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  1. Kevin that bench is Very Nice, the bench vice fits well. Michael
  2. I too received the Christmas Catalogue in the mail the other day, made for an enjoyable read, The "magpie" in me "wanted" the whole lot of those miniature tools. They do look wonderful and are really well made, I do use one of the older miniature wooden planes that they had a while back. O am with Bob on this one regarding the versatility and use of the older larger stable cast iron tools and tops. I recently cut a load of 1mm x 4 mm yellow cedar planks for Walrus Guy using my old 10 inch unisaw with a narrow kerf 200 tooth 8 inch blade and My old second hand 20 inch band saw with a 1/2 inch blade. That said I realize that I am very lucky to have those tools, and I have had the table saw for 45 years and the band saw for 20 years. My old workbench I have had for 45 years as well. In My view the low angle block planes by Veritas are the best value for money that you can buy for much of the work we do. with regards preparing wood to thickness for our models. Also a good sharpening system for keeping them razor sharp. I am not trying to persuade anyone from purchasing some beautiful Model tools, But do think about the reality of what they are intended for. And if anyone is thinking of sending me a Christmas present I would like the tiny chisels. cheers Michael
  3. At David Antscherl's prompting, I have just finished transferring all my notes and pictures in this thread along with the relevant questions and answers. to a word Document. Although this thread was chronological I can now sort out the various areas into their subject groups and properly organize them into a potential Monograph about this restoration, which might be of use as a book type document it will take a bit of time because there are 26,000+ words and lots of pictures. I do have high resolution images of pretty much all of the images, which were reduced in size for the forum. Just one more project to add to the many that are waiting. A couple more weeks and I should be back pushing a chisel into a keel for Skipjack the open launch. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian folk out there. Michael
  4. Very Nice looking work there, It pay to take your time and as you can see the rewards are worth it. Michael
  5. Dear Kortes , I am not sure how I missed the rest of your build from about page 6 onwards, But have just spent some very enjoyable time catching up., What a treasure of not only beautiful workmanship and skill, but your step by step sequences are most valuable. It is amazing what can be done with simple common materials. That anchor is a testament to your skill and tenacity. The final display Cabinetry sets of the model very well. Congratulations again on a fantastic model. Michael
  6. The post op appointment went well stitches removed, looks a bit ugly at the moment will be able to get it wet again in a couple more days. Doc was pleased with the progress and my feedback regarding the lack of pain. There is a little bruising that will subside over time. I told him that i was using my fingers and he was pleased told me to keep doing it, I confided that I would lay of the WWF boxing for a while yet though, Made him laugh during these stressful days for the medical profession. Cheers Michael
  7. Update The surgery went well my hand is still a bit sore with the usual post op type pain while healing occurs. I have some pain medication that I have been using occasionally and with caution. more time reading books less time on a computer. more time sitting in the garden smelling the encroaching fall smells My son and granddaughter brought a home made lasagna by yesterday it was delicious. kudos to my Daughter in law! Michael
  8. One can only see one side at a time so I would not sweat such a small discrepancy. Nice work all round. Michael
  9. Wow! what a great looking machine lathe. Capstan tailstock, built in indexing plate for the headstock, what more can a person ask for. Michael
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