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  1. Lovely work so far Maury, nice work with the chisel. Druxey is right properly sharp chisels, in fact any cutting tools are a joy to use. Looks like a nice project to follow along. Michael
  2. Very nice Keith, sometimes it is easy to forget how small a lot of these details are, because you have executed them so well. Michael
  3. Thank you Craig for your kindness in thinking of me. What a lovely image, looks like it might be starting to liven up a bit judging by the water. Michael
  4. Looks like a nice day for a sail Michael. I have to say that I miss sailing the full size models, I am hoping that I get invited out for a sail this summer at the lake that I used to live at. Michael
  5. I found this to be an enjoyable read, lots of pictures of a modern take on a classic design. Michael
  6. Just finished going through the entire build what a great looking model, I smiled at the school of fish on the deck. Good job you got then into the hold on ice before they started smelling. A love the details and the clean workmanship inside the cabin. Michael
  7. A lovely job Steve she is looking very sharp indeed, I'm sure your daughter is watching in spirit and enjoying the progress as much as we are. Michael
  8. Hi Moab I have done a little sketch If you drill a hole in a block of hard wood for the copper to slide in and use a saw and or file to cut a couple of cuts across so that the slots act as guides for the file then clamp the lot to a bench so that they stay in relative position to each other, turn on the dremel to the slowest speed and the file into the slot and file a little then blow out the filing or add an extra hole under the area that is being filed so the filings can drop out.. The dremel was purchased in 1977 ish I can fit a flex shaft to it as well
  9. Hello Moab I used a Stubbs Olympic #2 flat file with the wide sides ground off I spotted this set on ebay I would say that the #2 cut will do the job but you will need to get the sides of the file safe by removing the teeth to get the sharp edge. Obviously this is going to change the file for anything but the narrow edge cut. Michael
  10. Hi Moab I am wondering about the file that you used I thought I would try what you did and chucked up a bit of 1/16 copper rod in an old dremel I have and used an old flat needle file that I had ground off the side teeth so that only the edge teeth cut, the tricky part was keeping the file steady, I ran it at the lowest speed on the switch Then I cleaned the ends off with some flush cut side cutters My that is a tiny piece. I think the file might be the suspect. I hope this helps.
  11. I'm stuck on the next steps with this build, there are a few things that I still am not sure about how to proceed. Michael
  12. Hi Greg, No the cutter is so "present" in the workshop, I just needed a little break I really want to get the cutter finished before I do any building on the Gill Smith boat. A few days of gentle drawing were in order. Michael
  13. Just 2 more buttock lines, and then the diagonals and body plan all the waterlines were close but a couple differed a bit aft the end of the keel. I suppose I will be able to cross reference them once the body plan is done. That's it for today. Michael
  14. A nice looking vice Richard, I'm guessing the moving jaw is also a slide fit on the base. Michael
  15. Thanks for the comments and interest. I had to make a start today....sort of like playing with a new toy. first the raw material I taped the lines drawing to the drawing board as a rough guide, and chose some Albalene drawing paper and set it over the drawing. next the baseline and the station lines, and diagonals were drawn according to the stated dimensions, using the table of offsets working out from the center line. Beginning with the sheer line, and marking off on the station lines I used a stick of clear pine 1/8th square as the stick for the ducks.
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