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Finishing my Osegerb Viking ship

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Hi hopefully someone can help.

I have just about finished building the Amati Oseberg Viking ship and am not sure what to use to finish it. I was thinking of staining the hull and deck with an light oak stain. Could someone help as I do not want to ruin the finish after taking so long to build it.



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Before you attempt to stain it, make sure you remove ALL glue marks. Any glue at all will stop the stain from taking and will be obvious and ugly. I suggest you paint it with water before you attempt to stain - water will show up the glue marks much easier. Once all the glue has been sanded off (and the water dry) you can stain it. 

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Do some tests until you find a finish you like. I ended using 1 coat of natural wood paint then the stain, then a couple of coats of matt varnish on my Oseburg. The paint sealed the exposed ply edges and provided a uniform surface for the stain. But what ever you do, test first to be sure its going to work.

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