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  1. Got 4 new tires today. But lost 5 hours of my life I'll never get back. Yes, 5 hours to install 4 tires. But I shouldn't be upset. The poor guy who was right in front of me when I came in this morning was still there when I left. And all he wanted was a tire rotation.
  2. Smarty pants me saw a sale on Zinnser Complete and grabbed it. When my SO opened it, WHEW! It really did stink. It was only when it came time to clean up that we realized I bought oil based paint! Guess how we found out?
  3. I'll stop by later this afternoon. Just have the rum ready. Speaking of rum, if this sale goes through, we will be re-naming the boat. Of course that means calling upon the Gods of the Sea and asking for their blessing. I have it on high authority if I follow this we will not anger the Gods. Required Items 1. Lots of liquid spirits for the guests – soft drinks, beer, wine, rum and other liquor 2. Lots and lots of food available for all to eat 3. A silver dollar – the older the better 4. Bottles of champagne for christening 5. Red wine for blessing 6. Ship’s Bell for ringing Planning the Ceremony / Summary a. You must plan to put on a great show. Show your boat that money is no object, and that you will do anything for it. Show the vessel that your checkbook is wide open. In fact, you want to make this boat really believe that you, as the newly adopted owners, will make life really terrific! b. Pour a round of drinks for everyone who comes by. c. Ring the bell to call the ceremony to order. Ring it again to make sure that they heard it. d. Ask your guests to give verbal comments about how nice your hospitality is. You might think this is really weird, but the boat needs to hear others rave about your generosity. Tradition and History Since the beginning of time, sailors have sworn that there are unlucky ships and the unluckiest ships are those who have defied the nautical Gods and changed their names improperly. Thankfully there is a way to change a boat's name without upsetting the various deities of the sea and air. According to tradition and legend, each and every vessel is recorded by specific name in the Ledger of the Deep and is known personally to Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Thus we need to purge its former name from the Ledger of the Deep and from Poseidon’s memory. There are five necessary elements in this important ceremony: Invocation Expression of Gratitude Supplication Re-dedication Libation The rest can be found HERE. You can be certain I will not chance angering the Gods. They must be appeased!
  4. This is what I'm working like a dog for: Not sure how they took that picture, with the inflatable on the deck...
  5. Been working like I was 40 again to get the laundry room done. Yesterday I finished the plumbing and electric and connected the washer and dryer and did some laundry. Whew! My SO wants to paint the block with an anti mold & mildew paint. After that's done I'll finish the drywall. The appliances will eventually go straight back from where they are now. Then I'll put a base cabinet to the right of the dryer. After that, I have to lay the flooring. The patched areas are where shelves used to exist. The horizontal line on the left was Wiremold. Someone used Wiremold to drop out of the attic to feed 240v to the dryer in a very Rube Goldberg fashion. I probably spent a day or more undoing the hack work. But this wasn't the dreaded job I anticipated.
  6. Spent the morning and most of the afternoon working on the laundry room. Nothing is normal here. On the wall shared with the kitchen, I temporarily firred out the lower half with 2x4s and drilled holes (properly pitched, of course) for the waste pipe going to the slop sing and washer. Next up is firring out the adjacent wall with 2x6s. It's a block wall so no existing studs in place. Break time's over. Gotta get that done soon or we're going to have to wash clothes at the laundromat. That could lead to relationship problems. 😬
  7. Tore out some drywall and firring strips in the laundry room. Reworked some copper pipe so I could do some more demo. Went to Home Depot and bought a lot of stuff for the laundry room remodel. Oh yeah, I also received a call from the boat broker. Offer accepted. That laundry room has little chance of ever being completed.
  8. Where we are, the city takes care of dredging and we pay an annual fee, a little over $50/mo. All the seawalls that failed (something like 5 miles) were covered by the city with the state and FEMA kicking in.
  9. The boat has a 4'9" draft. At low tide we have a little over 5' of depth. They are just finishing the seawalls so I was thinking of grabbing the guys on the barge that has the backhoe and waving some cash in their face for a little digging. It would probably take them 10 minutes. It's a big backhoe. The boat is amazingly well kept. An easy 180 from the last one. I couldn't find anything wrong and I'm pretty anal about checking everything. But once I stepped down into the cabin I felt cramped. The designer put a full bulkhead between the galley and settees. Just forward of the sink there's a pocket wall that slides up and down. They had it in the up position. I've seen pictures of other A32s with it down and it seems less cramped. We were thinking of sanding the finish off some of the teak and whitewashing it to give it a more open look, Morris Yacht style. Another quirk is the engine. It's flipped fore & aft. They installed a V-drive and thus saved some room. It's really difficult to get to the belts, which would normally be up front. Accessing the stuffing box is tricky, too. It's under the engine. And the steering quadrant is also hard to access. Maintaining this will require a circus performer.
  10. We gave up on the CS33. WAAAAAY too much time and expense needed to bring her back. Yesterday we saw an Aloha 32. Very clean and in great condition. Only bad thing is the cabin layout. Too much was stuffed into such a small space, but we're still considering, if we can find a work around. The layout on the one we looked at is on the top. The more desirable layout is on the bottom.
  11. I read those, Richard. We need Practical Sailor to step in and test this stuff. On another note, I read something a licensed surveyor said about wet decks. Turns out he has the same moisture meter I have. Suddenly the readings I was seeing with the MM flashed through my mind. Add to that the receipts the owner just produced did not support the claims regarding the work he said the previous owner did. The value of that boat just dropped substantially. Maybe it's time to get back to Endeavour. All I need to finish that is some planking strips.
  12. Don't know what happened to the CPA but Captain Ron bought me some rum and for some reason that boat looks really good now! I was on a boat forum and someone suggested Injectadeck for the soft decks. Ever since I learned about wet deck cores I've looked for something you can pour in that interacts with moisture. This stuff is it. Today I got a price to open up the deck, tear out all the bad core, seal it back up and paint the smooth parts of the deck - $2,900. Or I can buy an Injectadeck kit for $460 that will take care of everything and not have to tear the deck apart. Hmmmmmmm......
  13. We had a marine mechanic check the engine, fuel systems, etc but the owner didn't have insurance and there were no boat yards willing to haul the boat out without insurance so we couldn't do a proper survey. It's funny. I wake up this morning and suddenly I have a different attitude about the boat. With Captain Ron in one ear and a CPA in the other, Ron has been winning. This morning the CPA sounded more sane.
  14. Today I sent our report on the sailboat to the broker. I needed some answers. Boat buying is worse than spending a week gambling in Vegas. At least after the week is over you know you can't lose any more money. The buyer is totally unprotected legally. The owner has no obligation to divulge anything. We'll see what he comes back with then decide if we're willing to roll the dice.
  15. The first party we'll need to have is the boat renaming ceremony. It involves calling upon Poseidon, an old silver dollar, bottles of champagne for christening, red wine for blessing, ship's bell for ringing and lots of rum. Oh mighty and great ruler of the seas and oceans, to whom all ships and we who venture upon your vast domain are required to pay homage, implore you in your graciousness to take unto your records and recollection this worthy vessel... FWIW, this is not an option. The Gods must be appeased!

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