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Sharpie Schooner by Scully - Midwest Kit -

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Hey guys I guess with the new website, my old account was de-activated. However, in that time my kit arrived from midwest products!

I know some of you wanted to see what the kit looks like so I posted a few pictures before I actually start working on it. This is a nice little kit, having everything ready to go.


If you are interested in this specific model, here is where I bought it. Enjoy!





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Hello Scull3y


I love those midwest kits, and the fact that their website lets you DL the instructions from the website before purchase. To be honest the instructions on the peterboro is what sold me. I've since purchased 2 more midwest kits. There are smaller projects that just scream bash me. The Muscongus Lobster smack I have plans to change several things and add lots of extra wood for flair.

Look forward to seeing you bring this one to life.

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Wish you well as you build your Sharpie Schooner. I too like Midwest kitds as one can go with the instructions or bash the kit along the way.


Am going to follow along as you build.





Hopeful aka David


“there is wisdom in many voices”


Completed: Sharpie Schooner (Midwest) Posted in kit build section of forum

Current: Sultana (MSW) Updating the build log and continuing on with the build


Next: Lady Nelson (Amati Victory)

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I finished that kit just over a year ago, it being my first attempt at a wood model. I had a huge amount of fun with the build and am quite proud of the result. It gave me the inspiration (and courage) to build the Amati "Lady Nelson", which is just underway now. In retrospect I really appreciate the step by step instructions of that model as compared to the Italian version of them which seems to be "take the parts, put them together, and you have a model" approach. I definitely made some mistakes with the Sharpie but was able to cover them all with just a little bit of creativity. Have fun and look forward to following the build.


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