozen joints and not one drop of water. I used to sweat copper to copper or copper to transition fittings and tape or dope the joints then turn the water on and pray there were no leaks. If there was a leak and I needed to re-sweat the joint, then the pipe had to be completely dry and sometimes that was a real pain. With the Sharkbite press-on fittings, you can install them on a pipe while the water is running through it. Today I'm going to fir out the laundry room wall where the PEX was installed and create a closet for the water heater and manifold controller. And there will be just enough room for the golf clubs to fit.
  10. The blade I've been using to cut fret slots (so far in maple, ebony and cocobolo) is one I bought from StewMac for about $100. (It's $122 today.) It's 100 teeth are not carbide tipped. I've probably slotted a dozen or so fretboards and it definitely needs sharpening now.
  11. Jim, how do your blades hold up to cocobolo, hard maple, ebony and other dense hardwoods? I'll most likely build another guitar before I start another model. Seeing another luthier sing the praises of your TS for guitar building has re-sparked my interest. Prior to this, I couldn't justify the cost just for model building.
  12. We were playing golf when the skies suddenly turned ominous. This long rolling cloud appeared and we scurried back to the clubhouse
  13. Go to 13:40 in this video. Is that the sound you guys hear?
  14. I just saw a Byrnes table saw review from Maximum Guitar Works. He did an out of the box run from unpacking to making the first cut. No tinkering beforehand. When he went to turn it on there was a clicking or knocking, as if something was hitting something else during the rotation of the blade. The MGW guy seemed a bit concerned at first and checked around a bit. But then he just started making the cuts. He never addressed the noise issue. Is that clicking/knocking noise typical in these machines?
  15. Saw a Morgan 32 on Sailboatlistings.com that was a bit more than we wanted to pay but had been on the market for over a year so we might be able to make a deal. It's in Summerland Key, about a 150 mile sail from here. What a great way to get my sailing fix. So we contacted the owner. SOLD! That's the problem with that website. Owners don't always remove the listing after the boat is sold. The search continues...

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