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What should come first Planking the Hull or Laying the Deck

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Dear Fellow Ship Modelers


One of my ship model projects is the Flying Fish Clipper Ship by Model Shipways. The Keel, False Keel and Bulkheads are glued up and I am at the point where i can start the planking the hull or begin laying the Deck. Can anyone tell witch should come first and why? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.




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I will say that the hull planking can come first, but I know there are many who like to plank the deck first. I like to plank the hull first because it usually the most labor intensive part of the hull. I would rather not have the deck planking, or anything else on the hull while I am turning the hull this way and that, sanding here, gluing there, etc. The hull tends to get knocked around a bit just because it has to be handled a lot during the hull planking process.  


There is one school of thought that says you can make a better job of the waterways, margin planking etc if the deck comes first. I have no trouble getting the deck planking in after the hull has been planked. I like the idea of having the hull planking in first so I can fit the waterway with a very close tolerance. I question if that would be possible if the deck came first. Others may, and probably will, disagree. :)



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  I would follow th instruction for your kit on this matter.  By putting in a false deck if you have one adds stability to the hull and will give you a sheer line and a starting point to begin planking.  I agree with Russ that when you start on the hull you will be moving it around a lot and may scratch up the deck.

David B

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I should clarify that putting in the false deck on a POB model is a very good idea. Establishing the sheer line is important to the hull planking, and the stability it adds is very important.


That false deck can take a some knicks and dings and then get planked over in the end.



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