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Billing Boats website has a video of Bluenose kit being constructed.  He puts white lead putty on the planked hull as part of primer/sanding finishing process.  Is this material still available?  If so where?  If material is not available what is best substitute?  My project will have painted hull, not stained. 

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Like all lead based painting products, white lead putty is now probably unavailable anywhere.  It used to be used under finish coats of paint instead of ordinary putty to prevent the putty colour bleeding through, but isn't needed for this purpose anyway with modern finishes.  Use a standard wood filler, if required, and ordinary undercoats.



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Wilbar - I don't know that it is the best, but I used "Patch 'N Paint" filler on my Bluenose hull and acrylic paint over it. I live in an old house with 90+ year old plaster and I have used it on the walls over the past ten years. It dries hard, sands smooth and holds latex - and acrylic - paint very well. I can post a picture of the container if you'd like.



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