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I have the following I would like to sell, All by Conway Press:

The 74-Gun-Ship Bellona    1st Edition

  Brian Lavery    



  John McKay  


The Armed Transport Bounty    May, 1989

  John McKay  


The 44-Gun Frigate USS Constitution, "Old Ironsides"   2005

  Karl Heinz Marquardt  


The Colonial Merchantman Susan Constant, 1605  1988

  Brian Lavery 


32-Gun Frigate Essex    Hardcover 1990

   Portia Takakjian  


I would like $100 for them. I will ship them for another $10 by flat rate mail. You can send me a private message and use PayPal or send me a check. These are all like new as I am sure you would expect!


Regards, Dragonfly 42

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