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Do-it-yourself motorized serving machine

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Thinking of my next project and how to make things simpler with rigging, I decided to make a small and simple serving machine after Chuck`s and Domanoff`s ideas.


Also I wanted to try a motorized version of the unit, and because I had already necessary gears & a small gearmotor available, it was a simple and cheap project. To have the machine easy controllable I used a Chinese motor controller, which indeed controls the speed from zero to max speed maintaining good torque also with minimum speed: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC12V-DC36V-10A-Motor-Speed-Control-PWM-HHO-RC-Controller-12V-24V-/321976981771?hash=item4af752d90b:g:bbAAAOSwKtlWmLik


And to have both hands free when using the machine, I also utilized a foot swith to start and stop the unit:





All wooden parts were made of 5 mm aircraft quality plywood. Gears are module 1, 40 teeth ones, with driving gear at the motor shaft having 11 teeth. Motor is some old toy motor with 12 V supply and 330 RPM output speed. All axles are 6 mm brass rod, with 6/10 mm ball bearings.









To be able to make some seizings also with the machine, I added a small clamp where a loop or block to be handled, can be attached. It is easy to install to the rotary axle with only 2 screws when necessary:






And if it proves to be better to operate the machine only manually, the motor can be completely dismantled or only the driving gear taken away, because it is only attached with two small screws on the motor driving axle.


I really hope that this little machine makes my life a bit easier when the time comes to start rigging with all the numerous servings, seizings etc.

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