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  1. Hi: I cut my own planks and I find the thickness sander essential in two steps, first to mill the width of the stock before do the final cutting. I mill all the blanks to the matching width for the batch of planks before I slit them. Then, I use the sander again to mill any cutting marks and smooth the planks after I slice a batch. I can't really do a satisfactory job for myself now unless I use this tool! Regards, Dave
  2. Thank you for the response. You may count me for a boxwood milled set when they are available. I like others will begin this project after my current build has satisfied me. But I am happy to purchase items as they become available to assist with your production and planning! Best regards to all, Dave
  3. Hello: How do I go about ordering a set of the boxwood carvings? In advance, thank you for your help, Regards, Dave
  4. Hello from the other side of the world. I too set about to build the VASA. After seeing it in Stockholm thirty years ago. Most unlikely now since I have many unfinished scratch ships now at different stages of completion. (All un done)!
  5. I have their treenail cutter, use it exclusively and have successfully for years. I also have the mill setup with all the accouterments and find it easy to use and well made if you don't want to spring for an expensive mill. I think their products are pretty creative!
  6. Hi :

    I actually don’t want too much I don’t think. Let me take a picture so you know what it looks like and then you and I can talk. Should get to it this afternoon my time.
    Regards, Dave.
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Eddie


      Could you put you finger on the blade and take 1 more pic thanks

    3. dragonflyxlii


      You Know, I would take US $150 but its going to take another $100 to ship minimum and then there is voltage conversion etc. I believe you might be happier with a new Proxxon saw compatible with your electrical system. The motor is 115 volts 60 HZ. The metal table is about 6 by 10 inches. I am worried too much about shipping safely.


      Best Regards, Dave

    4. Eddie


      Ok don't worry about it then thanks.    :bird-vi:

  7. Hi: I actually have a Preac saw I don't really need with some extra blades. But it would probably be prohibitively expensive to ship this out of the country (U.S.)


    Regards, Dave

  8. THESE Books have been claimed. 

    Thanks so much for looking!

    1. Landlocked123


      The books are beautiful.  Dragonfly got them to me in 2 days!  It was a pleasure doing business with him.




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