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  1. Yet again, this is great and best of all it’s common sense. While I realize we won’t need to do this for the Longboat or Winnie, it’s a technique we can use for planking anything. It’s yet another example of how you are educating an entire generation of model ship builders. Thanks again. Best, John
  2. Hi Michael, The owner of this ship was extremely fortunate to have found you the restoration. Not only for the he amazing work but also for this wonderful build log which walks through and details the process. Very well done. Best, John
  3. Jack- I’m so sorry to hear about your brother and I hope his remaining days are spent pain free and in the warmth of love from you and the rest of his family. Best, John
  4. Druxey, You’re right and I have deleted the post. John ps. But I would still really like to know how he cut those dovetails 🤔
  5. 24 carat real gold leaf foil. I bought all the tools, sizing, and leaf about 20 years ago and this seems like the perfect application. J..
  6. While waiting for my barge kit, I ordered two sets of the boxwood carvings to practice on and I certainly needed practice. Of the 4 Queen Anne monograms, I murdered three before I finally got a feel for what I was doing. The fourth turned out rather well. The carvings for port and starboard where a little tricky but between the two sets I have a set for the barge. I took photos of my trials and tribulations. I am also planning on covering all the moldings with real gold leaf and I plan on documenting that process as well. With a little luck, I hope to put up a “mini” build log for the entire process. It’s been pretty challenging, but I’ve begun to develop a whole new skill set. Something which drew me to model ship building in the first place. I’ve posted a photo of the monogram below. Best, John
  7. Chuck- Sounds like the admiral has her “eyes on the prize”. (Or maybe just tuition🙂). John
  8. Danny, as I read (and re-read) this log I find myself shaking my head in disbelief. I first followed your work on the the Vulture and now through this build. You are truly a remarkable craftsman and an inspiration to me and others. Many Thanks. best, John
  9. Thanks Gaetan, i alreaady have a Foredom machine (although it is a flex-shaft). I also have a very nice comfortable quick change hand piece. I guess all I need is some practice and a few more bits. Thanks. best, John
  10. Beautiful work Doc. Based on your earlier critique of the kit, you’ve created the proverbial silk purse out of a sow’s ear! 🐷 Best, John
  11. Gaetan- Both the photography and carving are beautiful. How did you learn to do the carving and what type of tools do you use? Best regards, John
  12. Actually, I never heard of it but think it’s a great idea for a quick acid etch. I usually use Sparex but need 30+ minutes for a good pickle. Thanks. Best, John
  13. Amalio - thank you for sharing how you prepare your wood. I, like I’m sure many others, find your insights valuable. Best regards, John
  14. Beautiful work. It’s a real shame you can’t share with us how you accomplish it.
  15. Hi Danny, You’ve done it again and have created another masterwork! Congratulations! I noticed how many of comments refer to the fact that the build is card. I think the model is a tour de force regardless of the medium. Thanks for sharing. Best, John
  16. Hi guys, I feel compelled to add my two cents worth on the expense and out comes of college education. my son and daughter graduated in 2008 and 2010 respectively. The height of the financial crisis. One majored in math and minored in economics, the other visa versa. Both graduated with high-mid five figure jobs in hand (and are now we’ll into 6 figures). Their friends who studied 17th century basket weaving and the like found NO jobs and ended up as baristas and waiters. When the fob market turned around, they found themselves competing with newly minted graduates. Their college major choices put permanent hurt on their long term career prospects. I’m out about out about $375k. Given where my kids are now, I’d be willing to spend even more. After shelling out that kind of dough, if they ended up as bartenders I’d be sick to my stomach.. Unless you or your kids are independently wealthy the idea of paying current level tuitions to study subjects without career prospects seems a very poor decision. John

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