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  1. To everyone who is following along on this build. I am unable to do any modelwork for a while, as I am waiting to get some Carpel Tunnel surgery done on my right hand. It has been steadily getting worst over the last 6 months or so, and I finally realized that I need to get it looked at. The neuropathy report used words like severe and immediate in it. My GP has sent letters to three surgeons in hopes that we can get it seen to more quickly. I am wearing a rigid wrist brace which is helping to keep me from sneaking into the model shop to work, which is detrimental to my future well being in my right hand. I did have Carpel tunnel surgery in both hand a few years back. And Rob I have not forgotten your piece of the Lightning. regards Michael
  2. Very nicely done, it was good to hear you explaining the process this evening. It is interesting that on my full size Yawl Maria I laced the mast the same way as the gaff using the method you used for your gaff. It worked very well on my boat and never caused me any headaches while sailing. Michael
  3. A great tutorial again Druxey, an inspiration to those of us who have a lot to learn yet on this muckin' about wiv Boat models stuff. Congratulations on the completion. Michael
  4. Well I had a meeting yesterday with my GP, he had received the report from the neuropathy tests, and used words like severe and immediate. so it looks like I will be getting surgery sooner rather than later. Doc was sending out three letters to different surgeons in hopes of speeding up the required work. That said I was a bit surprised that it was so serious, so I will be taking a break, which won't be easy. A good time to do some gentle tidying up. and reading and smelling the roses so to speak. Michael
  5. Just found this build Mark, funny how we miss these sometimes, A lovely piece of model-work, I was not sure about the stainless, but the effects of the soft reflection will be great. I too find the contrasts in the wood grain to be a delightful way to represent planks. Michael
  6. I was only going out to the workshop to do a bit of tidying up but honest! but got a little sidetracked I only worked for a hour and half. The forward three ribs were a breeze. When I lifted the keel off the form I left the three aft ribs pinned to the form at the bottom. when I replaced it they slotted right back in. Then a wet and wrap in a wet paper towel and again on minute each in the microwave. Now to relax for the rest of the evening. Michael
  7. More beautiful work I never fail to be amazed by your miniature ships Javier. Michael
  8. Thanks for all the concern and nice comments about the work. I took the day off today and worked on a jigsaw puzzle of some fruit in a still life. just a small one but challenging all the same. and sat in the garden enjoying the flowers. The wrist splint helped with the sleep. Michael
  9. Congratulations on the completion of your current build Bitao. Thank you for sharing it with us and also for showing us the other work. I will look in again when you begin your new build. Michael
  10. Yesterday and today I notched the area for frames 14, 15 and 16 Then set up the frames to dry overnight. I decided not to show close ups of the mortises as they were a bit rough to the naked eye so I can imagine how they would look through the camera..... Brutal comes to mind. I am having to take it slowly because I am having serious numbness issues with my right hand and the nephropathy tests today confirmed that I need to have the Carpel tunnel revisited, so an appointment with the surgeon is in my not too distant future. Picked up a splint for night time today. I am happy with the way things are looking with the frames, I laid a plank on the frames to get a sense of what is to come at the stern and I think it is going to work out fine. Michael
  11. There is something very appealing about these smaller models, and it is a testament to your skill and ability to be able to create such a gem. Michael
  12. Thanks for support and comments. I did some tests today for the ribs (frames). When we lived at the lake we cut some and purchased some Birch firewood A couple of the larger split logs were really clean and straight grained so I split them up a little more and prepared some 1/4 cut billets that were approx 1 inch x 2 inch x 12 inches long They have been drying for about 5 years now so today I cut one up into 1 1/2" x 1/2" scale ribs (3/16 x 1/16 actual) I had done some bending tests with other woods as well, left to right Birch, Yellow Cedar, Castello, Maple, and Beech. The air dried Birch bent the best. So a couple of test bends on the form to see how they are overnight. I wrapped the frame in a wet paper towel and popped it into the microwave for 1 minute then used the hot air soldering station to add a little more heat as I bent the frame in the bending jig before pinning it to the form. These are just some preliminary tests. Michael
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