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Yes, if you want to be realistic, more treenails (or representations of)  than just at the bulkheads of a POB build. Here's an example from Dan Vadas' HMS Vulture:






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I believe for the majority of builders, it comes down to aesthetics. I like to have some representation of treenails shown, but have only done imitation using putty fillers on the bulkheads. With a completely treenailed deck or hull, you may get the (what was referred to in a post on the old site) "measles" look, where it just gets too busy and sort of overwealms the visual senses at the scale it is modeled, it looks good on most larger models but trying to on a smaller scale may de difficult.



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I've noticed that some modelers will use one piece of planking versus several shorter ones. Don't know where he learned it but grandfather taught me to divide the hull by five from stem to stern thus making the pieces shorter and easier to work with. He would on occasion only use three pieces but rarely. Works well on larger builds not short ones. Your opinion please.

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