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  1. Very nice, watching the video was very informative and a great learning experience. A lovely piece of work. Michael
  2. Gary I had the same impression, I am amazed at the small size of the detail work that you have put into this model, superb work all round. Michael
  3. Hi Egilman, yes the strap bolts were flattened in the vice they needed 4 annealings to get to the correct width. I created a small jig using some tool steel blanks as in the next picture. The bottom piece if steel has a piece of shimstock to create a slide fit for the top piece of tool steel that gets hit with a hammer using a piece of brass between the steel and hammer. The edge next to the bolt section has a small radius on the top anvil (tool steel) Michael
  4. Thanks Ron, I ended up finishing the points or switch as some call them. I am progressing on the wagon ironwork. All the axleguards are now cut. next was to get the strapbolts made . Then the next piece of metalwork is the headstock and sole Knees These plates are part of the whole buffer and strengthening of the frame Now that I have a prototype I can set up to make the four needed. The strapbolts are turned from 1/8th brass rod with the bolt part being .060" and threaded 0x80 and the section that get
  5. Hello Walter, lovely work on the carving of your hull the deck details look very sharp. I will continue to follow along. Michael
  6. Now having finished the next few posts, all I can ad is to repeat what others have said that this is a wonderful example of the Art of model-making in all its guises. Michael
  7. Gary this seem to affect all of us at some time or another. The model is looking superb. Michael
  8. Kevin, your videos and explanations of the changes that you have made to correct the errors you pointed out were very informative. I have not watched all of them all the way through yet, but from watching all the way through the first one, I learned a lot, your casual and honest approach is so refreshing. I shall enjoy the rest of the videos at a leisurely pace. Thank you for taking the time to prepare them. Michael
  9. Congratulations Vaddoc, you have done a wonderful job on this yacht! making all the rigging working as you have done is not for the feint of heart, it increases the amount of detailing and work that a static model does not have to contend with. A clever way of measuring the profile with the tooth pics as well. Michael
  10. The shot from the bow really shows how extremely narrow this yacht was. She looks very nice in the daylight. Michael
  11. Keith your work on the interior reminds me of what DeWitt H. Parker said in The Principles of Aesthetics In Thinking of the beauty of architecture, we are all to apt to consider the exterior exclusively, forgetting that the inside of a building , where we live, is even more important practically, and is capable of at least as great an aesthetic effect" Wonderful work on the cameo of the insides! Michael
  12. Hi Martin the hull is looking rather sharp no pun intended. There was an article in Wooden boat quite a few years ago now that featured the development of the yachts of the era that your model is taken, I think that Vanity was one of the most extreme of the narrow yachts. I am wishing in may ways that I had not begun my own cutter at 1/8th scale your 1/16th scale seems so much more manageable regarding the space required for working on. I look forward to the rest of the build. Michael
  13. I had a very busy couple of days with no modelwork, yesterday I let Maria Go, it was a bit of work getting her out of the garage and onto the trailer. She went back to the chap I first got her from. I have no idea what will happen to her now. The chapter that was Maria and all the trials and tribulations that went with refurbishing the old sloop are now going to be fond memories. Today as I waited in line to take something to the Eco station here in Edmonton after a 1 hour crawl to the pay booth My car broke down and I had to be pushed out of the way because I was blocking the entr
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