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  1. Backyard has been like this for a couple of weeks now. Most likely stay this way till the end of march with a steady increase until after the equinox when it will begin to recede again. Michael
  2. Tim, the new model shop looks fantastic, love the old wooden drafting table in the corner as well. Michael
  3. Catching up Keith, lovely work on the life rafts and cradles. as others have said lots of lessons in this build log. I'm guessing you could easily put a book together. I think there would be a fair number of folk who would purchase one......just sayin' Michael
  4. Further to this discussion, I too cut my own planks and can because I have a large tablesaw and a large bandsaw. Cutting wood from the large sizes that Bill in Idaho mentions uses up as much of the wood cutting the sheets as the sheets themselves. Using thin blades on large saws gets a bit tricky and is limited by the diameters of the blade on tablesaws not so with bandsaws but with bandsaws you have to have one surface smooth so a jointer planer is needed to accomplish that, then after the wood has been sliced off on the bandsaw it needs to be finished on the cut side by running through a thi
  5. What a kind offer bill. That is what I really enjoy about this community, the help and sharing that happens. Michael
  6. Here you go a simple little mortise lock that could be made from styrene and or brass overall dimensions are .378" wide .5" high .125" thick This lock has no springs and is showing the basic design principles I have made locks using this basic design for a small box I have the drawing in Autocad 2000 and corel draw 11 There is a slot for the handle which is the blue bar at the top. the key is the old cabinet type that slides over a pin so the end with the tube is hollow. the jpeg is full size Michael
  7. Well I thought I would add my two cents worth to this discussion. I have done a great deal of scribing over the years on many types of plastic the back side of an exacto blade work very well. I have even used a set of blades laminated together with AC glue on one Architectural model to represent a brick infill on a concrete spandrel at 1-200 scale, I think there were 12 blades and the material was plexiglass. The back of the blade can be dressed easily on a bit of 400 grit wet and dry. I agree with the earlier comments about visibility of wood grain etc at viewing distances. A hin
  8. I go away for a few weeks and come back to more incredible workmanship. The parting off of those porthole rings must have been a tad nerve wracking with a very slow feed in. the shots of the interior with the computer screens etc. are a joy to behold. Lovely work Sir! Michael
  9. Hi Keith good to know I am not the only one doing some of the household tasks. I shall have to give the Modelwork on my stuff that is nautical a one day a week try! sounds like it might get my Mojo back up and running on the cutter. Your own work is of course exemplary and a great build to follow. I do enjoy seeing how you solve construction challenges. Michael
  10. Good morning Eberhard and MSW friends, Judy and I are safe and well, we are focusing on our home and garden, I gave away the big sailboat Maria to the chap I originally got it from. I am not inclined to spend 3 hours driving for 1/2 a days sailing, plus all the expenses involved with yacht club and mooring fees. The Cutter is right next to my model bench and in my face as they say so not far from my thoughts. My Mojo for working on it will rise again over the winter i am sure. I have been focusing on some old model train projects and trying to finish some of them up. Regards M
  11. Very nice, watching the video was very informative and a great learning experience. A lovely piece of work. Michael
  12. Gary I had the same impression, I am amazed at the small size of the detail work that you have put into this model, superb work all round. Michael
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